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本文1: テストは九時十分からです。

学生: すみません。
先生: はい。
学生: 今日 の テスト は 何時 から です か。 {2, 4}
先生: 九時 十分 から です。 {1}
学生: 何時 まで です か。
先生: 十時 まで です。 {1}
     テスト は 九時 十分 から 十時 までです。 {3}
学生: どうも ありがとう ございます。
先生: いいえ、どういたしまして。

{romanji in spoiler}

1: 時間
Click this link to learn about time using an interactive clock!.

When you phrase a certain time, the hour comes before the minute, just like English:

{example 1}
1.05 = 一時五分 = ichiji gofun
10.10 = 十時十分 = jyuuji jippun
3. 45 = 三時四十五分 = sanji yonjyuugofun

* Although you generally attach the number before the suffix 分 (fun/pun), one exception is when it is 1/2 past something, or 三十分 (sanjyuppun). Instead of saying 一時三十分 (ichiji sanjyuppun), for 1.30, for example, it is generally recommended that you say 一時 半 (ichiji han) instead, as it is shorter.

In addition, instead of using 一時 五十分 (ichiji gojyuppun) for 1.50, you can also say 二時 十分 前 (niji jyuppun mae) which is similar to "10 minutes to 2" if directly translated to English. However this is not as commonly used as the former.

I recommend that you listen to the recordings at said website to familliarise yourself with the pronounciations.

2: What is the time?
{example 2}

A: 一時ですか。
B: はい、一時です。

A: 何時ですか。
B: 一時です。

These 2 conversations are slightly different. In the first one, A asks, "Is it 1?" while in the second, A asks, "What time is it." As the first question is a yes or no question, B replies with はい for yes and then follows with "It is 1." The complete sentence is hence translated as "Yes, it is 1." The second question is not a yes or no question. Therefore B answers his question with "It is 1."

{example 3}
A: 九時十分ですか。
B: はい、九時十分です。

This example is similar to the first conversation in example 2, except A is now asking, "Is it 9.10?"

{example 4}
A: 九時ですか。
B: いいえ、九時十分です。

In this example, A asks, "Is it 9?" to which B replies, "No, it is 9.10." {いいえ: no}

3~4 coming soon
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