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Chapter 4

Everything was still dark. Suddenly I heard voices from all around me. Was I back home? Where am I?
“Liz, sweetie, can you hear us?”
“Oh my gosh is she dead?!”
“No you bubbly air head! Can’t you see she’s breathing?” I wanted to laugh out loud just listening to my roommates panicking about me but I held it in just to hear more of what they said.
“Rae, wake her up!”
“Me? Hell no! People do not like being woke up by me.”
“Kana get her pet!” What pet?
“Someone get a bucket of water. Make it ICE cold!” Okay, there will be no bucket of ice water being dumped on me!! I open my eyes quickly and wincing at the bright lights above me. I was staring into a little face of a worried ferret with razor sharp fangs.
“Cheese nibblets!! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!” As I sat up quickly the saber-tooth-ferret-thing flew off my bed and into Kana’s hands.
“Careful there Liz! Glad you woke up.” Kana smiled. I wanted to throw a pillow at whoever thought the idea in using ice water to wake me up. I rubbed my eyes and saw everyone standing around my canopy bed. I frowned, how did I get here? Kana broke into my thoughts,
“We saw what happened yesterday! I'm so sorry I couldn’t help you!” she said on the verge of tears.
“Kana…stop your water works…you know that we couldn’t even save ourselves even with we all threw our bodies in front of her.” Raylin look at me in guilt. She felt bad, as well that she couldn’t do anything to help. Solaries walked over to me and patted my hand.
“Now do you know your purpose to be in this school?” I nodded.
“Were here to prevent demons like them to invade the human world right?” Everyone nodded.
“I'm considered an outsider to all humans and I won’t be able to live my normal life anymore?” They stopped in mid nod.
“Well not exactly” Trae said. “The cool thing is that you have a more exciting life now that you’re here!” she grinned. Everyone else nodded.
“I’d rather face demons than face another Chemistry test any day!” Rae said and we all laughed. Kana placed the saber-tooth ferret on my bed and it bounced over.
“This is for you Liz.” She smiles sweetly. It sat on its hind legs and wagged its black tipped tail. Looking at the ferret closely it had a dark gray slick body. A small black mask stretched around his eyes. He had 3 black stripes running down its back. The only different about this animal was its teeth. I was right about the razor sharp fangs. I hesitated but stuck my finger out to the ferrets nose. He walked over and sniffed my finger. I shut my eyes waiting for it to bite me. It started to lick my finger; quickly forgetting it was flung across my bed. I picked it up and smiled.
“Thank you so much Kana!” Then Trae squealed. Again everyone’s heads turned to her direction.
“Guys I can believe you forgot to introduce Rosalie to Liz!” My eyebrows went up.
“Who’s Rosalie?” Everyone made room for Rosalie to join the small crowd around my bed. My eyes widened. It was ‘gloom girl’! She was sitting on Solaries bed playing with her doll and came over when she was called. I smiled at her.
“So that’s your name. Its really cute.” I saw a shade of pink light on her pale cheeks. She mumbled a thank you. Then I thought,
“Wait, don’t we already have five members? I thought that was the max.” I didn’t mind Rosalie was an extra roommate but I was confused.
“Well when you were gone, Rosalie came to our room and showed us her paper and it said exactly #15. We thought it was a typo, but since she’s a little girl it didn’t matter so she’s sharing beds with us.” Kana filled in for me.
“Yup, you don’t mind sharing a bed with Rosalie?” Trae asked me.
“Course not” and looked at Rosalie. She actually wasn’t so creepy now that I know her. My ferret hopped off my shoulder to pat something with its paw and make squeaking sounds. We all looked at him and gasped. He was pawing a perfect white rose with red edges. My face filled up with red and my roommates started to squeal.
“Oh my gosh who sent that to you!” Trae squealed.
“It’s so beautiful!” Solaries gushed. I was so red faced that I couldn’t speak. For the second time this morning Trae squealed.
“God dang it woman, will ya stop doing that?!” Rae yelled annoyed.
“Well, were late for breakfast, like 20 minutes late!” she yelled back. Everyone started bustling to the door. Solaries and Rosalie stayed back. She handed me a school uniform. I eyed her.
“This is our uniform if you noticed all of us were wearing it.” She happily did a model strike and I giggled.
“Hurry up and get changed, sweetie, Rosalie and I will wait for you outside the door.” And the girls quickly left. That left me time to change. I slipped off my clothes I wore yesterday and slipped on the dark gray top and the black jacket. I cringed and held up the dark navy blue skirt. I looked at my ferret.
“You think this will look good on me? I mean I never was a skirt person.” It stared at me and nodded. I shrugged and slipped it on. Crap, no shorts under it. If the wind blows in the wrong direction today, I'm gonna look like those anime girls who always has their panties showing. I grumbled and stuck my arm out to let my ferret climb and perch on my shoulder. I glanced at the rose and took it with me smelling the lovely fragrance on my way to the door. It made me kind of sigh in a dreamy way.

The dining hall was very up beat that morning. There were no signs of the demons blood that stained the floor. I pushed that thought away from me and joined the other girls at the bench. There were so many food choices on the long royalty table; everyone seated at my table got their fill. This totally beat a bowl of Frosted Flakes for breakfast. I helped myself into some scrambled eggs and a few slices of bacon and started chomping down. My friends laughed and I looked at them at a complete loss with food still in my mouth. Rosalie just quietly ate her breakfast.
“What?!” They just laughed even harder. I was so confused until someone cleared his throat. I swerved around and almost choked on my food. Kana patted my back.
“Breath girl, breath!” Which just made them laugh even harder than ever. My face exploded in red embarrassment. He gave me a perfect straight smile. I gulped and smiled shyly.
“Good, morning Liz.”
“You did not just see me stuff mouthfuls of food like a monster in my mouth did you?” My face still flushed red. He chuckles and reaches his hand to my face. I felt his fingers lightly brush my cheek as he reached to pick up the rose that was lying in front of my plate. He smiles again. I would totally rate his smile a 10 if there ever were ‘the most amazing smile’ contest. This morning he was wearing the boys uniform for D.S.A which made him look stunning than ever.
“I see you like the flower.” He speaks in his perfect angelic accent. I wanted to faint from his amazing voice. He was waiting for me to speak and I quickly blurted,
“Were you in our room?” All eyes from my friends turned to Chael bewildered and it was their turn to flush red. Except of Rosalie of course who just watched. He looks around blushing a light pink and smiles apologetically.
“I’m sorry, but the only thing I did was enter your room, place you in bed and left through your window and left this.” Handing me the rose. I took it and blushed and smiled a little. He bent towards me to whisper something to my ear,
“Jared’s the one who saved you that night.” As he pulled away he kissed my cheek. The girls even the ones at the table and some behind us who were watching squeal and my face went so red Solaries had to fan me with her cloth napkin and the other girls squealed. Chael winked at me and went off to his table behind us and was giving playful punches to his guy friends who were making kiss noises and cracking up. A lot of girls said I was lucky Chael kissed my cheek. All I could do cover my embarrassment was put my head down forward on the table and smile the biggest smile I ever hid in so long. This was the best morning I had in my life. From another table Jared watches Liz with a serious look.

My roommates and I walked back to our room. A couple of girls walking by greeted me and said that I was lucky that Chael kissed me on the cheek at breakfast. I blushed and waved. My friends would not stop giggling and chatting about it. I fell onto my bed with a love filled sigh. Clutching the rose to my chest I giggled to myself. My ferret was bouncing happily and licking my cheek. I sat up and noticed and envelope on my bed. It was my school schedule. I sighed. No matter what school I go to, school will remain as school. Everyone else got theirs and we all went our ways to find our classes.
I stepped out into the sunlight and smiled. Today is going to be absolutely perfect! I flipped open my schedule and started to walk. My first class was PDT…whatever that meant. My teacher was Robert Silus, room number 1103. I was reading the rest of my schedule when all of a sudden the world spun and papers flew everywhere.
“Ah crap, look what you made me do!” I sat there stunned. I shook my head and helped the girl pick up her work.
“I-I-I'm so sorry! I-I didn’t mean to!” and handed her a packet for some class. She glared at me and snatched the papers. I blinked. Was she that mad at me? She stood up and fixed her hair. I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder.
“Yeah, now I'm going to be late for my drama class.” She glowered at me. I gave a nervous smile. I stuck out my hand.
“I’m Liz. Can we start over?” She ignored my hand and blurted,
“Oh you’re that girl…” What did she mean by that? She flipped her black silky hair and sniffed.
“I’m Melanie Forte DeCarley. I’m the most well known girl in this school. By means, I'm more popular than you. And I’ve been at this school longer than…you have?” She arched a disgusted eyebrow. Suddenly I realized…this girl does not like me at all. I look at her blankly.
“Just because the hottest guy kissed you on the cheek doesn’t means you rule the school. Chael just so happens to my boyfriend. He is mine and no one can have him. So don’t get too cocky and flirty with him you freak because if you do, I will make sure you will have the worst life in D.S.A. Don’t feel welcome by me.” The words were like a major tennis racket smack and my face being the tennis ball. She flips her long black hair and shoves past me making me fall scraping my hands.
“Ow,” I moaned in pain and wiped my hands on my skirt. I stood back up and quickly wipe my eyes from the free falling tears. What do I do? I didn’t know Chael had a girlfriend and does he know she’s the devil reincarnated? Now I just made an enemy. I walked into the building, which held my class. I didn’t even notice someone watching the whole scene between Melanie and me.
The bell finally rang signaling class to begin. It was just like any other schoolroom. There was at least 10 minutes before class started. I sat in a desk to a nice guy student who looked a little younger than me. He said his name was Troy and it was his third year in D.S.A. I asked him what was the lowest age level for this school. I noticed children…yes children around 5 to 11 walking around the school wearing the uniform. He said he was 14 and that the lowest age would be 4. My eyes got big. He nodded. So it doesn’t matter whether you were young, if you had a special talent, you had to come to this school. We talked about what classes we would be taking and he offered to show me to some. He was really cute when I looked at him. He was in the middle of something about weapons when a familiar voice spoke up.
“Hey Liz,” I turned around. My smile faded immediately. It was Chael.
“So what are you guys talking about?”
“I was explaining her about PDT” Troy grinned. Chael smiled.
“That’s good. This is a very tricky class. Would you like some pointers from me as well?” I was excited he asked me then pictured Melanie’s face and the threat she made and my eyes looked to the table. Chael looked confused. He was going to say something until the teacher told everyone to be seated. I was grateful class started for once. Mr. Silus was a cool teacher, around mid 30’s.
“PDT or Physical Demon Training is a very serious class” he explained “When in this class, we’ll be doing a lot of rough training in handling a demon when you come across one.” I zoned out for a bit and looked around the classroom. There weren’t any of my friends in sight. I suddenly spot ‘hot guy’…or should I call him ‘scary guy’ seated 3 desks away from me listening to the teacher. He looked bored. I got worried again remembering he didn’t like me either. Did that mean I had 2 people hate me? I then thought, what if I tried being nicer to ‘hot guy’. Well for one thing knowing what his name is so I don’t call him that at any time. I’ll try to control my face from turning red. But I can’t help it! HE. IS. TOO. FREAKIN’. HOT! I look up just at Mr. Silus says we can select our partners. Oh no, I should have been paying attention…this isn’t normal high school. I turned to ask Troy to be my partner then I realized I could befriend ‘hot guy’ today! I stood up to go to ‘hot guy’ but was beat to the punch by 15 girls begging ‘hot guy’ to be their partner. His eyes were so wide and he was gripping the table so hard that the sides started to crack. He had no way of escaping the fan girls. I snickered he has fan girls, just like in an anime. I saw Chael walking to me; he looked worried.
“You okay Liz?”
“Huh? Oh yeah I’m good!” I smiled positively. He didn’t look convinced.
“Did something happen before you came here?” His eyes narrowed searching for the answer in my eyes. I lightly chewed my lip. If he knew about Melanie being a total bitch, he’d probably get mad and deny that she was an angel and he’d become another person who will hate me. I looked around nervously then back at him. He had a serious look. I forced a smile.
“Nope, nothing happened at all!” The teacher said five minutes until we found a partner. Again Chael didn’t buy it.
“You have grass on your skirt and the bottom is already torn.” I blinked and looked down. Ah crap! I suck at cleaning myself up.
“Ha, ha, ha. I’m a klutz ya know!” It was getting really awkward. “Well Chael, I gotta pick my partner so…”
“You want to be partners?” I blushed. Heck yes I wanted to. But thinking of the words Melanie said to me and my answer crushed my opportunity to tell Chael about her.
“Well, actually the guy over there looks like he needs help. I think me and him got off to a bad start and I wanna be nice to him.” That was the truth. Chael frowned and nodded as if it made sense. I walked away hoping he wouldn’t say anything else and tried to get ‘hot guy’ as my partner.
“Excuse me…sorry…oww…excuse me” It was hard to go through all the girls. Eventually I had enough of being nice and sucked my breath and shoved forward. I flew forward and hit my stomach on his desk. I doubled over gasping for air but eventually yelled over the complain of girls,
“Will you be my partner!” ‘Hot guy’ was incredibly stunned. I was still crouched over sucking in gasps of air trying not to bawl my eyes out looking like a baby. He took my hand or more like my wrist and snickered,
“Sorry girls, I’m taken.” Immediately the room was filled with loud whines and complains.
“Okay enough of the drama ladies” Mr. Silus said, “Drama is the next building over. Hurry up and pick your partners.” I sighed in relief and winced a little in pain but mission accomplished! I glanced at Chael. He picked some really tough muscular guy and he was looking at me. His eyes filled with hurt. I looked away so that I wouldn’t cry.
Of course realizing PDT was just like gym, we got gym uniforms. They weren’t actually that bad. The guys had black T-shirts and red shorts that go past the knees. The girls on the other hand had a red tank top and black shorts. I liked the school color code. I put my hair in two pigtails; thankfully the girls forgave me and lent me some of their scrunchies. Everyone was standing at the back of the school in front of woods which trees were leafless. I sat on the grass tying my shoes and ‘hot guy’ walks over and sits by me. I looked at him in surprise. We sat there in silence. Waiting until each student got something I forget what the teacher mentioned but everyone was standing in line for it. I turned and ‘hot guy’ spoke first,
“I’m sorry I was being such an ass to you.” He looked away embarrassed. I just stared at him. He was apologizing that he was mean to me?!
“Uh…it’s okay” It was silent again. It was my turn to blurt out.
“You don’t hate me do you?” He was taken aback. He suddenly threw his head back and, laughed! I flushed. He stopped and looked at me,
“Well, to be honest…yeah I did…” I knew it! “But” he said quickly, “I thought you were just like the other girls, the “squealy” ones…” he grimaced and I laughed. He frowned at me but I could see humor in his eyes. He stuck his fist out,
“Names Jared Hawk.” I smiled and fist bumped him,
“My names Liz Bugarin.” We stood up, as the line to the teacher was getting shorter.

“You good at weapons?” he asked. I blink and stared at him.
“Excuse me?”
“You know, switchblades, guns, any sharp object that could pierce the skin?” I frowned and gave him the most “What the heck are you talking about” look. He tilted his head up and I turned. I wanted to cry. I’ve always been a person to like swords and stuff, but dealing with the real deal…that was a whole different story.
“Uhh, is there a chance of me backing out?” I smile nervously to Mr. Silus, as we were next to chose our weapons. He laughed.
“Sorry Liz, but all students here are required to know the skills of fighting against a demon.” I let an exasperated “fwaa” escape my mouth. Jared rolled his eyes and grabbed a whip and stuck it to my hand.
“What am I supposed to do with this?” I scrunched my nose.
“I don’t know, slash something?” he shrugged. He chose a long sword. He looked really cool and strong with it.
“Wow, you’re no help at all…” I saw Chael walking towards us with his partner following behind. He didn’t look so happy. I instantly felt guilty. He saw my face and flicked my favorite smile in place.
“Its okay Liz, the way you use a whip is that you get a grip on and object and you can throw it anywhere.”
“Um, as you can see, I quite weak ya know…the whip isn’t my weapon.”
“Sorry lass,” Chael’s partner spoke “Once you claim a weapon, its yours.” He had a Scottish accent and I remembered seeing him at breakfast.
“Ah crap muffins.” I mutter. All three guys raised their eyebrows in unison.
“Crap muffins…really?” Scottish guy grinned. “Sounds yummy…” Chael laughed and punched him in the arm. I gave a disgusted look.
“Eww that’s messed up…” Scottish guy laughs harder.
“You’re so adorable Liz!” That caused me to puff my cheeks and made Chael and Scottish guy crack up. But I had to smile.
“Cut it out you two.” Chael and Scottish guy stopped laughing. Jared was looking annoyed. I realized I was being friendly to Chael again and my smile faded leaving a tight line across my mouth. Chael frowns and glowers at Jared.
“Is this the reason why Liz is acting like this? What did you do to her?” His eyes never leaving Jared’s. The air felt tense and awkward. I started to get upset,
“Chael, it wasn’t Jared’s fault. He didn’t do anything to me.” I looked into his eyes. The Chael I was looking at right now was being a jerk and I wanted the nice Chael back. He forced a smile.
“Sorry Liz.” He stroked my cheek glanced at Jared and walked off with Scottish guy walking next to him asking what the hell just happened. I turn to Jared; he saw the worried look on my face.
“It’s no big deal.” He shrugs. He wasn’t very good a reassuring people. I frowned.
“…It was that one girl right?” I stared at him wide eyed. Did he watch the whole scene? I nodded and looked down.
“That girl’s a bitch.” He scoffs. I couldn’t help but grin. The teacher calls the other students to gather in a crowd to discuss the rules.
“Okay, this is how the game is gonna go. With the partner you all have, you will go into the Ripped Demon woods and you must take down at least 3. Extra credit if you take down 5. It seems like an easy task but you don’t know the skills the demons have. The woods stretch around 200 acres in the schools area. Since the headmistress has allowed part of the woods just for this class, she placed a spell so that if you’re fighting a demon and end up having an injury, help will come immediately. It also weakens the demons strength a bit so there will be no deaths. It’s I guess you could say “normal” that injuries have been fatal but incase you see your classmates in need, do not hesitate to join up and fight together. Since classes like these last longer than the others, you have 3 hours to complete your task. May all of you do well and learn something of this.” He pulled out a hand timer. Everyone got in position. A whine escaped from my mouth, as I was not eager to do this at all. This was way scarier than gym. Jared placed a hand on my shoulder.
“Stick with me and you’ll be fine.” I could have sworn he gave a smile of reassurance and turned back serious.
“Demons Slayers…FIGHT!” he roared and everyone ran into the demon infested woods.

Jared and I stopped running a little later and our footsteps crunched in the leaves. I looked at the sky; there were a few patches of blue through the cloudy gray sky. The whip I was holding became a bother so I tied it around my waist to make look a bit stylish. Jared looked at my whip belt and rolled his eyes.
“You know when we meet trouble, how are you going to take out the whip?” I haven’t thought of that. I scowled at him.
“You just sucked all of the fun ya know?” He laughed. I pouted as I wiggled out of the whip belt.
“It was very stylish too.” Suddenly a sharp snap ripped in the air.
“EEEE!” I grabbed Jared’s arm. He jolted and pulled me behind him. I stared wide-eyed where the sound was coming from. A crow flies from the branch. He sighs in relief. He looks behind and saw me cling to the back of his shirt. He raises his eyebrows
“Uh, you okay? It was just a bird.” I blushed and released his shirt.
“Eh heh heh, you never know…” We continued to walk around. I was a little mad I didn’t have a wrist watch to keep time. I noticed something black ahead.
“Hey, what is that?” I pointed to the thing behind a tree. Jared followed my finger. Someone was lying there. He was moaning in pain.
“Oh my gosh! Did one of the students get hurt already?!” I ran to check the person.
“Liz wait!” Jared called out. I ran to the tree and let out a scream. Lying there was the least person I wanted to see hurt. It was Chael. He was beat up. Blood pooled from the side of his face and some was trickling out of his mouth. His face and arms were scratched up. His clothes were also torn. I covered my mouth to keep from screaming and crying. I heard Jared shouting from far away.
“Liz what is it?”
“I-I-its Chael! He’s bleeding every where!” I sobbed.
“I think the demons jumped him!” I kneeled next to him and reached over to touch his cheek.
“Wait, Liz! THAT’S NOT HIM!” I turned my head and yelled,
“How would you know?!” I quickly looked back to Chael.
“Hold on okay Chael! We’ll get help.” He weakly looked up at me.
“…Liz…”It was barely a whisper. I blinked and noticed he had two black streaks down the corner of his eyes.
“Liz!! Get away from him!!” I blinked back tears and turned around quickly. I saw Jared running towards me. What surprised me was that Chael and Scottish guy was following right behind him. My eyes widened in fear as I slowly turned my head to the “bloody Chael”. He grinned and with super speed lunged and grabbed my throat, shoving me to a tree.
“You really do care about Chael don’t you?” His form was suddenly changing. I let out a choked scream and struggled under his grasp. I can’t breath… I stared crying again. This time in fear I knew I was going to die. From the corner of my eye I saw Chael raise a crossbow as he was running. He looked enraged.
“Hold still Liz!” He took aim. The demon still clutching my neck jumped up and landed on a branch. He pushed me against the tree.
“We all know who you are Demon Warrior,” he hissed close to my face.
“I-I-d-don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!”
“It may have been a thousand years to trap us, but I’ll make sure this time you will die.” He leaned in to bite my neck. I screamed. Suddenly an arrow pierced the neck of the demon. It shrieked in pain and shoved me off the tree. Oh hell, we were very high up. I came plummeting down. I felt a small thud. I saw Chael’s face. He saved me from falling. I blushed. His face was pouring off sweat. His smile was worried.
“I’m sorry I didn’t come any time sooner.” I was shaking but I managed a nod. He gently placed me down by him and took out another arrow from his side pouch containing the little guys. His facial went back to looking really pissed off. The demon staggered toward us. Black blood was pooling down the sides of his neck. He hacked a miniature waterfall of blood. I scrunched my nose and tried not to look like I was about to puke. All he did was make a high-pitched shriek and collapse in his own puddle of dark blood. We heard rustling coming from all directions. The guys surrounded me in defense like a mini triangle. Jared holding the long sword, Chael with a crossbow, arrow already in its place, and Scottish guy with a…giant boomerang?? I stood up so I didn’t look so vulnerable even though 3 men surrounded me. To my left I heard hissing noises. Then at my right, low growling. With a scared look, I held Chael’s arm. He looked down and smiled.
“Don’t worry, this fight won’t last long.” I hope he meant that we would win and not them.
“Look at all the extra credit were gonna get lads.” Scottish guy snickered. I didn’t exactly care about grades at the moment. I wanted to get out. The shadows closed in. I also realized the sky had gotten dark. It didn’t make the mood any better. I tapped his shoulder. I flushed a little then asked,
“Why did that demon take a shape of a near death version of you?” He grimaced.
“Some demons can take shape of someone’s weakness and can betray them.” I blushed a little more when he said “someone’s weakness”.
“So that means I’m your weakness?” he joked. My eyes got big and I couldn’t blush anymore than dark red. I suddenly felt light headed. I felt the wind on Jared’s side move as I saw him dash straight into a closing line of demons.
“More fighting, joke less!” he yelled. I gripped the whip in my hand.
“Stay behind me Liz.” Chael directed. I obeyed. I could hear whooping coming from Scottish guy. He was sure having a swell time, taking down 5 demons with a swipe of his giant boomerang. Something brushed my hair and I squeaked. With fast reflex, Chael swirled around and struck the demon in the face with his small arrow using his hand to do it. I could feel my heart throbbing inside my chest. I prayed it wouldn’t fall out. The fight lasted a while. Dealing with a 9th demon, Chael looked drained. His breathing became difficult. His faced was completely drenched in his own sweat, which made his spiked hair fall over his face. He didn’t pay attention to it. I felt bad that I wasn’t even fighting. Another demon came towards us. Chael hardly had the energy to lift up the crossbow. Jared and Scottish guy looked exhausted as well. Without thinking I ran in front of Chael stretching my arms out. I clenched my eyes shut. Again everything felt like it was going in slow motion. I heard someone yelling my name. I didn’t move. This time I didn’t want to see Chael dying for real. I was wrong… wrong about someone besides Chael getting hurt. I opened my eyes to see what happened. I saw Jared wrapping his arms around me and pulling me down to the ground. Time regained its self and I felt a jolt of pain going through my head. My head cracked against a sharp rock. I looked dizzily at the rock. Why is the rock blurry and red? I tried blinking. Then I noticed the rock had blood on it. My blood. I tried to sit up but someone gently pushed me down and stroked my hair. Tears were blurring my vision from the pain but I didn’t need to see who was beside me. Chael was telling me about everything was okay. Help is coming and he was asking for me to stay awake. I wanted to laugh at the last part. I wasn’t gonna die! But I did feel incredibly sleepy. Listening to what Chael said I attempted to stay awake. I could see Jared, he was scary pissed off and taking down 7 or 8 demons at once. I had a feeling he was going to yell at me for being so reckless. As if Chael read my thoughts,
“Liz, you weren’t reckless, you thought it was right to protect someone even if it meant sacrificing yourself.” His voice cracked at the last one. I wanted to so much do anything just not to make him upset. I thought in my head, First day of school and I'm already being and idiot. Then I saw in the background a demon creeping up on Jared. He was too busy fighting the demons. I had to help him. I struggled to get up. Chael tried to push me back down but I shoved his hands away using too much of my energy. I staggered and tried to run towards the demon that was ready to pounce on him. With all the energy I had left in me, I flicked the whip, the tip wrapping around the demons wrist. The demon noticed and flung me past a couple of trees. A small spray of blood shot from my mouth and I fell heavily. Chael stood there for a split second with shock and horror and ran across the fight scene. Jared noticed me being flung that he completely forgot about the demon in front of him. The demon took his chance and slashed down his face. He yelled in pain and stumbled back. Scottish guy took his opportunity after finishing the last batch of demons on his side and threw his boomerang with so much force; it circled all around the demons, slicing them in half. That was the last of seeing any demons around. Jared was crouching over blood flowing from his fingers. Scottish guy took of his shirt and lent it to Jared to put over his eye. The demon left three deep claw marks that went a little past the top of his eyebrow, down to his cheekbone. They both then rushed over to check on Chael and me.
I was lying in the most uncomfortable position. I couldn’t move anything. I think the demon flung me so hard; I probably broke my leg and one of my arms. I couldn’t tell where it hurt the most. The pain was everywhere. I felt blood trickling out of my mouth and I felt like when the demon disguised him as “beat up Chael”. My head was hurting worse than ever and it felt warm of blood. I saw Chael running to my side again. He looked like he was about to cry. His face was crushed in agony as he scanned the image of my distorted body. I wanted to smile at him saying I was okay. I doubt that would have changed things. First day of school, I make an enemy, I befriend Jared, and I get beat up. My vision became blurry again and I saw Scottish guy with the most sympathetic look. Jared looked pissed and incredibly hurt. I could hear his voice faint echoing in my head,
“ Are you an idiot?! Don’t you know what it takes to fight?! You could have died twice out there!” His voice couldn’t match what he was saying. He wasn’t angry with me. I looked at the bloody side of his face.
“…I'm…sorry…” I whispered and coughed blood. His face fell from being angry to anguish. Chael soothed me and gently tried to straighten my figure a bit better. I couldn’t help it but I shrieked from all the pain with every single movement. Chael kept apologizing even when it wasn’t his fault I was so jacked up. Scottish guy had to look away in painful disgust. Jared looked like he wanted to do so much as to kill every single demon existed that put me in this position. I also thought I probably have a load of cracked ribs now cause it was becoming hard to breath. I decided to close my eyes for a bit. To hell with staying up, I feel like crap and I'm going to sleep. Again I hear Chael’s voice call me to stay awake. He repeatedly stroked my cheek. Maybe I was imagining it but I thought it was starting to rain…or was it that Chael was crying? I couldn’t tell. Then I hear more voices, and I was ready to scream if it was more demons. It was Mr. Silus and some other teachers. It’s been five hours I overheard him say. He saw students come back empty scored with no contact of demons. He knew something was up and searched for us. He glanced at me and his face went pale. He started barking orders to the teachers to get the nurses and to report this to the headmistress immediately. I look that bad huh? Chael carefully picked me up so lightly that he thought I might break. Hey, I'm already broken in like 15 different places. I tried to laugh but came out as a whimper. God, I'm such a wuss. Chael slowly walked with a bloodied me in his arms. We followed the teachers back along with Scottish guy and Jared behind us. A couple teachers stayed behind with them and told them what a great job they did. The also took notice of Jared’s scar and would treat it in the infirmary. Chael walked a different way to the infirmary, with Mr. Silus’s permission. It was like a school version of an ER room. Chael carried me into the building.
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