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Posted 12/12/09 , edited 12/12/09
This is a true story.
the girl in the story is me. ...

I went out with this boy named Luke. we went out for 4 months and a couple of weeks. we have hugged a few times. we never kissed. i always wanted to kiss him but i didn't know if he want to or not, Luke is the type of person who is hides what he's thinking inside. i didn't even know if he loved me or not well at first. in the 4 months me and him been together , the only way i can find out if he liked me is if he looks at me or smiles at me. But couple weeks ago, he stopped looking at me, he wouldn't even hug me properly , talk to other girls other than me. in the 4 months i have been thinking tht my relationship with him is very weird. and i guess what .. he finished me. he said he wanted to be friends just before the lesson of the day. i cried a lot . he was the only one l loved the most. ..

and i still like him now .
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