Graphics Request Chapter 2
Posted 12/10/09 , edited 12/11/09

Welcome to the Graphics Request Thread

This is where you request Graphics of all sorts.
You must follow the "Rules" though.


* Pay BEFORE you request
* Be patient
* Must show proof that you paid
* Only put LARGE/HQ pictures if not you will be rejected.
* Do NOT put your photo in a spoiler.
*We will do so once your request is finished
* Put "I love Ikuto" on your post to show you followed the rules.
* You can request again once your last request is finished.
* Do NOT quote this post

Payment Method

Avatar-Upload 4 Photos, Invite all Buddies, Play 2 Forum Games (must do one)
Banner- Upload 3 Photos, Invite 5 Buddies
Icon- Upload 2 Photos


Payment(show link to photos or screenshot of buddie invites):

Moderator Examples

Note to Moderators

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