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Chapter 5
I walked into the room and the nurses started moving around quickly telling me to set Liz down in a comfortable bed. I walked over and gently placed her down. I was upset I couldn’t stay with her. She saw me get up and made a small sound as if she didn’t want me to leave. I smiled at her thinking the same thing. I turned to one of the nurses and asked if I could stay by her side. She approved and gave a pass for me to miss the rest of my classes. That was one good way to get out of all my classes. I looked around for a chair and brought it over to her bedside. She was watching me in silence. Then she blushed and I gave her a questioning look. She moved her mouth to say something but winced. Even talking makes her hurt. I replayed the scene in my head where Liz ran in front of me like what I did at the school assembly. I wanted to so much hate Jared for hurting her head but he did it so she wouldn’t get the worst injuries. Going back to reality I stared at Liz in emotional pain. With the little energy she had left, she dragged her fingers to touch mine. I looked into he eyes and saw she was trying to say she was going to be okay. I had to give her some faith in that. I smiled and laced my fingers with hers.
“You know your pretty messed up right now right?” Trying to lift the mood. She gave a smile that looked like she ate 20 pieces of warheads at once. Well, it wasn’t that bad of a cringe. I leaned over and kissed her forehead. Bloody or not, she was still Liz. A nurse came in with some warm water in a bowl and a white cloth. She started to clean the blood. Underneath all the blood, Liz had a scratched cheek, cut lip and a small gash a little to the side of her head. She must have seen me stare at the cuts and turn bright red. She’s so cute. She wanted to tell me something before her wincing in pain but I shook my head.
“Promise to tell me when you’re better okay?” She thought for a second and nodded silently “Until then I sit beside you until your well.” She smiled for the first time without being in pain.

After watching Liz fall asleep, despite the cuts on her face, she looked a lot better. She wore a bandage wrap around her head from hitting her head onto the rock. Her right arm was cast in a sling. I felt frustrated at myself for looking so defenseless even if I was ready to collapse. If I could have made just one more shot, Liz wouldn’t be in this position. Another scene flashed in my mind. In the PDT, she wouldn’t meet my eyes. I didn’t like the fact she was hiding something from me. I just wanted to help her face whatever was bothering her. She seemed like she wanted to confess to me in the infirmary bed but couldn’t find the words. I’m okay with that. I look at the clock across the room; it was around 4:40pm. A nurse came in to tell me that I could leave and they were going to treat Liz’s wounds. I looked at Liz one more time and gently squeezed her hand then walked out. I bump into someone as I stepped out of the door.
“Sorry.” I muttered and looked. To my surprise, it was Melanie.
“I saw you walking past my classroom carrying something bloody” she scrunched up her nose “What was that thing?” My eyes narrowed.
“That “bloody thing” was Liz. She was attacked by demons in our PDT class.”
“Oh poor thing.” It was obvious her eyes shown no signs of pity. Instead, she looked almost pleased. Her mood switched and started to become flirtatious.
“Still, that was very heroic of you.” She batted her long lashes at me. I rolled my eyes.
“Melanie, stop that. You’re jealous aren’t you?” She pursed her lips.
“Maybe I am?” She smiled seductively and took a step closer to me. She smelled strong of something fruity and tropical. I stepped back. She frowned.
“Will you stop acting like we’re together? I. Don’t. Like. You.” How many times did I have to tell her this? She glared at me.
“What do you see in her?” her voice sharp and icy. I thought I saw her eyes flick to red, but it went back to its natural blue.
“Well, I see a sweet, honest, caring girl.” I meant it. That pissed her off.
“Why her and not me?! I've known you ever since you entered D.S.A.!” I scowled.
“I never liked you at all. It may looked like I did but it was because I thought you were friendly to all students. You’re actually a real bitch.” She recoiled as if she’s been slapped. I stared at her emotionless. Then it hit me, was she the reason why Liz didn’t want to see me this morning? I grabbed Melanie’s shoulders. She flinched.
“What did you do to Liz?!” I demanded. She smiled innocently.
“All I did was greet her to this school and to stay the hell away from me. We had a minor collision.” I knew she wasn’t going to say anymore. I dropped my hands from her shoulders. She flipped her hair back. I turned away.
“Where are you going?” I didn’t answer and just kept on walking to the guy’s dorm. As I approached the door, I heard the stereo turned way up playing on of my favorite British rock bands. I let out a big sigh. I heard the guys laughing and I had to smile. I opened the door; my hand shot up and caught the soda can with perfect precision, not denting any part of the can.
“When will you give up on trying to surprise me, Chad?” I leaned on the doorway and looked at my Scottish comrade that fought alongside Jared and I in PDT.
“Ah, sooner or later. Maybe never?” he laughed. “Care to join us?” I grinned.
“When you turn down the stereo. The boys are complainin’ about hearing muffled guitar solos across the hallway.”
“Sorry, mate.” One of my Australian roommates turned the notch down. I sighed and walked to my bed and flopped down. I stared at the ceiling looking at some weird random poster of some band Chad put up. I put the soda next to me. Chad came over and sat next to me, his face was serious. He spoke quietly.
“Is she okay? I never seen, no offense to them… a girl trying to save a guys butt. Isn’t it usually the other way around?” I looked at him dully.
“Dude, have you been reading fairy tale stories again before going to bed?” He faked an “elbow to the face”; I still didn’t flinch. “But yeah, she’s okay. She looks much less bloody.” We sat there listening to the music. Chad looked over to me.
“You like that girl, huh?” I looked at him a blushed a light red. He threw his head back and laughed. The other guys looked at him strangely. I face-palmed. “C’mon Chael! This morning all the guys at our table saw you talking to the little lass. Admit it!” I scowled and sat up still blushing a little.
“And if I do?” He nods, closes his eyes in total concentration. Whatever he was unto, I'm not gonna like it. He grins at me.
“You’re gonna need some advice from the ‘love professional’.” I stared at him wide eyed.
“And who would that be?”
“Me of course!” he points to himself. The other boys overhearing Chad erupted in laughter so did I. Chad’s face exploded with red. I patted his shoulders.
“Thanks Chad but, I'm gonna do things my way.” And lead him to the door. We were due to be at the dining hall. My roommates followed. As we were walking, Chad leaned over to whisper something in my ear.
“Hey, do you mind if we stopped by to check on Liz later? I wanna give her a better introduction, since she doesn’t know me at all. Maybe see if I have what it takes.” He wagged his eyebrows at me. I punched him in the arm.
“Yes we can check on her, and no dice in getting her.” I smiled.
“So…uh, I know I'm supposed to talk to you about this as much but…did she say anything about me when she saw us in PDT…you know…in her mind?” What Chad was trying to say was if I read her mind. Chad and the headmistress are the only ones who knew about my gift. I'm psychic. Yes, the whole mind reading, telepathy, telekinesis, and mind manipulating she-bang. If anyone found out that I held these powerful talents; I would be danger and used for who knows what. The very least thing I wanted was more chaos and destruction. I sigh.
“Well, if you want to know, since she doesn’t know your name, she refers you as ‘Scottish guy’.” He laughs.
“Well said the little lass! What did she say about you the first time she saw you?” I narrowed my eyes in concentration, trying to remember. I chuckled.
“It’s nothing really.” Chad wouldn’t buy it. He tried to force it out of me as we walked into the dining hall, I still didn’t give in. I remembered from reading her thought about me being the most “gorgeous guy in the world”. That, I was personally going to keep in my mind.
It was pretty scary at the dining hall. All of Liz’s roommates surrounded my demanding what happened since they all couldn’t visit Liz. I tried to answer as many questions without revealing too much, but the questions, kept on coming. All of a sudden the atmosphere around the girls, and me changed drastically and it grew creepy and cold. A little girl (I remembered her sleeping next to Liz) stood there looking at everyone with cold eyes. I blinked and wondered if the girl was behind the gloom.
“…stop pestering him…”she mumbled and walked back to her seat. We stared after her. She looked too young to be that mature. Chad signaled to make a swift escape before a new round of questions came and we slipped out of the benches.
We were walking to the special infirmary when suddenly I hear munching noises. I turned to see Chad sticking his hand in a giant bag of Doritos. I raised an eyebrow.
“What? I’m still hungry. A growin’ man like me has gotta eat. Plus, maybe Liz didn’t get dinner and would want some.” He pulled out 3 cans of Root Beer. I shook my head. We went inside and asked a nurse if we could see Liz. She said it was fine and led us to her room. She let Chad and me alone. I looked in the window, I saw Liz sitting up in bed. He bed lamp was on and she held a sketchbook on her lap. She looked at the windowsill, which a small animal was perched, she laughed. I slowly opened the door and stuck my head in. She squeaked and dropped her drawing book on the floor. She cussed, looked at me and blushed. I smiled.
“Sorry for the surprise visit. How’s your head?” Before she could answer, her pet ferret…with long fangs…jumped off the bed and hissed.
“Whoa there!” I stepped back. The stripes on its back were actually spikes and went up in defense. Chad looked around me.
“What the hell is that?!” He started to walk to the ferret, ready to kick it. My eyes widened.
“Streak, come back here, they’re nice people…” her words trailed off as she saw Chad ready to let the thing fly through the window. The ferret walked backwards, spikes still up and climbed on the bed.
“Wow, you got some great bodyguard. I have to admit that thing actually scared me!” She smiled proud of her pet. Chad looked at me.
“Why can’t I do that to you?” he complained. I muttered,
“Because I know you. Oh Liz you remember him from PDT right?” She looked at Chad. She remembered him, but thought he couldn’t be trusted. He shuffled his foot.
“Um, I'm really sorry about that…I didn’t know it belonged to you.”
“Eh, its okay,” she smiled, “I’m Liz.”
“Cool, I’m Chad.” He looked at the bag of chips he was holding.
“Uh, we were thinking maybe you didn’t have dinner so we brought some snacks.” He blushed, feeling a little stupid.
“Actually, that would be fine. I am kinda hungry myself. I think there’s some chairs by the side of the door.” I sat closer to Liz and Chad sat at the edge of the bed. I noticed the drawing book still on the floor and picked it up.
‘Do you mind if I see some of your drawings?” Her mouth tightened into a line. She looked embarrassed. I smiled in understanding and gave her the book. The ferret came over and I looked at it nervously.
“Go ahead and pet him. He knows he’ll be in trouble if I see him bite someone I already said was ‘ok’.” She gave the ferret a look. It sniffed my hand and licked it.
“Where did you get it?” I asked.
“My friend Kana gave him to me.” She realized she had something to tell me and looked at me.
“Uhh, Chad, can you go outside for a moment? I tell something to Liz in private.”
“Ohhh gotcha.” He winked at me. I blushed. Liz looked lost.
“Not that you dolt!” He just laughed and closed the door behind him.
“What did he mean?”
“N-nothing. So what did you want to tell me?” She breathed in and winced.
“Oops. Forgot I have 5 broken ribs.” She thought of her words, carefully “I met this girl named Melanie Forte…uh some last name that sounds like rich people.” I frowned and nodded. So it was Melanie. “I was looking for my first class and I didn’t mean to bump into her. She got really pissy at me. Then…” she turned dark red, looking nervous to continue. I held her hand.
“It’s okay, I promise I won’t get mad. Tell me what happened.” She looked very uncomfortable.
“So then Melanie said she knew about me” she paused her wording sounding awkward “Then said I may have been kissed on the cheek doesn’t mean I “rule” the school…also she said you were her boyfriend…” she quickly finished and looked down. I sat there shocked and thinking over all the things Liz told me. I frowned. What the hell gave Melanie the right to tell freakin’ lies like that!
“Oh…”Liz added still looking down “She said for me not to get too cocky and try to get close to you or she’s going to mess me up…” tears were falling onto the paper she was drawing. My eyes widened. She sniffed and rubbed her eyes on the blanket. Before I knew what I was doing, I pulled her into a strong embrace. She stiffened, her eyes wide.
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