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Chapter 6
Oh, my, gosh! I felt myself blushing into his shoulder. He spoke up,
“I’m really sorry for what she said. You have to believe me, she is not my girlfriend. Do you trust me?” Finally admitting to Chael what happened I nodded and let the tears fall. Chael sat on my bed, still hugging me and listening to me cry. I kept mentally telling myself to stop. Eventually my sobbing came down into sniffing. Chael pulled me back and used his thumb to brush the tears away. I smiled awkwardly.
“I look like a mess.” I laughed. He smiled.
“No you don’t, you look fine.” He pulled some strands of hair and pulled it behind my ears. All of a sudden he leaned close to my face. I suddenly realized, Holy crap, I’m going to get kissed! I wasn’t sure what to do. Then I thought, do what the anime characters do. I smiled at that thought. I tilted my head up. Our lips were close to touching when the door opened. There standing was Jared. We pulled back. We didn’t kiss. I blushed an attractive red and I noticed Jared was wearing some type of eye patch over the gash from the demon.
“I was at the bathroom and I noticed the door--.” Chad walked in and looked around. He looked at Chael sitting on my bed with me sitting on his lap, carefully not putting pressure on my broken leg. He looked at Jared who was still staring and his eyes got big. I tried to meet Jared’s eyes. He glared at me like he did the first time he saw me in the bus.
“Figures…” he mutters turned his back and walked out.
“Jared!” I called his name. He didn’t come back. I felt like jumping out of the window. Chael stared at the door. Again I started to cry. I just lost Jared on the first day and it’s my fault…I’m in love with two guys.
Chad could figure out what to say so he told Chael he was heading back to the dorms. Chael stayed with me.
“…I really don’t know what the hell came over me…” he looked at the floor “Liz…I’m sorry…” I couldn’t hear his words, I was deep in my thought he hates me, he hates me I repeated over and over. He looked at me but I wasn’t paying attention. He stroked my cheek and I violently flinched at his touch. His eyes were filled in remorse.

“Liz…” Her ferret licked her hand but she didn’t pet him. I knew there wasn’t anything I could do. I got up and walked to the door and quietly closed it. Down the hallway only 7 doors away from Liz’s room, the sound of someone screaming then loud crying echoed down the dark infirmary hall. I could not forget the pain in her voice. After meeting Jared today, she really wanted to be close to him. I ruined their friendship. I reached outside, close to the guy’s dorm. I’m so frustrated with myself that I couldn’t control my powers for a moment. I focus in my mind a large rock, and the boulder in front of me floated up. Yelling with such anger I “threw” it across the grass hill. I haven’t really practiced my power. So it took a lot of energy out of me.
“Oww…what the--?” I blinked. Jared sat up rubbing his head and glaring at my direction. His eyes got big and then he glared at my direction. I knew I had to make it up to Liz now.
“…Look…Jared,” I started. He brushed right past me. Oh hell no, he did not just ignore me! I grabbed his shirt. He spun around incredibly pissed. I forgot what I was going to say so I blurt,
“You like Liz don’t you?” Crap…wrong choice of words. In the dark I could see him blush. He didn’t punch me.
“Yeah? So do you.” It was my turn to blush. I sighed.
“Look…I’m really pissed at myself for doing that okay? I’m saying this because I hurt Liz and I just want both of you to be friends…maybe even closer…it took Liz a lot of courage to speak to someone like you…” I frowned “wait…”
“I get what you mean. It’s okay. Sorry for walking in on both of ya. I just wanted to see how she was doing.”
“Hey, what about you? Can you still see with that eye?”
“Mm, yeah. I'm pretty lucky…actually I wish I wasn’t…” he frowned at the grass. We both knew he’d rather take all the hits Liz got which lead her to near death than some scratch in the eye.
“Well, think about it…wouldn’t Liz be twice as upset that you got hurt?” I asked and I had to think about the question myself if I was in that place. What Jared said actually surprised me,
“I’m cool with you going for her. But if you make her cry, I will seriously kick your ass, no remorse.” He looked death serious; I became a little intimidated.
“I’ll do everything I can to protect her.” I vowed. He grinned.
“Then tomorrow I’ll go see her and tell her I'm not mad at her. You want me to say anything about, you know…”
“It be best to keep it quiet. I’ll wait until she can trust me again.” I looked down with worry. “I bet he hates me now.” Jared looked annoyed and punched my arm.
“I’ll tell her not to stay mad at you too, better?” I shrugged. I stuck out my hand.
“So, are we cool now?” He grinned and shook.
“Yeah, guess we are.” I smiled then turned.
“Hey,” I looked back. He gave me a weird look. “Did you…uh throw that rock?” He nudged it with his foot. I laughed,
“About that, I highly apologized. I swear I did not see you lying down. I was kinda pissed off ya know?” He watched me walk off with a confused look. I grinned.

“So what happened back there?” Chad looked up from his bed as I entered the room. He was changed in a white T-shirt and was wearing black boxer shorts. I shook my head not wanting to talk about it. I changed into a blue and green plaid pants. I slipped off my shirt and slid into bed. I reached over to turn off the lights. I lay in bed thinking how stupid I was trying to get close to Liz. I really do like her…a lot. Then I remembered Liz’s words about Melanie doing something threatening to her if she ever went near me. Then I thought maybe that was the reason why I wanted to be close to her. I wanted to protect her with my life. Ever since she came here, something has placed her in danger. I need to find out who was behind all this and watch over Liz until the danger was gone. I sat up and slipped on a shirt and replaced my pants with black jeans. I slowly open the window close to Chad’s bed. The moon was out so it would make it easier to see in the dark. Someone grabs my arm. I turn to see Chad looking at me.
“Off to stand guard?” He smiles jokingly. I blushed which meant I was. “Take care of the little lady, k?” I nodded and slipped out landing on my feet with a soft thud. I started walking to the infirmary building. I saw her window open but no light. I stood under a couple of windows that were below her window. Concentrating on my telekinesis power, I jumped up and the air got lighter as I jumped from windowsill to windowsill. I slipped into her room. Out of the blue a fist swings at my face. I leaned sideways and grabbed the figures wrist and wrapped his arm around his back with inhuman speed. I heard him cuss. I couldn’t see his face in the dark and had difficulty holding the shadowed figured still
“What are you doing to Liz?” His head turned toward me and his eyes went big. So did mine.
“What are you doing here?!” we hissed at the same time. Liz stirred in her sleep. We stayed quiet watching her, slow breathing continued. Her ferret was resting on her chest. I looked back at Jared and wiped sweat off my face.
“Dammit you scared the hell out of me!” I whispered and let go of his arm. “What are you doing here?”
“What do you think? I have a feeling something’s after Liz and I'm on the watch.” He said in a low voice. I scowled. He may have said I can take her but I’m sure it looks like he still likes her. I was going to say the same thing when someone spoke,
“What are you guys doing in here?” We quickly turned to Liz. She was sitting in bed with a confused look on her face. She saw Jared and flushed red. He walked over to her.
“…Liz, I’m not mad at anything okay? I’m also sorry I walked in on you and Chael.” I could feel my cheeks burning red along with hers. “We’re still friends right?” Her eyes filled with tears and she nodded. “Are you still mad at Chael?” She looked at me.
“It wasn’t you fault Chael. No I'm not mad.” She gave the most honest sweet smile. I wanted to hug her so bad. She tried to say something but turned red.
“You're gonna get dizzy if you keep doing that, so tell us what you want.” Jared wasn’t very good at asking nicely from what I could tell.
“Uh um…if you guys are going to “protect” me and all that stuff, would you mind if you guys sat near my bed?” I didn’t hesitate and walked over. She smiled. We both looked at Jared. He sighed,
“Fine…!” And walked over. I sat closer to Liz. She slipped her hand in mine. I raise my eyebrows.
“Promise me you’ll still be here when I wake up?” she said softly. I smiled calmly and stroked her hair.
“Yeah, me and Jared will.” She slid down the covers and snuggled in resting her head on my arm. I stroked her hair with my free arm. Jared was leaning on the wall, careful to not move her broken foot. I look at the clock across the room. It was almost midnight. I leaned back on the wall and closed my eyes. The next morning a nurse comes into Liz’s room and gasps,
“Oh!” She saw Jared and I sleeping. She smiled and got extra blankets for the both of us.
I wake up and saw Liz staring down at me, smiling. My head was lying on her lap and she was drawing again. I sat up.
“How long was I asleep?” I mumbled.
“Its okay, I lost track of time and the nurse came to tell me it was a Sunday and Saturday was the only time we got to experience our first day of school.” Oh yeah, it’s been so long that I’ve done that. I guess I lost track of time too. I look over to Jared he was already awake and was playing with her ferret. I blushed.
“Sorry for sleeping so long…uh” She giggled. From the quiet a stomach growl erupts.
“Ah! Sorry! I must be really hungry.” She laughs nervously. “I think I'm okay to get up to eat at the dining hall. Can you call the nurse please?” I nodded and left the room.
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