||Competition||: Best poem
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Best poem

Little competition

Participate can everyone!
Post can only one time!!!

Write a poem::
what do you want to tell::
to your boyfriend, your best friend, parents, movie character or anyone sweet and nice person you really love!
Choose one of them, and write your poem here!!!

- Maddy // pelite222

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To : Someone who i love but just for a moment

Everyday I love you less and less.

Even if it kills me-I'm going to smile.

Can't deny it, can't pretend.

Behind this smile is something you'll never understand.

I'll never let this go, but I can't find the words to tell you.

I don't want to be alone but now I feel like I don't know you.

And I'm not insecure; I just don't trust many people.

I still love you. I always will. I just can't trust you.

It doesn't matter if I stay or go, because I'll love you forever.

To the world, you are just one person, but to one person, you are the world.

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You Are

You are my strong against the violent waves
When I'm with you I can fly and catch the clouds

You can heal all the wounds in my torn and shattered heart
When I'm with you all I want to do is breathe you into me

You make me smile, the lost forgotten smile no one has seen in years
When I'm with you I can let down my guard and for once be free

You have my heart and I'm glad it's you

by : Lauren : lullaby-sweetie
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Christmas Is The Time...

Cold breeze of Christmas chilled my bone
Warmth of cocoa calms my tone
Time goes by and by
Oh! How sweet the angel's lulllaby
Waiting to receive gifts and toys
Why not give now to the lonely boys
Silver or gold star I see
Christmas will always be here for you and me
Let the cymbals rings
Wait for what the Christmas brings
For Christmas is the time to LOVE

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The Art of the devil

The Devil’s smile
Pops in my mind
The smell of death
Surrounds my life

He takes them all
But only stays sometimes
I wish I could go
the chains of life
But we’re entwined
He holds mine tight
Shadows lurking
All the time

This hell of mine
Is my life
Living in the end of time

I made a deal
Totally forgotten
The devil’s slave
Even in death

I'm a really Gothic person :D
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My Life

As I was sitting on the couch watching my favorite TV show
Dr. Suess
But there was something quite borthering me
pretty much every day
It was my sister Kassy singing in her room

Her voice was so loud and ugly
That she even break
50% of our window
30% of our Glass cup
and 1 pair of grandpa glasse
I dream of been a pro Doctor

So someday i could just do a surgery for her
By cutting her throat off
So we dont have to spend alot of money
Fixing the Window or any other Glassy Stuff

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My love is lost one day i will find him and tell him that i love him

i wake up in the morning light and i'm losing my only friend.....................

i wake wake up at night and my feelings are turning dense..............

i don't know why this is all happening to me.........

you can see that i'm in such a horrible dream...............

by my terror and screams..............

but somehow i can see a stunning light beam............

that i know it's coming for me.........

a door that could open to a beautiful life.....

oh what a flight!

i always knew that you loved me...

now i will ask you again do you love me?

he smiled at me gently and hugged me tightly...........

i always did .........

you say roses are red because my heart is full of it and you say violets are blue because when your in pain i can explain, that you are my life, my love, you are the only person i can only contain in my very precious heart............................


do not steal i've made this up and this is only half of it
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The Art of the devil // Yachiru_443
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i wrote a crap 8D!!! lolololol

anyway i've been absorbed by one manga called 'axis powers hetalia' lately and i just read this one doujin which touched my heart so much

it talks about how england, who had always been a 'father' to america had to let the young nation go eventhough england wanted to protect the nation so much (with some saddening war between them ;_;) and in return, to grant america his freedom, england had to went through a lot of obstacles which finally made the country declined. all for america D:

well i just want to pour my heart out. for any of you who actually read it till the end... you got one hella skill for being able to read a shit like this 8D and sustained it 8D!! [bows]

so that's it... cheers :3
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