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"WHAT!" Luka,Ruko, and Mako were stunned and fell back "Y-your being taken back? D:" Prika and Sean nodded
Prika answered "They say they've completed new voaloids that are better fit then us since we are only fanmade of course. . ."
Sean whimpers "I dont wanna go back ill miss Ruko-sama" Sean flutters his wings to her and hugz her
"Its a shame Sean is going at least only take prika back = ="
"HEY! >:O im loved too dang it! stop being mean Ruko!"
"Yeah yeah = = go whine ot ur mommie Luka"
"THATS IT RUKO!" Prika attacks ruko and htey get into a fight but of course, Ruko wins ^~.
A girl with long pitch black hair walks in wih a police cap on "Prika, Sean come with me dears. . ."
Prika and Sean walk over to her sadly getting handcuffed and put into a car and she comes out with two new boxes people size and leaves them there "The one on the right is Gumi" her hand hcanges ot the left one "The one on the left is Luna ^^~ 2 more vocaloids will be delivered to you tommorow~" She opens hte box, bows and leaves.
"Miss ur name? ^^~" Luka asks
"Im Leia the deliver of the vocaloids" she smiles then bows agian leaving.
"WOW!" Gumi shoots herh andsi nthe air jumping and bumping aorund "Staying in that box was so booooring~ much funner to come out and dance here! Fuu! Fuu! Fuu!"
Ruko groans "Oh God, we ogt someone more annoying" Ruko goes ot sit in a chair to avoid Gumis gun hands.
Luna walks out looking around cutely and sees Mako and glomps her "Oh Mako~ Your beautiful~"
Mako blinks cluelessly "Uh, thanks you to Luna-san. . ."
"Oh Luna-chan is fine" she blushes happily
"Yeah. . ." Mako looks at her sword and walks away wacking it aorund
"Oh Mako-Sama thats a beautiful sword i adore swords"
Mako looks at luna interested now "You do?"
"Why yes~ ^^~ "
"How about we duel then?"
"Alright :D" Luan goes and gets her bunny sword iwht bunny stickers on it and walks over to Mako and dueling her wiht hte sword.
"Pow pow! Ruko-san come on. its fun to jump around"
"No = = go away im listening to my music"
"Oh which song? :D" Gumi asked.
"Blue Game. . ."
"Let us all hear! :D" Gumi takes it from ruko and plugs it into a speaker making it so everyone cna hear and she begisn ot dance with it.

Rukos cheeks flus ha light pink "Gumi!" *she snatches her IPod back "Stop it! that was un called for please go somewhere else!"
". . .Sorry Ruko"
"Whatever just go away" Ruko changes her song.
Gumi goes and sits down out of dancing and hyper mode. Luka comes over to her
"Im sorry Gumi, Rukos just sad her friends are gone right when she was warming up she'll warm up to you soon sweety ^^~"
"Maybe. . ."
"Want me ot sing u a dance filled song? ^^~"
"Sure :3"
"Ill sing Crimson Camellia " Luka begins to sing.

"Thats pretty good Luka-san!"
"Thank you Gumi ^^~ i hope u feel cheered up now"
Oh i do i do ^^~ You do some pretty good english mind teaching me? :D"
"Sure ^^~" Luka teaches Gumi some english.
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You kno there's a new vocaloid named lily. her character has been developed. and she will be released on 8/25/10.
For more info
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