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Chapter 9
It was late. I sat in the infirmary bed. Chael had to do something quickly and would be coming back to watch over. I took off the sling and looked at my arm. The nurses said I didn’t need a cast cause of the medicine they used healed the wounds really fast. Streak sat by me cleaning his paws. I decided to get out my drawing book. Streak brought out my pencil. I smiled and petted his head. He curled onto my lap and watched me draw. Chael came in later on and saw me asleep, drawing book in hand. He smiled and took his position to guard me. He glanced at the drawing book. It showed two people dancing in the middle of a ballroom. There was a faint spotlight between the couple. In the background, it was snowing. I drew a future scene of the Winter Dance. He noticed a note I scribbled onto the corner, I can’t wait…
I dreamed I was standing in the middle of a ballroom. I looked down. My dress was navy blue, the color of Chael’s endless eyes. It shimmered in the chandelier above me. It was gigantic! I looked around. I saw people dancing slowly to a slow-dance song. A lot of people were wearing masks. It was a winter dance masquerade. I felt weird standing there alone on the dance floor. Someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn. He was wearing a black mask that only covered the top of his face leaving eyeholes for him to see. Swirls decorated his mask. He bowed as if to ask if I wanted to dance. I giggled and took his hand. We spun around the floor. I felt like a professional dancer. I also noticed everyone made room for my mysterious man and me. We stopped dancing in the middle of the room. Under his mask I felt he was grinning at me and I blushed. He tilted his head and slowly moved his head close to mine. I closed my eyes and leaned forward. All of a sudden there was cracking sounds coming from the chandelier. The chains snapped and the chandelier fell. I froze in fear. The masked man pushed me out of the way and it fell on top of him. Shards of glass flew everywhere. Screams broke out. I ran to him. His mask was off. I gasped and wanted to cry. The mystery man who saved me, was Chael. He was bleeding at the head and he smiled weakly at me before his eyes went blank. I remember screaming in my dream and I reality. Tears flowed down my face as I was sobbing out loud. Chael was holding my wrists down tying to calm me down. I blinked open my eyes and saw Chael. His face was full of worry. He pulled me into his arms and I stayed up crying into his shoulder and Chael was stroking my hair. A face flashed in my mind from the dream. I saw the face of Melanie. She was smiling with bloodlust. I didn’t want to go to the dance. I didn’t want Chael to leave my side at all.
I woke up the next morning with a headache. I blinked and noticed my head was rested on Chael’s chest. My eyes got incredibly big. Holy crap!! I sat up quickly then felt incredibly dizzy and fell over. Someone’s arm caught me. I look up. Chael was staring at me.
“You okay?” I blushed and sat up quickly trying to smooth my hair down. I winced and put pressure on my temples.
“Ow, I think this is what I get for crying the whole night.” I quickly remember crying into Chael’s arms. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! Your shirt must be soaking wet.” I covered my face to hide my humiliation. He gently pulled my hands down.
“It’s okay. You had a nightmare.” He stroked my hair. “Can you tell me what happened?” I looked at the time. It said 7:30am. We were supposed to be down at the dining hall around 8. I tried to keep my head empty of the dream so he couldn’t read it.
“It’s about the Winter Dance isn’t it?” I blinked.
“Did you read my mind?!” He laughed.
“No, the expression of your face told me.” I face palmed.
“Do you think I can tell you later? School’s gonna start soon and I haven’t eaten yet or changed y clothes…” He held up my uniform. I narrowed my eyes in suspicion. His eyes got big and he blushed.
“N-n-no! Solaries gave me the clothes yesterday to give to you! I swear I didn’t go through your stuff!” I snorted with laughter.
“Calm down Chael! Can you leave so I can change?” He nodded still red faced and closed the door behind him. I looked at Streak.
“You too Streak, under the pillow now.” He gave me an “innocent” look. My eyes narrowed. “If you want to be treated as a human, you go under the pillow and don’t look.” He scurried under the covers and hid. That left me sometime to change quickly. I took off the Velcro cast on my leg. It looked better. I jumped around the room. I looked around and I suddenly had the urge to try a back flip in a skirt. I actually have never tried a back flip at all. I snickered and ran to the wall. I jumped, placed both feet on the wall and jumped backwards flipping twice and landing on my feet. I stood there really surprised.
“Dude THAT WAS AWESOME!” I heard laughing from outside. I walked and opened the door. Chael was doubled over trying to grasp some air. I scowled.
“That’s what the medicine does after you heal. It gives you some extra strength and lasts awhile. I was really surprised that you didn’t try to punch a hole in the wall.” I grinned really big and started to walk back in the room to experiment. Chael grabbed my hand.
“C’mon, you had your fun. Let’s go to the dining hall shall we?” He gave a perfect grin. I smiled and called Streak to follow.

Chael decided to sit with us today at breakfast. Solaries handed me my schoolbag.
“So how are the girl’s handling in the room without me?” She smiled.
“Still crazy as usual. I couldn’t help but I was looking at your schedule and the rest of the girls were curious as well. You have Spell Caster class with me. Oh, you also have PDT with Rosalie too.” I widened my eyes.
“They actually allowed her?!” Solaries nodded.
“The headmistress apparently knows about Rosalie quite well. I don’t think you shouldn’t underestimate her.” I wasn’t really, but I was just worried if the demons will hurt Rosalie just as bad as me. Chael spoke next to me,
“Hey, this time we might probably work in groups. PDT is a really big class of 30 if you didn’t notice.” I kept quiet. I didn’t pay attention on Saturday on the size of my class. I nodded. I look at my food and started eating it, thinking I have to help the committee with the set up for the Winter Dance. After that dream I had, I don’t feel like going.
“You don’t have to help you know. You can skip it.” I looked at him. He had a worried face. I smiled reassuringly.
“I told you, I’m not going to back out on this. Melanie will think I'm weak and will keep trying to harm me if I don’t suck up and fight back.”
“She’ll make it worse if you try to fight back. She’ll never stop until you’re gone, that’s the problem.” I stuffed my mouth with food so I could cuss and no one could hear me. He pats my hand and smiles.
I PDT (Physical Demon Training) class, Mr. Silus greets me back.
“I’m grateful that our student Liz is well again from an unnatural demon attack.” The class applauses. I blush and smile, Troy smiles at me. “I also want everyone to applaud for Chael, Chad, and Jared for protecting Liz as much as they could. A lot of clapping and whistles were sounded. Chad grinned. Chael and Jared sat there with serious faces. Of course I knew they feel like they didn’t protect me better because I got injured really bad. I clapped as well and looked at Chael. He saw me and I sent a mental note for him to read. Hey, if you weren’t there, I actually would have been dead. He placed a smile. Mr. Silus continued,
“So today were doing another trip to the Ripped Demon woods.” He looked at me to know if it was okay. I didn’t want to spoil the fun and I nodded eagerly. “This time you may find a group of four or five. Oh, also greet your new extra student, Rosalie Flairette.” I saw Rosalie stand up a couple seats nearby. I started getting worried. “Okay, you all may pick your group.” Everyone got up and found groups. I walked over to Rosalie.
“Want to join us?” She nodded. I walked her over to where Chael, Jared and Chad were standing. They smiled and allowed for Rosalie to join the group.
“Heh, with a group like this, we’ll kick ass for sure!” Chad whooped. Rosalie rolled her eyes. I giggled. Mr. Silus came over to our group.
“Make sure you’re extra careful this time okay Liz?”
“It’s okay. The medicine will give me an extra boost in strength. I think I’ll do better today.” He smiled and nodded and walked off to confirm to another group. I turn to my teammates.
“Ready?” They all nodded and we walked into the separate PDT changing lockers and met outside.
“Hee, you look so adorable in that outfit Rosalie. I haven’t seen you wear anything besides the dress you always wear.” She blushed at my compliment. Her cheeks filled with a rose pink. Her hair was pulled up into a side ponytail. She wore the red shirt and black shorts, this uniform required for PDT. I pulled my hair into a ponytail at the back. I lead Rosalie to choose her weapon. She looked at the board and pointed out the shurikens. I handed the belt that held 15 razor pointed stars to Rosalie. She placed it around her waist. I took my usual whip since I couldn’t switch weapons once I chose mine. We walked back over to our group. Chael was discussing who should one stick close to incase the group got separated or was under attack. I stayed with Chael.
“Can I watch the little lass?” Chad placed a hand on Rosalie’s shoulder and grinned. She looked at him.
“As long as you don’t do anything weird to her them I'm fine.” Chael said. Chad puffed up and placed a hand on his giant boomerang. Rosalie held his shirt and told him to stop. I looked at Jared.
“Jared, do you think you can help out Chad? I'm kinda worried for Rosalie’s sake.” He nodded. I didn’t want him to take it wrong. I'm just a worry person like that. He seemed to understand and he grinned. I smiled back.
Mr. Silus gave the signal and everyone headed into the dark woods. My group stayed close to each other. I saw Rosalie riding on Chad’s back and I made me think of this anime character called Bleach. Chael seemed to know what I was thinking about,
“Kenpachi and Yachiru?” he asked. I gasped.
“You like anime?” He smiled. I grinned really big, another reason for me to like Chael. A howl broke through the woods. We stopped. It wasn’t an ordinary howl. The demons were coming. I clutched my whip. I didn’t feel as scared as the first time. Chael moved close to me, his crossbow ready. Jared, Chad, and Rosalie were ready. The atmosphere suddenly got darker, evil. My eyes flickered around, looking for the slightest movement. Something fast flicks out and smacks me in the face. I screamed and fell down. I felt blood trickling down my face. Chael kneeled down and placed his shirt to my head and wiped the blood.
“Sheesh, that scared the crap out of me.” I laugh nervously.
“You okay there Liz?” Chad asked from my right.
“Yeah, I think some demon threw a rock at my head. It kinda stings.” I stood up. Something fast came at me again. Chael stood in front of me. It nicked his cheek. A line of blood trickled down his cheek. He gritted his teeth.
“What the heck are they throwing?” I asked.
“There little demons.” Jared spoke up and held one with his fingers. My eyes got big. The demon was about and inch and a half tall and carried a small glass shard. I was growling but the sound came out in an awkward squeaking sounds. Jared crushed it with his hand.
“So they aren’t rocks?” I asked.
“Nope.” A few more came at us. Chad took a simple swing of his boomerang and I heard little popping sounds as it destroyed the remaining demons.
“That was weird…” and looked at Chael who was wiping his cheek. He smiled. We stood there listening to any other noises.
“Hmm, it seems they aren’t attacking today.” I frowned. Were they making a harsh attack? I decided to lean against a tree. Black hands grasped my mouth, my wrists, and feet and pulled me into the tree. I gave a muffled scream, which caught everyone’s attention. Chael ran to me and tried to pry off the hands. My upper half was sticking out. My eyes were filled in fear.
“I’ll get you out Liz, hold on!” He got a dagger and started slashing at the hands. Jared yelled a warning. A dark figure stood behind Chael. I tried to scream as my head started to get pulled in. Chael turned around. The demon grabbed hi neck and threw his across another tree. He yelled in pain and fell. I kept struggling under the hand that were pulling me in. All of a sudden I saw Jared cutting the demon in half. He took a deep stab into the tree. There was a shriek and the hands released me. I flew forward and Jared caught me. I was shaking.
“T-thanks Jared.” I chattered my teeth.
“No problem, go check on Chael.” And he ran to attack upcoming demons with Chad. I ran to Chael’s side. He sat up and spat blood out of his mouth. He smiled weakly at me. I couldn’t say anything; I threw my arms around his neck. He winced but hugged me back. I felt him stiffen. A demon stood over us ready to slaughter us. I heard three whizzing sounds. Three shurikens struck the back of the demon. It fell and dissolved into black dust. Rosalie stood in a position when she threw the shurikens.
“I’m a ninja.” She said in her humorless voice and she ran off to fight next to Chad’s side. I laughed.
“You’d think Chad and Rosalie make a good couple.” I looked at Chael bewildered. He snickered. I heard another hissing noise coming at us. I grabbed my whip.
“It’s my turn to show you what I can do.” I winked at Chael and walked up to the demon. I glared at it.
“You think you can face me little girl?” in sneered. I twitched. Okay, no one, and I mean NO ONE CALLS ME SHORT! I growled and snapped my whip up. All of a sudden the whip part disappeared and a streak of fire flared up. Chael’s mouth dropped.
“Hell yeah, I got my power on the second day!” I grinned at the demon. It shrieked and dashed at me with inhuman speed. I flicked the whip forward and it wrapped around the demons neck.
“Burn baby burn.” And it exploded in flames. I squealed and jumped up and down. I turned to Chael. He was grinning so wide. I never felt so energetic. He stood up and for the rest of the 2 hours, our group fought back to back. We got back, the scored of demons destroyed, 120 demons in two hours. We were all sweaty when we got back. Mr. Silus congratulated us and we got a lot of points. I didn’t care if we were all gross; I hugged Chael tightly. He hugged me.
“I’m happy for you.” He whispered. I blushed. All of a sudden a flash of pain explodes from my forehead. I screamed and fell to my knees. Chael yelled in pain and fell, holding his cheek. The pain was coming from were we got nicked by the little demons. The little shards of glass must have been poisoned tipped. Everyone ran to us. Mr. Silus yelled for some nurses to arrive immediately. I was curled up on the grass. Hot tears streamed down my cheeks. I started making choking sounds. Chael was trying to gasp for air. I heard Jared yelling my name. I saw him leaning over me. His face was full of worry. I clenched my eyes and fought the urge not to vomit. Someone carried me onto a stretcher and did the same with Chael. They strapped us down and quickly lead us away. Oh great, another trip back to the infirmary…woo hoo…
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