Office Christmas Parties
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Posted 12/14/09 , edited 12/14/09
Hey people
I'm going to my first Office Christmas party in a week, and I need some tips. It's going to be a formal party, probably no booze. Anyway, I know there's got to be some people on CR who have experience with this sort of thing. Anyone have any advice, or stories about office Christmas parties? I really need some help because I know absolutely nothing about formal parties.
I didn't put this in the advice thread because it's not like an emotional problem and I figure this has to be of general interest to the people going to these parties for the first time and others who want to muse about previous parties
Posted 12/14/09 , edited 12/14/09
Either way, you're still asking for help, which makes this a personal thread. It would've been better off in the advice thread.
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