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Post Reply Who do you blame for what happened at the end *SPOILERS*
Posted 1/15/12 , edited 1/15/12
ok this is my take on the whole thing... (i kinda go all over the place)

its Matokos fault that all the realtionships fell apart because he never really did the two things a relationship needs: honesty and communitcation. from the start he was only interested in Kotonoha cus of her looks and body. he then asked her out after only talking to her once over lunch. then he gets tired of her quickly because their personalites didnt really match and as sekai helped him with his new relationship he realized he actually liked her. honestly theres nothing wrong with that its young love and their all naive.

but he should have been honest from the start after the group of friends went to the pool together and Makoto and sekai got together and just broken up with Kotonoha. now if he did this it would have been a diffrent story granted and thats why its his mistake and everything just want down hill from there. his failure to be honest and communicate inveitably lead to his death.

and to top it off he became a real asshole after having sex. he just wanted to get his dick wet time after time and started hooking up with any girl in the school that he could get with. i hated the episode where those three girls went over to his house and he just banged them all? one after another? what kind of highschool girls would even be into that? smuts.

the worst part however was that he just dropped sekai affter he found out she was prego. i mean i understand that no highschool boy knows how to cope or deal with a pregant girlfriend (it happend to a friend of mine) but to just drop her like that. totally losing intrest? he was more worreid about his reputaion that she yelled it out in homeroom. then he just goes about sleeping with one of her friends.

i really wanted to punch the crap out of makoto honestly, and now that i have shared my thoughts on how its makotos fault, i only have one last thing to say: where were the adults? i knew some characters like sekai said her mom wokrs late but still... there wasnt a single person in this anime that was over 18. i feel like if even one character went to a trusted older more mature confidant that not only would makoto avioded getting stabbed to death and sekai get cut open kotonoha would have sailed away with a severed head in her arms.

i can only say that you can never undervalue the power of honesty and communitcation in any relationship you find yourself in
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Posted 1/17/12 , edited 1/18/12
i just wanna say School Days is my number one anime since on each episode i was yelling at the tv saying "WTF why would you....??!?!?!?!" and "(jaw hits floor) and at the end i was yelling so wierdly i cant translate it....the only anime so far to catch each and evryone of my emotions
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Posted 2/18/12 , edited 2/18/12
i believe the same thing it was "the three of them share the fault."
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Posted 4/20/12 , edited 4/21/12
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Posted 7/3/13 , edited 7/3/13
Makoto and Sekai

Makoto let it get out of hand and it wasn't just those 2 he was playing..

Sekai complete bitch why did she even go through everything to get them together she should of noticed how she felt and just let it all out I know its a hard thing to do but god there is never a better alternate

School days is the most realistic anime known to man kind. boy is a complete jerk all the girls love him pretty much what life is today
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Posted 10/11/15 , edited 10/12/15
well just switch character sekerai with setsuna kkk now setsuna help makoto to get kotonoha definately and then both kotonoha and mokoto leave happy for some day but definately makoto get bored from kotonoha because of her shyness if u see every episode correctly makoto only care about sex there is no place for love in him and in fare otome definately make move on makoto (otome = bitch all she wanted just to slip with whom she love) and then definately kotonoha see video of otome & makoto because of evil trio and otome 

just want to tell sekerai is there or not makoto is evil pervert how u blame sekerai ,kotonoha .thing is that makoto relationship will always in danger until he just teach how to say no the girls who just throw their body on makoto 

well about kotonoha she just victim who always suffer if there sekerai live or not from start just want to say makoto is evil who waited for sex only even in ending u think makoto realise her mistake and get back to katsura is wrong why u ask me bcoz in last episode he try to call evry girl for sex then atlast he remember katsura! guys u really thing that man have right to live? no the person that only thing by his dick rather than brain 

now about setsuna if u blame her then u don't see episode corrrectly that girl really care about her bestfriend when she wanted promise from makoto for sekerai safety which was broke by makoto she just findout nextday makoto betrayed sekerai he slept with otome then setsuna worried about her bestfriend even for seikerai sake she throw her body for makoto just to get promise that hr nrver betrayed sekerai

mean to if u see anime read manga the most common character on every day life is sekerai bcoz if u see anime then u realise sekrai just fucked up in all anime she never get chance to move on! before she get she fucked up from all conditions got pregnant,leave behind by bestfriend,betrayed by bestfriend(bcoz sekerai don't know whole truth about setsuna she throw her body for sekerai sake),betrayed by makoto while about kotonoha she is shy not have selfcconfidence and easy to move to path of pscho even she get lots of chance to move on but she did'nt 

juust want to say sekerai ,kotonoha ,setsuna and if sekerai is not there in all series thrn u guaranteed makoto not played with girl emotion that guy is totally mad who don't grow just think by dick not by brain or heart
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