Post Reply Which sharingan would you choose? and who would you use it on and why?
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Posted 12/14/09 , edited 12/15/09
Well me i would use the "Sakurame Sharingan- the most powerful yet it makes the user able to see all the organs of the opponent and focuses chakra to their hands if the user
lands a successful hit the opponents organs with explode from all the chakra in the punch". I would use this sharingan on Madara Uchiha because i would challenge him to a fight and if i won i would take his sharingan eyes. Though i would most likely lose i would still try and fight him.
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Posted 12/16/09 , edited 12/17/09
Well i would use the same Sharingan but only on Danzo. He steels the sharingan from the other and attaches them to his right arm. Man that guy makes me mad every time i see him. And he is supposed to be the 6. Hokage . No thank you . I would love to get rid of him, even if i have to die for this Goal
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