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I've gotten writers for my other story here so I decided to post my first story I ever came up with.

Smoke filled the air. Gunpowder was all that could be smelled in the field of battle. Men charging for an attack, but only ran to their death. Explosions echoed and shattered the landscape, changing the land as it killed soldiers. Camouflaged dress men charged, and men dressed night black battle suites covering their entire body. Masks built for protection against gasses, and being able to see the heat signatures of their enemies. Armed with unknown weapons, the hellish soldiers unleashed attacks of armor piercing bullets, blasts of plasma and energy, while even taking on gun fire and not falling dead.

"2010. The world is in the third world war. An underground organization named the Government of Order lead by the vicious tyrant Kyoushiro rose up and began a war against the world. Unleashing the first attack in three points, North America, Asia, and Europe. The overwhelming power this organization had destroyed and leaved cities across the world. Tanks that could easily overpower four modern tanks. Battle ships that seemed more like fortresses. Air crafts that were like demons in the air, unleashing countless attacks of missiles and blasts of energy. And a creation called Alters. A robotic creation with a humanoid design. equipped with barriers, powerful grenades and heavy artillery like a tank. Africa, Europe, South America, and Russia had fallen to the awesome powerful of this god like force. North America, Asia and Japan, as well as a small select of other small countries remained. North America was close to meeting it's end and Asia and Japan still holding their ground. Japanese scientists knew that some sort of defense of weapon was needed to be created. The D.D.D. or Dooms Day Detonator. A bomb that was to release a massive 10.0 shock wave and poison gas as well as thousands of miniature rockets, enough to destroy japan, which was its purpose. Kyoushiro and the main fleet planned on surrounding Asia to take control, and needed to take out Japan to do so. During the war, Japan constructed a man made city as a recreational point and knew it was time to put it to use. Surviving Japanese and other races fled for the island, and Kyoushiro fell into Japans devastating trap. The powerful country Japan was now a waste land like many other countries. Kyoushiro and his main fleet fell to overwhelming bomb, and from that point came an order that would prevent secrets and information of the Order to be released. This order, was "Leave no Trace", or, commit suicide. All soldiers, all heavy artillery was destroyed, except for the underground base, which was where project "Rebirth Began". The revival of Kyoushiro.
2025. Manifest city is a powerful city lead by the Divine Order. Keeping balance and order among its people. Giving the people what need to live, but doing so, the Divine order asks of one thing. Equal exchange. A period of time is given, and the one he was given what they needed was to repay equal of what they wanted, if unsuccessful, their life was taken.
Few believed that the Divine Order was the Government of Order brought back to life. So a poss this new order was the Resistance. A small group of people who joined and wagged a secret war with the order, but had always lost. But with the creation of the CSR or Counter Strike Resistance the Resistance had chance. Four gifted ones, Tokai, Tyson, Hina, and Simon. Together, they fight the reborn threat but are unaware that this secret war will grow, and will soon become a war that will decide the fate of humanity."
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