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Chapter 8
Chael brought be back to the infirmary. A nurse came to check on my arm and leg. She said the healing process is almost done and I’ll be free to walk and go back to my dorm tomorrow. Chael smiled at me. I leaned back against the wall of my bed. My face went serious,
“Chael what would you do if I died?” He frowned and looked at me.
“What kind of question is that?!” I jumped and his face relaxed and he held my hand.
“Well, I can’t stop thinking whenever Melanie will make her move and try to remove me. I was just curious.” I looked down thinking it was a stupid topic to start up. He smiled with concern.
“Since I there are worlds between this one, I’d search everywhere until I found you and brought you back.” He squeezed my hand. “If not, I’ll join you and you wouldn’t have to worry about Melanie anymore.” The words melted into my chest and I started to cry. Chael smiled and he hugged me.
“If there wasn’t a risk, I would be willing to share some of my power with you.” He whispered into my ear. I smiled through my tears and sniffed. Streak trotted over holding a tissue. I smiled and got the tissue.
“Sheesh, did you train Streak to do that?” Chael asked me. Streak raised his nose in pride.
“Actually no, it seems to know what I feel and such. He’s really a cool companion.” He chased his tail. I gasp,
“Chael do you think you can read his thoughts?” He blinked.
“Uh, I’ve read peoples minds but I never tried on an animal.” Streak hissed when Chael said animal. I laughed.
“Shh, he thinks he’s being a gentleman than an animal.” I stroked his fur and he started to purr lightly.
“Heh, sure I’ll read his mind if it works.” Chael closed his eyes. He raised his eyebrows, eyes still closed. Then he laughed. I was bouncing impatiently on the bed.
“What?! What did he say?!” He opened his eyes and looked at Streak. He grinned.
“Streak wants you to himself and he doesn’t want to share with me. Yeah he loves you a lot.” I blushed. Streak squeaked when Chael repeated his thoughts and snuggled close to me. I giggled.
“So I'm guessing you have competition?” Chael laughed. He pulled me closer and Streak jumped off and started hissing, his spikes rising.
“Chael! Don’t make him poke you! You’re so mean!” We laughed. Chael looked at Streak and made him float in mid air. He tried to bite the invisible fingers holding him up. Then Chael leaned over and kissed my cheek. I blushed. Streak growled, arched back and shot three spikes at Chael’s face.
“Oh shit!” and he ducked pulling me down as well. We heard three tic sounds hitting the wall. He sat up and looked behind him. There was three needles and gleamed of steel. He pulled one off and flicked the tip lightly. His eyes got big.
“Damn these are steel quills.” My eyes got big as well.
“Chael put him down. I think you really pissed him off.” He looked at Streak who was ready to shoot another round of 3 darts.
“Um should we let him calm down? He’d just end up shooting at me.” I looked at Streak. He was baring his fangs. I reached over and touched his head with two of my fingers.
“Shh, shh. Streak it’s okay. Chael was messing with you. If he let you go, will you promise not to shoot quills at him?” He licked my fingers. I nodded to Chael and he released him. I held Streak close.
“Aw, you poor thing, don’t get angry at him okay? He didn’t mean it.” Chael read Streak’s mind.
“Uh, he’s still pissed at me but he won’t do it again.” I gave Chael the same look.
“You too Chael, you won’t taunt my friend again?” He nodded. I giggled.
“That was kinda fun actually.” Streak sneezes or ferret-laughs.
“Hmm, at my school we used to have days were our schedule was like one class every other day. I just realized all my classes are each day, not an every other day thing.” I needed to know about the school, which starts tomorrow.
“It’s because there are young, really young students and they would get really confused with their schedule. I actually don’t mind.” He smiled. He stood up.
“Wanna take a walk outside? I’m guessing you haven’t seen the rest of this school.” He gave his hand out. I nodded and took it. Surprisingly I stood up with ease. I blinked in amazement and looked at Chael. He smiled.
“You seem to be getting better fast.”

After getting a tour from Chael we sat under a tree watching couples and other people walk by, it made me kinda sad. I played with a grass blade. Chael must have, again, read my thoughts. I really don’t mind, it’s sometimes really hard to tell him what was going on so it saved me from sounding so wimpy. He placed his arm around me. I blushed a little less this time. I leaned against him. I felt myself sigh. I could feel Chael’s protection around us. I didn’t think any danger would appear. Just as I thought that I saw Melanie walking over. I felt Chael stiffen and held me close. I tried to look calm. She stops in front of us and forces a smile. I could feel heat from her eyes burning into my forehead.
“Hello Chael…Liz…” she said Chael’s name like rich chocolate, mine sounded icy and piercing. I didn’t really get a chance to see what Melanie looked like beside her hair. I’d have to tell you, she was one hella beautiful girl. She had a darker natural tan skin. She had sparkling blue eyes. If this girl weren’t so bitchy, she would have been popular, in a good way. She could have passed for any modeling job.
“So, how are your injuries?” Sounding like she cared. Chael sighed.
“Melanie, cut to the chase. What do you want?” She narrowed her eyes.
“How rude Chael! I just wanted to apologize to you and Liz.” She smiled sweetly. Chael didn’t buy it.
“What. Do. You. Want.” He said it more like a statement.
“Okay, I just wanted to give you an update that the Winter Dance is coming up.” She looked directly at me. Chael frowned,
“That dance isn’t for 2 months. What are you asking me to be your date?” I could tell Chael didn’t like her at all. Melanie smiled haughtily.
“That, and I need a few more people…well one more to help with the set-up. Liz, you look like and artist, would you mind to help out with the committee?”
“Liz is not--” she cut him off with a glare. I shrugged.
“Sure why not.” She beamed. Chael stared at me as if I lost my mind.
“Thank you! It will be after school tomorrow.” With a flick of her perfect hair she walked off. When she was away from hearing distance,
“What are you thinking?! What if it’s some kind of trick?! She might be setting up the plan there.” Chael slightly raised his voice.
“Exactly.” He frowned, confused. “See there will be witnesses to see her caught in the act! If she tries to hurt me people will tell the headmistress about it!” I smiled. He pulled into not already a tight embrace. His eyes were filled with worry.
“I won’t be able to watch you then. I have something after school I have to do then. Just promise me that you’ll be very careful.” He leaned his head on top of mine. I nodded and leaned close.
“Uh, will I have to go to the dance? I mean I have no one to go with.” He pulled away and gave me and annoyed look. My eyes got big.
“Huh?! But I c-can’t dance!” I was stumbling to find words so I couldn’t go. He laughed as he found my weakness in high schools. He pulled me close and kissed my forehead.
“I’ll teach you how to dance. You have nothing to fear about the dance.” Just as he said that an apple from the tree we were sitting under fell and smacked my head.
“Ow!” I looked at the apple. Then I looked at the door to the girl’s dorm. Melanie was standing there, glaring. The apple was a warning if I was going to the dance with Chael. I looked away. I wasn’t backing out.
“Sure, I’ll go.” He smiled. We sat shaded by the tree under the sun until we left to eat dinner at the dining hall.
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