Anime Characters that wouldn't last long in real life and why?
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Posted 12/9/09 , edited 12/9/09
Hey the title pretty much explains it all, list a few anime characters who wouldn't last too long in real life and why. Joking or serious...though it's anime, if you're serious you have major issues ^_^

Naruto- (from Naruto)
People who run around saying believe all the time get shot, and transforming into a nakid girl doesn't help much there :P

Kenpachi- (from Bleach)
Unless he's military can you really imaging him in a suit or a fast food joint xD

Dokuro- (from Beating Angel Dokuro-chan)
How many homicides can you commit in one day without getting a life sentence

if this is double post block it, then hunt the original poster down with M-16s :3
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Posted 12/9/09 , edited 12/9/09
-Eve (Black Cat) / Golden Darkness (To Love Ru)
the ability to transform your body into a weapon really wouldn't go unnoticed

- Lucy (Elfen Lied)
Despite the massive amount of killings for absolutely no reason that could easily put you on a military hit list having a pair of horns protruding from your head really isn't that subtle and is sure to attract attention.
Posted 12/9/09 , edited 12/9/09
Naruto for suree xDD. He's too focused on the way of the ninja to survive in our world.
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