Post Reply who would you be ed or al
Posted 1/1/08 , edited 1/2/08
i wuold be al cuz he dosnt have alot of presure on him like ed and there both equal strength practiclly
Posted 1/1/08 , edited 1/2/08
and he id a kitty magnent all the little kittys folo him home he must have like catnip in his foot lol
Posted 1/5/08 , edited 1/6/08
i'd be ed coz he has good skills and his arm and his leg looks cool
Posted 1/7/08 , edited 1/7/08
I'd be Ed because I'm similar to him in both personality and the fact that my brother is stronger than me(my big brother)
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Posted 6/1/11 , edited 6/1/11
imma ed too coz my personality is kind of like his as well
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