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Chapter 13
The days of D.S.A. went by like normal high school. I made a lot of friends. I like this really cute/hot guy and he likes me back. I had fights with demons. I made a sheer enemy with the school’s snob princess. “High school is like a roller coaster…” or something along those lines. With the Winter Dance coming up, it seemed like the ride wasn’t over.
It was finally the month of December. Ugh, the month of snow. My friend Solaries wakes me up. I pull the covers over my head.
“I’ll be up in a minute!” It sounded more like ‘illmeepinmnnm’. All of a sudden the covers fly off.
“FWAAH!” I sat up. Solaries was grinning at me and swirling her finger. Ribbons of light swirled around her finger.
“Okay, okay!” I jumped off and walked to the bathroom that our room provided. All the girls had their own bathroom to share in their own rooms. I changed within two minutes. Streak hopped on my shoulder and I walked with Solaries to the dining hall. I stepped outside and shivered. It wasn’t snowing yet but it was freezing cold.
In the dining hall I heard girls whispering excitedly about the Winter Dance. I rolled my eyes.
“Good morning Elizabeth. Excited for the upcoming Winter Dance?” I coughed and saw Chael sitting by me.
“Uh, can you not use my real name? It sounds like the queen of England.” He smiled.
“Well, I happen to know about that since of course, I’m from England.” He put the word England in a heavy British accent. I laughed. I find any accent to be awesome for some strange reason. I shook my head and thought about his question.
“Well, sorta. Will there be any surprise demon attacks?” His eyes got big.
“Why would there be? I mean, this is the time were we actually get a break.” I shrug.
“No reason. I was kinda thinking about if Melanie was ever to get in contact with the demons, since she can’t go, and actually try something out cause she knows I'm going.” I frowned and remembered her evil expression in my dream. He held my hand and squeezed it gently. Kana stands behind us.
“So…Chael, have you found your tux you’ll be wearing for the dance?” He looks at her.
“Actually I do. It’s pretty decent.” She nodded,
“What color is it?” My eyes narrowed.
“Kana, what are you planning?” She smiled.
“Nothing really. I’m just curious.” So she says. I look at her with suspicion.
“It so happens to be navy-blue.” Kana grins, thanks Chael and walks back to her seat.
“This is going to be interesting.” I muttered. Chael grins.
“Hmm, I like the style of what dress she’s making.” I blinked.
“…What is she going to do?” Chael thinks about it.
“It’s a surprise.” I cross my arms. Ah, crap. It’s gonna be something overdone.

In PDT, we had to fight again, this time in the cold. A lot of the girls complained that it’s too cold to wear the shirts and shorts. I wanted to complain too but I pulled off a straight face. Mr. Silus apologized and is designing a uniform for winter. Of all the years in D.S.A they never thought of making winter uniforms? Wow, they must have it tough. Since he was making the winter uniforms we the girls had to dress in the summer (shirt and shorts) clothes. We all stood outside out teeth chattering. I was only the 2nd week of December and the temperature drops 40 degrees. Chael stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I looked up at him and smiled.
“Don’t think about the cold so much. When your fighting, your body temperature will go up a bit. That’s why they never bothered until today.” He explained. I nodded. I glanced over at Rosalie. She’s shivering too but was quickly warmed up by Chad’s hug. We quickly got our weapons and ran into the woods since Mr. Silus said we could start whenever we wanted to since everyone wanted to get out of the cold as soon as possible. It didn’t help much. It was really hard to breath since the air was so dry and cold. It made my lungs hurt. Chael ran ahead of me. I slowed down and sat on the floor and pulled my legs to my chest. He noticed I wasn’t next to him and he ran back.
“You okay Liz?” I shook my head.
“It’s way too cold outside! I can’t feel anything!” I hid my face into my knees to keep warm. He kneeled down and pulled me into another warm embrace.
“Okay, we don’t have to fight today. Let’s see if we can find someplace to hide from the cold wind then.” I nodded quickly. We walked around the woods to find any thick trees to hide behind. The wind started picking up. I felt my nose and squeaked. It was ice cold. I looked around searching for shelter. I realized I had fire powers and laughed out loud.
“Oh my god, I am really stupid!” Chael looks at me funny. I snapped my fingers and a ball of fire bursts to life on my palm. He smiled.
“I think I saw a hill that could block the cold wind.” I took my hand and led us to the hill. He was right. It was still cold but the wind was blowing in a different direction. I still kept the little flame going. It warmed us up really fast.
“It’s great you have this power useful to times like these.” Chael said. I nodded. My hearing abruptly picked up something. I stood up and grabbed my whip. Chael probably noticed as well and had his crossbow ready.
“C’mon, I’m cold and I'm so not in the mood right now.” I grumbled. I placed the fire onto my whip.
“My, my, having frozen human Popsicles.” I looked up and saw a couple of demons perched on a branch. I swirled my whip.
“Uh huh, not before I fry you all into crisps!” Chael shot five arrows in all directions. With the touch of my whip, demons exploded into black dust. I suddenly felt warmer. Demons jumped off branches and suddenly stalked towards us. Chael and I were back to back.
“How are we going to defeat them?” I muttered.
“Remember when you shot the fireball in the air last time?” I nodded. With a deep breath I created a gigantic fireball. I started feeling tired again.
“Don’t use too much of your power!” He called over the wind. I threw it into the air and Chael created the mini fireballs and took down each demon. I panted and fell to my knees. I shivered from the effort I pulled. Chael kneeled next to me. I looked at him and smiled.
“Uh, you wouldn’t mind carrying me again would you? I feel like I'm going to pass out.” And I did. I was completely out of energy that I didn’t even feel the cold. I kinda felt bad Chael had to carry me all the way back. I must have been heavy.
I remember waking up and it was around 4:30pm. I let out a sneeze and then I sniffed.
“Uh oh, someone has a cold.” A nurse came by and checked my temperature. “Hmm, you have about a 99.3°F. You feel any different. I wanted to nod but then that would leave me staying in bed. I shook my head.
“I feel fine. Thank you very much.” I fixed the infirmary bed a bit and left the room. When I closed the door I clenched my head and stumbled. Someone caught me.
“You know it’s going to get worse.” I sighed.
“I’m fine Chael. I can’t afford to miss any classes.” He frowned.
“Just be careful okay?” I nodded and he helped me walk to my dorm room.

“Liz, you gotta stop pushing yourself like that.” Rae scolded me. I blushed.
“Well that class takes a lot outta ya. Besides it think fighting is fun now…in a uh well manner…I think.” My head started hurting and everything started feeling hot.
“You okay Liz? You're eyes are glazed over.” Solaries looked at me worried. I blinked.
“Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m okay really.” I walked over to my bed and slipped in. A hand poked my covers. I peeked and saw Rosalie staring at me.
“You have a fever don’t you?” she said it very quietly so the other girls couldn’t hear. I nod.
“I won’t tell anyone. Please get better.” She placed her “guardian” in my hand. I looked at her and smiled.
I wake up about two hours later. Solaries was gently shaking my shoulder.
“You okay, sweetie?” I look up and give a small smile.
“Yeah, I’m okay.” I sat up. My eyes go wide and a sharp pain goes through my head. I fall back to my bed.
“Whoa, head rush.” I lied. Solaries smiles.
“We’re going to eat dinner now, care to join us?” I nod.
“I’ll meet ya there. Go ahead without me, I need a few minutes.” I force a smile. Solaries nods and leaves the room. I try standing up.
“I’m okay, I’m okay.” I repeat to myself wearily. I stumble to the door. I manage to reach the door. A wave of nausea hits me. I slump over and covered my mouth. My whole body feels like its burning up…I think spending the morning in the cold isn’t a good idea. I placed my head in my arms and pulled my legs to my chest and sat in front of the door. I feel someone stroking my hair. I look up. I saw Chael sitting next to me, his face was full of worry. My face was already burning up so I didn’t think blushing could be visible.
“Liz, you’re burning up. You weren’t there at dinner and I got worried and decided to come over.” He placed a hand on my cheek. It was nice and cool.
“Sorry. I’m okay really. I’m not sick.” I got up. He looked at me. “Is there people still eating?”
“Yeah, I’ll come with you. I already ate but I’ll sit with you.” I smiled. I went back inside my room to get a jacket and the headband earmuffs. We walked out and a gust of icy wind blew at us. I shivered violently. Chael walked to the other side of me and tried to block the cold wind. He was also wearing a black overcoat. We reached inside the dining room. There was still a lot of people in the dining hall. Most of them were talking. We sat down and I put a little bit of food on my plate. I didn’t feel like eating. I put a couple of bites into my mouth to show Chael I was fine. He looked at me with a serious, but not angry, face.
“So, anything happened in Legendary Creature class?” I asked.
“Nothing really. Since it’s getting cold, not much of them showed up.” I nod. I suddenly felt sleepy. Chael took my hand.
“C’mon, I’ll take you to the infirmary.” I shook my head too quickly and created a major headache. Chael looked at me worried.
“I’m…not…sick…” I said in short gasps. He stroked my cheek.
“Okay, we’ll head back to your dorm. I hope you feel better by tomorrow.” We walked back. We stopped at the door. He pulled me into a hug.
“Get better okay?” he said again. I smile and walked inside.

It has been a while since I had a dream. I dreamt the same scene of the Winter Dance. I was crying over Chael’s body and saw Melanie. This time I heard what Melanie said,
“Well, so much for killing her huh?” she looked at a shadowy figure. It nodded. I frowned. No one seemed to notice the shadow figure. I clench my teeth.
“I thought you were in love with Chael! How could you kill him?!” tears still streaming down my face. She smirked,
“Well he’s not alive anymore. How can you love a dead person?” She cackled and my dream shattered like glass.

The next day, a Friday morning, I felt like crap. I acted like everything was fine even though I wanted to sleep. I changed into my winter uniform and walked out last. I looked around outside and covered my nose and mouth with my scarf. The leaves have all fallen down. I saw people rushing to the dining hall. I sighed and walked in. It was incredibly noisy and it made the headache worse. I sat beside Solaries as usual and put my head down on the table.
“You okay Liz?” Solaries looked at me.
“They’re all talking about the dance! When is it anyway?” I turned my head to the side. She thought for a second.
“It’s a week from now.” My eyes got big.
“NO WAY!” I groaned and hit my head on the table. I’m feeling sick and the dance is within a week…how am I supposed to get better then?
“You can try going to the infirmary.” Chael read my mind. I looked at him dully.
“I’m fine. I can manage a small cold.” Well that put my friends off just as I said it.
“Liz! You have to get better! Can we help you get to the infirmary?!”
“What are we going to do? Rae, make some cure potion thingy!”
“What?! That’s way too advanced for me! I’d love to though!” Raylin freaked out. I growled at the table face still down.
“I’M FINE!” I grabbed my bag and stomped out of the dining hall to my first class my friends watching me in shock. Dammit now I’m pissed!
I was really early and only 5 students were there but they were talking to each other. I threw my bag to the side of my desk and slouched, scowling at the chalkboard. Hmph, I feel sick, crappy, and really pissed on a Friday morning…I can’t wait ‘til school’s over. I saw Jared walk in. He gave me a surprised look and sat in the chair Troy sits in. I look at him still frowning. He blinked,
“Your face is red. Did Chael embarrass you again?” I tried to laugh but it came out in 5 coughs. Jared’s eyes narrowed and placed his hand on my head.
“You feeling okay? You kinda have a fever.” I gritted my teeth.
“I said…”
“She’s fine Jared, leave her alone for now.” Chael stood behind Jared and narrowed his eyes at him. Jared frowned back at him and scooted the chair back. I touched his hand. He looked back at me.
“I’m okay really, you don’t have to worry about me.” I smiled. He nodded and walked to his desk. Chael sat down were Jared was sitting.
“…I’m really sorry that I kept trying to force you to go to the infirmary, I’m just worried that something might happen today and I might not be able to help you again.” He looked away in guilt. I rubbed my head trying to remove the pain for a second. I gave Chael the same reassured smile.
“As I said, you don’t have to worry about me. If I’m in trouble…I can manage it.” I frowned at my desk. “Uh, that didn’t sound right…” I smiled nervously again at Chael. He sighed and walked back to his seat. During the next couple of minutes, I could hear Mr. Silus saying the winter uniforms were ready. I looked around to see if anyone was excited. A lot of people were absent. They must have gotten sick as well. Well, I can toughen it up. The remaining students sighed in relief. The teacher said the uniforms will be waiting in both changing rooms for the girls and guys. My class cheered and we all went to change into our uniform.
I felt a little better, just feeling warm but I was still sick. I wore a thin leather fighter jacket and I was surprised at the thinness of the jacket yet I felt not the least cold. He did explain to the class that we might have problems combating demons in thick gear so he designed the jackets himself. I also wore black winter pants. I looked like an agent from mission impossible. I giggled at the thought. Rosalie stood next to me in the same outfit. I smiled but turned away to cough. She took my gloved hand.
“You okay?” she asked with worry on her face. I smiled back at her.
“Yes, I’m all right. The cold is going down a bit.” Not… Her expression looked like she didn’t buy it. I looked away and got my weapon. Hmm, what if I try solo just for today? I thought to myself. Someone wraps their arm around my waist.
“No you are not.” I look up at Chael and grinned guiltily.
“Eh heh, you read that didn’t you?” He frowned.
“You're in sick condition, I don’t want you hurting yourself.” I sighed.
“Fine, go ask Mr. Silus if he can give me some tissues incase I start to snot while fighting.” I blushed which made my head hurt as it is. He nodded and walked quickly. I quickly took my chance and ran in as some students did a while ago, but alone.
As I was walking, I lifted my collars up and pulled my earmuff-headband lower.
“This gives me time to think about what I'm gonna do at the dance….if I feel better that is.” A sudden small wave of dizziness flew at me and I stumbled. I caught myself and used a tree for support. My body temperature started to increase rapidly.
“Ah crap muffins, why do I have to get sick now?” I actually heard something like if you sweat a lot when, it’ll go away. The thought suddenly popped into my head. I grinned.
“Oh demons…” I called in a singsong voice. I laughed to myself. If I was in okay condition, this would actually be a really stupid idea. I still think it’s stupid but, if what they say about sweating out a fever is true, might as well try it out. I stood in the middle of an open area surrounded by trees. I felt something solid and cold run something across my neck.
“You called?” hissed the demon.
“Just to let out some steam and a fever.” I turned around and flicked my whip but froze. It was the very same demon that attacked me on the first day I entered D.S.A. My eyes widened and I jumped away. I stumbled back, feeling nauseated. I held my whip and noticed my hand…my whole body shaking. Not from the fever, but in fear.
“I-I-thought they killed you?!” The demon cackles.
“Little demon slayer, we cannot die. We just “disappear”. But we always come back and fight.” I couldn’t move. I heard loud rustling coming from everywhere. I smirked.
“Well lets, get this over with then. I have a dance I need to get better for.” I summoned a fireball and threw it at him. He sneered and disappeared. My eyed got big. I looked around. The other demons were closing in. I recognized a lot of them. They all seemed to look stronger. Suddenly the demon that attacked me at the assembly appeared right in front of me. I screamed and tried to lash at him. In one swift kick he kneed me in the stomach. I heard a couple of ribs snapped. I screamed in pain and dropped to the floor. Along with the kick the blast of nausea hit me and vomit shot from my mouth. I started to cough violently.
“Aw, this is a waste. You should have told me your sick and I would have gone easier with your death.” He stood in front of me. I was shaking but wiped my mouth. Eww, nothing like the taste of sour barf in your mouth. I swung my leg sideways and kicked the demon in the shin, tripping him over. I got up shakily. Another demon grabs my neck and starts squeezing with such force I was close to blacking out. I glared and threw a fireball at it. He dropped me and I fell onto my back. I could hear screeching from a lot more demons. Again another wave of pain washes into my head. I cry in pain and clench my head. Using as much energy, I summoned a giant fireball. I sat up.
“Eat this you freaks.” And a massive explosion was heard through the woods.

I heard a explosion and felt the floor vibrate. I looked around. What was that?! I saw smoke coming from that direction. Jared stood next to me.
“I’m guessing that came from Liz...or something that hit her.” My eyes widened in panic and I sprinted to the giant cloud of smoke. Why did you run off on your own Liz?

I stood there covered in smoke, blood (yeah, my powers can’t exactly protect me from its strength). I coughed and doubled over. My ribs were cracked alright and they’re making it hard for me to breath. I was also sweating. It seemed the little thing about sweating out a fever was fake. I cussed under my breath. I felt tired, sick, and more crappy than ever. I knew that the explosion also created attention. I had to get away so the don’t see me collapse on the floor. Not that I’m already going to. I ran farther away. Who cares if it’s a myth. I want this fever gone. I don’t want magic on my body. I feel so weird after taking the medicine they give me. I kept running. I stop and stood over a cliff edge. I blink and take a step back. I couldn’t see anything ahead, it was covered in heavy mist. I chuckled to myself.
“That would have sucked if I fell.”
“Yes it would have.” I spun around and within a split movement I was falling over the side of the cliff. I felt my back hit on another edge of the cliff. Thank god it saved my fall. I was looking up at the gray sky. I struggled to sit up but groaned in pain and lied back down. I licked my lips and tasted blood. I also felt something warm and wet at the back of my head.
“Oh god,” I said weakly “I hit my head again. I'm gonna start losing my intelligence cells if I keep this up.” I sighed. A snowflake lands on my nose. I sneezed.
“Ah crap, I'm about to get buried alive in snow too.” I shrug and wince in pain.
“I actually don’t mind if I die.” I was losing so much blood I was starting to lose sense in my mind. I’m not sure how I did it but my eyes stayed open but were blank; I think I was knocked out, and stayed still with a mix of hoping someone would find me and a mix of just leaving myself here to die. I could hear a small faint voice calling my name before I blank out.

I looked around the explosion area. Liz has definitely been here. Trees were still burning. A lot of area’s were spotted with multiple black dust of where demons were once standing. Jared’s eyes were wide.
“She took down this many?” He spoke softly, too amazed at the scene. I looked around worried.
“Liz must have used all her energy somewhere. She’s probably collapsed somewhere.” My eyes widened and I looked around.
“Jared we have to find her now!” He nodded. Suddenly I hear a long scream coming from the north. Then it died down. I clenched my teeth and ran towards that direction. Damn it, please be okay! I wasn’t too sure where Liz was but suddenly I felt this feeling that just told me to keep going forward. Something flew past me. With rage I pulled out my cross bow and shoot the demon 5 times on the back. It screamed then exploded into dust. I heard Jared coughing and sneezing.
“Hey! Give me a warning before you kill one okay? I got demon dust in my lungs!” I looked behind and snickered. I was a couple feet away where I stopped at the edge of the cliff. I looked around. Jared walked behind me. I spotted a snowflake fly past my face.
“So where is she?” he asked. We heard a small cough and I looked over the cliff. Only about 15 feet down, I saw Liz lying there, her eyes open and blank.
“Shit, Liz! Liz!” And without thinking I jumped off the ledge.
“Chael what the hell--!” Jared reached to grab my jacket but grabbed only air and watched me fall to where Liz was. I used the side of the cliff to slow down my fall. I stopped and kneeled over to Liz’s side.
“Liz, can you hear me?!” I gently shook her shoulders. Her eyes were glazed over. I checked her forehead, it was ice cold like a frozen corpse. I noticed blood flowing from the back of her head. I swallowed a sob and carefully picked up Liz and held her close to keep the cold away from her.
“Chael! Did you get her?” Jared yelled over the cliffs edge. I looked up.
“Yeah, go get the teachers quickly! She hit her head and its been bleeding for a while.” I saw his head disappear. I looked back to Liz. Her breathing was faint.
“Why did you run off like that when you weren’t feeling good?” I spoke out loud even though she probably couldn’t hear me.
“…I wanted my cold…to go away so…I can go to the dance with you.” I blinked and looked down at her. She smiled weakly. My face pulled into worry and I pulled her into a close embrace.
“Uh, Chael…ow…my ribs are kinda…broken…”
“Ack, sorry.” I loosened up my rip. She smiled.
“I must look dead from being in the cold for so long.” I paused then I nodded slightly.
“Not really saying it to be mean but yeah you do look a little messed up.” She giggles. I leaned forward and kissed her forehead.
“You don’t have to get better that fast. If you’re sick when the dance comes up its okay. We’ll just spend that time by ourselves.” Tears filed her eyes and she hugged me.
“Chael, Liz! This is Mr. Silus. We’ll be there in a moment to get you too up. I apologize that it took so long.” I looked up and nodded. I saw Troy standing next to them and I knew he was going to teleport us. A second later he was kneeling next to me.
“Oh god Liz, you okay?” he touched her head. She nodded,
“Bleeding at the head, cracked ribs, uh that’s about it. Nothing big.” It took all my seriousness not to roll my eyes. Troy placed a hand on my shoulder and his other hand on Liz’s head and he teleported us to the top of the cliff. I stood up and carried Liz. I noticed the snow started to pick up.
“You did a good job keeping Liz from freezing, Chael.” Mr. Silus commented me. I grin.
“I can’t help but worry for her.” Liz laughs then coughs. I smile and stroke her hair.
“Let’s get you back to the infirmary shall we?” She sighs, annoyed I assume, then nods. Mr. Silus led the way and I followed holding Liz and Jared and Troy walked on both sides of me.
“You gotta stop freaking Chael out Liz.” Jared looked at her and grinned. “He’s gonna be all over you, freaking out all the time and being overprotective…well he’s already like that.” He snickers. I glower at him. Thankfully Troy knew what I was thinking and he punched Jared in the arm. Jared arched and eyebrow,
“Wow, kid you can really punch.” Troy stuck his tongue at him.
“I may be fourteen but you shouldn’t underestimate me.” Liz laughed.
“Guys, stop making me laugh, it hurts to laugh.” She held her side still giggling. I smiled at her.
“Just get better okay?” She nods. When we reached the infirmary, there was snow already covering the ground.
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