[CONTEST] 'The Hottest Hairstyle'
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Posted 12/8/09 , edited 12/9/09

This is our 2nd contest. I need more ppl to join this contest. It's easy.

o You just need to snap your picture with your bestest hairstyle.
o Than you post the picture here.
o Make sure you put your username on it.

Rules to join The Hottest Hairstyle is:-
o You must be a MEMBER of U.W group.
o Forward this contest to ur buddies (at least 2 buddies)

o Username
o Photo
o Join date

1st winner:-
o 3 avatars,2banners,3 icons,1 keychain,1 card,mod for a month,free request pass and become activest member.

2nd winner:-
o 1avatar,2banners,1icon,1card,mod for a week,become activest member.

~ everyone

~ Jan 1, 2010

If you not yet join Unique World,click here:-

Posted 12/8/09 , edited 12/9/09
Personal threads are not allowed, please post this in your own group or something.

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