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Chapter 2
So the prophecy is true!” it sneered “The one that would stop us demons from entering the human world and sealing us into the dark abyss is among us! You will not live!!” What is he talking about? Suddenly the demon rushes at the new member, Liz. What?! NO! With all the student running back to the wall, it was hard to reach her. Dang it, come on! I jumped in front of her with my arms outstretched willing to take the hit. Just then, some dude with a switchblade runs right in front of me and slashes the demon downward. Black blood sprayed everywhere spilling on to the tables and floor. The guy’s face was in pure rage and I looked back at the demon hearing its lasts words, it shrieked,
“You Slayers will never overcome us! There is more of us than you!” he screams and falls to the floor, dead. I looked at the headmistress who used a death spell. I turned to Liz just to see her eyes flutter and fall. I catch her right then. I could see the tears flowing down her cheeks. I knew exactly what she was thinking. After seeing that monster, she had no choice but to endure it for the rest of her life. I looked at the guy dressed in all black. He was still staring at the dead creature in revulsion. He obviously took it well. I cleared my throat to the guy and he turned to me. His eyes lead to Liz’s face and his face suddenly fell with anxiety. I nodded for him to follow me to the headmistress’s room as to the mental message she sent to me right then. With other students filing out, I thought to myself, in all the years I’ve been here, that has never happened before…

The walk to the headmistress’s study was a short distance. But with the death silence following me, the girl in my arms and a street fighter, the trip seemed endless. Liz wasn’t heavy but I shifted my weight just to make the mood a little more relaxed. I looked up and down the hallway. I clear my throat and glanced back,
“So um, great job in defending Liz back there.” Sheesh, I never was a talkative person. The guy gives a questioning look as to ask who is Liz. I looked at Liz to point my direction to her. He looked at her and got the point. “So…you got a name? I’m Chael…Farrow by the way.” I gave him a grin. He just stared uninterested. I waited for a response.
“…Jared Hawk…” he said in a serious tone and I smiled. He frowned as if he was waiting for me to joke about his name.
“Cool, cool.” I said quickly showing that I didn’t mean any harm. To tell the truth, I was afraid of this guy. I brushed off the intimidation and we finally reached the headmistress’s study. I turned to Jared.
“Well, I have to talk to the headmistress about the situation that just happened and your…performance with the demon…” he stiffened when I mentioned him flipping out the switchblade. “It’s okay; you won’t get in trouble. I think the headmistress will actually be interested in your fast reflexes.” His shoulders relaxed a bit but his face didn’t change. I felt a little uneasy asking Jared the next question,
“Do you think you can take Liz for a few minutes? I won’t take too long in there.” His eyes widened and narrowed looking at Liz. Him and I could tell this could be a problem. I looked around slightly embarrassed and spotted a wooden bench where I thought I could keep her there. I started to the bench when Jared stopped in front of me. I arched an eyebrow. We may have been the same height but it was hard to tell his age from his seriousness. He must have thought it over and held his arms out to carry Liz. Geez, it’s not like she has cooties or anything. I had to breath in quickly from snickering at the thought. I gently slipped her into his arms. I turned around quickly before going in,
“Thanks again for helping out. It won’t take me too long.” And I disappeared into the study room and closed the door.

Jared (for now)
I just stood there holding the girl, Liz who was out cold from the shock of a demon who just straight forward attacked her. As I reminiscence back to the scene of the demon, I saw the pure terror on the girl’s face. I couldn’t blame her. It was my first time seeing a demon too. I have never seen anything so nasty in my life. I’ve been in street fights ever since I was 11. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to reach her in time. Suddenly, a blast of adrenaline surges through my body making my speed increase. It was fast enough to shoot forward to Chael and Liz. I didn’t know what came over me. It’s as if a strength I never knew of was trying to break out. It felt as though a spirit of some warrior was trapped in me edging to strike out. I looked out the window and saw my reflection. The demons black blood was smeared on my face. I’ve knocked a couple of teeth, having blood smeared onto my hands. This was different and really nasty at the same time. It looked like someone to a brush, dipped it in black paint and flicked it all over my face. My nose scrunched up in disgust. Then I focused back to Liz’s face. I used to not like girls. They seemed okay then. But before, girls would ask me out cause they thought I was cool, hot and strong. How stupid. I would fall under their stupid spell and before then, I would faced against their ex’s. All of them were pissed at me for stealing their girls. I was pissed because it was their fault that they wandered to me. I didn’t even want a girlfriend. Of course what their guys said and decided to go back to them touched the girls. And of course, they “dumped” me. I didn’t care. The boyfriends thinking they were ‘all that’ thought of teaching me a “lesson”. I ended up beating them all up. Each was left with and unpleasant gift from my fist or foot. The girls called me a freak and so did the rest of the school. All girls cared about guys are their looks. There was no change in that. I hated girls ever since. But coming across Liz on the bus…I thought she was just like all the girls at first. She blushed a shade of red. I get that a lot from girls when they come across me. I find it ridiculous. For once, I think she understood I didn’t like girls and didn’t bother to talk to me on the bus. I instantly thought she is different from all the girls I’ve met in the past. I looked at her again. My hatred to girls disappeared for a moment. Strands of her hair fell to the front of her face. Her closed eyes made her look peaceful in her sleep. She actually looked…cute. I frowned and realized Hell, there is no way this girl would like me. After treating her meanly on the bus she probably doesn’t want anything to do with me. Also the way she was staring at Chael in the dining hall, she was in love with him. I leaned back against the wall. The least I could do is protect her when she really needs it. Something inside of me started to feel like lead, weighing me down, but I ignored it.
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