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Posted 12/8/09 , edited 12/8/09
Well, lately i've been thinking a lot about love. True love.
There is this desire in my heart that I want to know what true love is. I want to understand it and I want to feel it.
I always see those girls in school, who have boyfriends and I keep on wondering about them. I kinda have the feeling that their relationships have nothing to do with true love.
It seems like this to me: A girl and a guy get to know each other. They only meet each other a few times and then the guy asks the girl if she wants to go out with him. Although she never really felt more than friendship she says "Yes" and suddenly she loves him. Only because of this tiny word. Well, that is how it seems to me. And there is only corporal love between them. (they kiss each other, etc......). But it seems for me as if there is no true love.
As for me, I don't even want a boyfriend yet. The reason for this is that I think, that we are not really able to understand such a great feeling of love yet. Well, I am still a teenager (16), you see. And I am often irritated because of such simple feelings like happiness, sadness, anger,...... so I don't think I am able to understand the power of love yet. But maybe someday in my life.

Now I'm interested in you opinions.
What do you think about true love ?! What does it mean to truly love someone ?!
Do you think that there could be something even more powerful than love ?!
Posted 12/8/09 , edited 12/8/09
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