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Posted 12/7/09 , edited 12/7/09
To start off. I understand there are going to be posts saying lol dup thread posted is stupid,w/e, something along these lines.

I'm a lil bit tired of looking through every single page of the recommendation thread and then having to decipher weither or not it falls under the category of Jdrama or the dramas I can't understand. Yes there are people who categorize it for the stupid people like me. There are also posts of people recommending this Jdrama or that Jdrama.

I made this post so people can post/recommend any type of Jdrama that they believe is good/bad/etc. But specifically ONLY for Jdrama.

As far as that. I only ask for Genre of the Jdrama, *Comedy,Human-Drama,Action,Romance,ETC* and the title obviously. I'm fine with looking up the Jdrama symposis,actors in it, etc.

I think I explained everything that I HOPE to achieve from this thread etc.

As far as that. I'm looking for Comedy,HumanDrama,Romance Jdramas. If anyone has a recommendation please post.

P.S-There are threads that say What are you Watching Now....Etc Jdrama-(Insert Title) recommendation. Threads. But those posts include OTHER language dramas. and the other type of recommendation only includes a SINGLE Jdrama,symposis, and what others thought about it. So I ASSSUME this isn't a dup thread. I've also tried doing general forums searches such as . Jdrama Recommendation, Jdrama Thread, Jdrama only. And thus far I cannot find any topics. SOOO......Here is my thread. PM me if it is a dup i'll remove it. Or report me whichever you feel like doing. K thanks Bye
Posted 12/7/09 , edited 12/7/09
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