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Posted 12/8/09 , edited 12/9/09
There haven't been much updates in the forums, so anyway, i was reading through some of the chapters and poems of bleach manga.
And I realize something, that made me wonder whether Tite Kubo might have intentions or hintings about this.
As you all know, the rain and the heart has a significant meaning in the whole story.

First, the rain can be something of a bad memory, like for Ichigo, since his mother was killed on a rainy night.

which is very similar to Rukia's rain experience

It was also raining hard like Ichigo's rain.

As for Orihime, her first volume poem:
If I were the rain
could I connect with someone's heart
just as it can unite
the eternally seperated earth and sky?

If you notice, though both being rain, Orihime's rain is so different from Ichigo or Rukia's rain, it's like her understanding of rain is different than Ichigo, just like how she never seem to be able to understand Ichigo as to Rukia does.
But, her rain that connects two heart, two lovers, is so much like the boatman in the tanabata story; where a boatman unites the two lovers. (and i think most people knows that the tanabata story is quite a major theme in the story)
Ironically, if everyone knows that, Schiffer means boatman in German, which can be the boatman who reunites lovers. And Orihime's rain is something that unites two lovers.
And in some way, I think she herself answered the question in her poem, "could I connect with someone's heart?"

The rain that was suppose to seperate lovers, a symbol of bad memories, was strangely, the very thing that united the two hearts
I just thought it was something very interesting, what do you guys think?
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Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/22/10
yes now that u put it that way it is a good thinking outside the box! D: )
i like it.
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Posted 4/6/10 , edited 4/6/10
thank you for this analysis !
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