Priceless/Unforgetable moments in anime...
Posted 12/10/09 , edited 12/11/09
There are moments in anime and video games where we ROFL , T.T. , or O.O

some of them haven't got their recognition... post your moments of epicness on this thread!

here is one of my favorite moments in anime:

(i looked for this in the search bar for 10 pages, and didnt see this, so if it is a dupe, delete it [they had ones of anime moments, but this covers anime and video games]. pictures and words describing the picture only. video games also count too)
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Posted 12/10/09 , edited 12/11/09
the most recent one i can think of is the nipple song from Sora No Otoshimono

when this happened i almost pissed myself LOL
Posted 12/11/09 , edited 12/11/09
Duplicate. Please use the threads below.

what scene from a anime is unforgetable
What's the most unforgetable anime ever?

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