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When you read it, lemme know if you have ideas x3

Story By KOKOCHAN =3 <3 Wee!

Note: There are religious views and or belieifs in this story. Mostly obsessive with God xD

Prologue — A New Journey!

Grace took one last look at the village she was leaving behind, she'd grown fond of it, the children there absolutely love her, but her services there with Father were no longer needed. She'd tended to each boy and girl, made believers out of them, and even recited Bible phrases to keep the children on the right path. With God on their side, fortune would smile upon them and they would live long and well. Every Sunday was the same routine for this Songstress of the Church, and she loved it with her heart. She gave prayers, sang beautiful songs to ease the soul.

All her life she'd worshiped God and dedicated her life to him. All his teaching embedded in her mind.
The Priest which also, Her Father, lead her on this faithed path, Yes, from the very second she opened her eyes to this world, she was a dedicated follower of God in every way. Not a Nun, but a Songstress of the Church.

Walking along the rushing river and through the forest, Grace found herself more at peace then ever. Such beautiful things in the forest. She smiled, sighed with a peaceful breath, and looked at Father. He walked side by her, smiling at his daughter. They're services were needed in the Big City, neither have ever explored there, but there was a Cathedral that was hiring a Priest and Songstress.

A family had requested this. Everywhere they shined their holy light, gave people harmony, gave them a reason to be proud of God. The folks in the Big City needed guidance, and Grace was happy to accommodate them. Grace slowed her pace, looking to her left and up. A tweeting pair of birds on a high perch seemed to have been talking to one another, she believed all the creatures in the forest held their very own language.

Grace picked up her pace, seeing Father motioning her not to fall behind, she looked down to the ground, it was bountiful and rich. Greens everywhere. They couldn't of picked a more gorgeous day to begin their new journey God had in store for them in the Big City.

A blow of wind made Grace close her eyes and tuck the strands of curls behind her ears, she had beautiful blonde hair, up in a bun, with fairly long ribbons attached as the hair tie, they hung down almost to her feet. Her dress however, was a pure white church one. She wore adventure shoes for this walk through the forest, her Father had sent over her other wears. They mostly consisted of cute girly, but church like things.

Grace had kept walking along until she saw Father's shoes made a stop, he pointed, up ahead at the Cathedral in the distance.

“Look, Grace. We're almost there. God had lead us on the right path once again.” Fathers voice was like a preach, everyone listened. He wore usual Priest attire, He is very well known for his status, he's a humble and giving man with incredible moxie.

“Yes, Father.” She bowed her head, one palm layed on her dress, and the other palm on top. She was also taught in the fundamentals of good manners and behavior, but she was no pushover, and spoke her mind once provoked. -Though she needed not to, everyone loved her- Grace knew how to fend for herself, sometimes she cared for others more than herself, she was mature for her age; had many talents. Sometimes...she envied and even resented those care-free souls in the Big City. But she made sure not to let that thought slip onto her tongue. She LOVED her duty, but inside, she wanted just to be like any other girl.

* * * Chapter 1 : The Family * * *

When they reached the gate with a holy marking on it, a family of three met them and welcomed them in.
Grace looked around, awed. Houses. So many of them. Cats grooming, dogs barking and catching Frisbee, little boys and girls running around the houses, playing a game of Tag.

There was a bell tower, the Cathedral just beyond the fountain in the center, benches around the fountain with couples tossing coins in it, must have been a wishing fountain. Grace had never seen one in person. She wanted to try it out, once she had the time.

The Priests' voice was polite, “Good afternoon children, how are you on this glorious day?” The family bowed their heads and smiled brightly, insinuating they were just fine. There was a Mom, Dad, and a Daughter between her parents, she seemed not to be able to keep still, she ran up to Grace and took her hands in hers, jumpy with joy. “Songstress, Songstress! Will you sing for me?” She was a cute little one, purple pig-tails, and a cute little blouse with a floral design on it.

Graces' green eyes shined, anyone could tell by her clothes that she was a Songstress.
The Father of the girl set a hand on the girls head and messed around with her hair, putting a pout on the girls face. “Now, now Ayu. The Songstress is new to the City, she'll need to be shown around today. And so will the Father. I'll be glad to be your escort for the day.”

The Dad looked at the Father and then Grace, waiting for an answer.
They nodded a second later.

Ayu nodded, and Grace swore she had seen a halo floating on top of the girls head. “Okay…” She mumbled cutely, running away to the group of children who were playing tag. She was a spirited one. The Dad looked down for a second, and back at his Wife. “Our deepest apologies, we have another member of our family. A son. He's always sleeping in after noon...” He couldn't help but to wonder if this would put frowns on their faces. Grace knew sleeping in late would ruin sleep patterns, and effect your health. She was so used to waking up early.

Her first impression even without seeing this Son, was he would most likely be a rebel and one of those "Non-believers." The Dad had looked up at the Priest and Songstress, his face softening. He sighed in relief. They looked understanding.

“That's quite alright, I-” Father's words were met half-way when everyone heard a door open and a male walk threw. Bed hair. The first thing Grace noticed was his bed hair. His blue hair brushed down and spiked strands of hair sticking out at the sides. His eyes were tired looking, yet they gave appeal to Grace.

Grace looked away when his eyes almost met hers, she was staring too much for her own good... The only men in her life would be her Father and God, no matter how good this person looked.

The Son, with a longlooking stare at the Songstress, his face turned bitter. Scowl-bitter. Just by her posture, figure, clothing, he knew she was "one of them." Well-mannered, spoke only in Gods' voice, had no opinion of her own.

Grace almost winced, honestly, she was baffled and confused. No one had ever given her that facial expression... always smiles she'd receive, always. Up until now.

Moreeeeee Laterrrrrrrr :D

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