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This is a Fan-Fiction about the 2nd Hokage with a True story Twist to it! =)

2nd Hokage Arc:

Chapter 1 "Ready,Set,Go!"

I Woke up on a rainy day... Only to find out my Brother Hashirama has Died during the War,As Tobirama is walking on the Village with all the Villagers crying and Gloomy on the death of the Hokage Tobirama Decides theres no time to waste I Need to go to the Hokages room Now! So he enters to see everyone waiting for him so that He could be the Next Hokage,Tobirama was not smiling because of his Brothers death but he Had the Will of fire raging in him To avenge his Brother and Make the 2nd Generation of Konoha the Best!.

Chapter 2 "Slow-Down"
Todays my first day As Hokage,As he Gets his Paper-work done he Notices shouting from Outside of the Window he Checks it out to find out a Kid with Spike Brown hair with 3 Lines under his eyes Shouting I'll be 3rd Hokage! as he looks he remembers himself as a Child training with his Older brother Hashirama as he sits back to the chair to do More Paper-Work the door Crashes open with 3 Leaf Jounin Telling him theres an Intruder at the Village "He remembers the same Thing happened to his Brother so he Decides to follow on His foot-steps" And takes charge Jumping through the Houses at the Village to the Main-Gate he can see a group of Sand Ninja attacking the Main-Guards and gets Out his Kunai with a Special Light Blue glow only handed down to Him from his Brother,With a Smirk on his face "I SHALL NOT LET YOU PASS!" He says and he jumps towards them Holding his kunai.

Chapter 3 "Power of the Hokage Un-leashed"
Dashes towards the enemy with his Kunai he Yells "I SHALL NOT LET YOU PASS!" As he holds his kunai Doing a Jutsu seal with his hands "Water Vortex" He transforms himself into a Tornado of Water attacking the enemy and Cuts him in half as the Sand ninja look shocked on How he cut him in Half and quickly retreat This jutsu Can harm Nidaime's Fingers The more he uses it the Weaker he gets ,All the villagers are Happy and Proud about there new Hokage,They didin't know much about him But this first Impression gave them a Good look on him he was Happy and all were Happy until Slowly and slowly Other opponents show Up from other villages to Attack Konoha and the Hokage doesen't have time to settle this with all of them at Once so he Got an Idea a "Special Assassination and Tactical Squad" to Protect the Village from Enemies and he Named it ANBU And Any Powerful Highly skilled Ninja can Join they Wear animal masks and Protect that was One of the great things Nidaime Has done.

Chapter 4 "The Animal Mask"
As he Opens up Anbu now he Must find Ninjas for this Job as he Asks hes advisors On some good Ninja for this Task,They give him a List of good Ninja for Anbu and Now already 26 Members have Joined Anbu and Are set-off with Deadly Missions from Nidaime As the days Pass off They now Have Tattoos on their Arm with the Official Mark of the ANBU To avoid the Conclusion of Fake anbu's going around the Village nowadays,Leaving the village is an Everyday task for a Hokage to gather some Good tips and News going on Todays he Noticed Children Dying and getting injured a lot At age 7 a Child should not be a Ninja fighting with Higher ups so he Was the first to Establish "Ranking" like Academy,Gennin,Chunnin,Jounnin,Anbu so Kids Start at Academy to learn there Basic structure And if they Passed they Go to a Ninja life as a Gennin and so On,That was also one of the great things Nidaime has done and The villagers were Happy and cheer-full And actually compared him to the 1st Hokage he was Suprised on How much Popular he has Been,But now the Real Trouble begins the Village hidden in the Clouds Summoned their Tailed-Beast to attack us! And Half of the Village was Destroyed Is there a way to stop this!?

Cloud Village War Arc:

Chapter 5 "The Clouds Start to Un-ravel"
Nidaime runs to a Dark room to get the Secret Chain of Seal Made by Hashirama and Runs toward the Beasts and wraps him around the Chain and Absorbs the Beasts chakra but one of the Cloud ninja Threw a Kunai at Nidaime and the Chain broke loose and the beast kept Destroying the Village and almost the Whole village got Destroyed and The beast crushed the Hokage... As the hokage is down on the Floor looking around slowly darkness spread all over his eyes and he could not see anything but Black and then a whim of light appeared slowly and slowly it grew and he woke up with everything back to normal in a Grass plain with his Brother Hashirama telling him to wake Up and never to give up,Then he woke up in the village with the village destroyed and 60% of the Population Gone his eyes turned Dark Red with His hands glowing Blue and you actually see chakra pouring from his Hand he shouts "THIS IS FOR MY BROTHER AND THE VILLAGE!!!!!!!!" And Makes to Chakra like Balls in his Palms and jumps in the Sky and Shoots them at the Beast,The beast then died and All the cloud ninja retreated And Nidaime Fainted.

Hiruzen Sarutobi Arc:

Chapter 6 "Recovery"
1 Week has past since the War Ended and all the villagers are helping out on the Recovery of Konoha and they all Decided to carve the face of Nidaime on the Wall of the Hokages because he Risked his life Protecting the Village,And now the Village is Back to normal and Now its been 4 Weeks nidaime Being Hokage And Since he made the Statement that All children need to Pass Academy school before Becoming a Gennin well He decided to Become one of the Teams Leader,As he was picking a Team He saw one of the Teams the Boy who was shouting he Wanted to be Hokage from out of his Window so he Picked his team,The boys name was Hiruzen Sarutobi and Saton and Uton,As they set off On great Missions Hiruzen was an Out-standing Ninja with Great talent and Nidaime thought to Himself "This kid could actually become Hokage..."

Chapter 7 "The Bond of a Student and His Teacher"
One of the Team's mission is to get the Great staff of Enma,So as they search out Saton Got stuck in a Trap Shouting HELP! Uton was Scared and Couldin't do anything Hiruzen Got out a Kunai and cut off the Trap Saton was so happy and Nidaime was Shocked on how fast Hiruzen thought of a Kunai to cut it off with Uton was just shaking on the floor,And he started to Like him More and more As they entered the Cave of Enma for the staff It was dark and Gloomy Uton did his Secret and Only jutsu "Light flash" and made a Light appear from his Palm and made us see Through the Cave,Atlast they found the Staff stuck on a Rock they All tried to pull the staff out but they Could'int Pull it out then Came hiruzen and pulled it out by 1 Pull popped Up and then Nidaime declared that the Great staff of Enma belongs to Hiruzen,And Hiruzen and Nidaime grew a Big bong but Hiruzen grew older and left the Team to train with the Great monkey king Enma,And thats the end of the story Between Nidaime and Hiruzen.

Sword of the Thunger God Arc:

Chapter 8 "Ice"
Sword of the Thunder God the legendary sword,Was once a Myth but Nidaime was the Biggest fan of this So called Myth and he always believed in it,One day he set a search team of ANBU to find it,It was clearly a myth to the rest of the Village only Children believed in it,It was the santa claus of the Naruto World,The anbu took 67 Months and it has been Reported Un-Clear And not found Nidaime was Shocked and all his Dreams were down Until one Badly injured Anbu said it was there but anyone who gets close it will Die i managed to Not get to close he says To Nidaime while holding some Photos of it~! Nidaime is so Happy and is going there Himself to get this Settled!

Chapter 9 "Thunder God"
Nidaime gets Close to the Entrace as he Enters the Cave crumbles Softly as he keeps walking the Rumbles harder and harder until he reaches where the Sword of Thunder god is,Its on top of a Hill with lava surrounding it he Uses his Special Water teleportation Technique to teleport on top of the hill to get Thunder god is the sword should Damage anyone around it,The myth says "Get close and get Red" that means the Closer you get the More Dangerous it is and who doesent get damaged Means he is the Rightful owner of Thunder god as Nidaime slowly starts to approach it He carefully gets the sword and puts it in his Back Hatchet And walks through the Shadows.

Hashirama Senju's Revival Arc:

Chapter 10 "Glow"
As nidaime was heading out to the training feild,He stumbled upon Orochimaru with a Creepy the Hokage Smiled al
left little did he know Orochimaru was the one who Killed Hashirama to Make clones of that can use the wood
element,But he did sense something annoying... The anbu cut in to report a High chakra Coming towards the
village,He suspects a Tailed beast sadly the Magic chain was Ripped off by the Last tailed Beast.

Chapter 11 "Last Chance"
The mysterious Chakra is getting closer by the Hour and all the Villagers and The rest of the Leaf Ninja are at the
Gate waiting Nidaime's hoping nothing goes wrong,By the anbu's detection He will be arriving in 2 Hours! There
isint enough time to gather all of the Villagers,Nidaime isint at the gate yet.. What could he be doing?

Chapter 12 "Hidden"
Nidaime is Getting out his secret weapon "Necklace of the Frozen Thorn" and wearing his Special armor gear with The
sword of the Thunder God all Hidden underground 1 Hour left tell His arrival Nidaime needs to get there Quickely
before the Enemey approaches.

Chapter 13 "The Clock has Set"
As he Dashes to the gate before the Enemy Reaches,He reaches the gate Only to see his Brother Hashirama the 1st Hokage! All the villagers are suprised,Hoshirama is only Looking at Nidaime and walks slowly to Him step by Step,Nidaime is creeped out and doesen't know what to do If he fights he might Injure him and if he doesent he Will get attacked,And Hashirama says: Come my Brother our Lord wants us. Nidaime is confused as of all the Villagers. Hashirama: Lord orochimaru wants You. And Nidaime finally knows what Happened to His brother!

Chapter 14 "Brother What's Goin on?"
As nidaime is walking Slowly with his Brother Hashirama to Orochimaru's lair several Anbu are hidden For any sudden moves,Hashirama's Facial emotions are still Like nothing's going on. As Nidaime Going to Orochimaru's lair Orochimaru is sitting on the Chair with Kabuto at Hand and about to tell Him why he is here,Orochimaru: I Was not the one to Kill your brother Hashirama i got his dead Body from the war And used a Jutsu to bring him Back to life with All his memory loss,To experiment on him and such~Nidaime: What!? How dare you!,And orochimaru smiles:Well he was already Dead and if you want your brother Back you must Obey all my Sayings,Nidaime: No way ill crush you to a Pulp,As Nidaime does his Water Missiles jutsu,Beams of Water attacking orochimaru,And Orochimaru Waves Good-Bye and he escapes with Kabuto and Hashirama,Nidaime looks confused.

Chapter 15 "Hashirama"
Nidaime is Back to the village with Millions of People waiting for Him,He returns with complaints and Hate thats the Last thing he needs right about now He told everyone the story and everything is Back to normal,But nidaime is not Through Yet he will get Revenge on Orochimaru.

Madara and The Uchiha Clan Arc:

Chapter 16 "The Blood in There Eyes"
The Uchiha clan were Mad and there Constint battle Between the Senju Has never ended,Nidaime couldint do anything So he Secretly made the Konoha's Military Police force to Keep the Uchiha Busy from the Village and rounded Up all the uchiha In the corner of the Village The problem is solved Says Nidaime,Some uchiha Noticed the changes and are Going after Nidaime,Kinda like how Madara did to Hashirama(1st Hokage) To Be Continued...

Chapter 17"The Blood in there Eyes"(Part 2)
The Senju and the Uchiha were the 2 Strongest clans Alive,and They both had wars,Hashirama Senju was the Leader of the Senju,and Madara Uchiha was the Leader of the Uchiha,Madara got a new Power the "MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN" By killing all his friends and Family but rarely did he notice that the More he uses it The more his Eyes would get Blurry he couldint see anything by the time he used all his power,He asked the brother can i get your eyes for the sake of the Clan,and his Brother accepted and Madara pulled his eyes Out and his brother died,For the sake of the clan 10 Days later,The Uchiha and the Senju made a Trust-fund and Become allies and friends And shortly later they build the 1st Hidden Village,and it was The Village Hidden in the Leaf! To be Continued

Chapter 18"The Blood in there Eyes"Part 3
Later Hashirama of the Senju became there First Hokage and Madara was the only one against the Friendship between the Uchiha and Senju slowly all the Uchiha left Madara then Madara got crazy and Challenged Hashirama to a Fight at the Valley of Heroes and he Lost as of all the village knows he died But secretly he wasen't after 3 Years "Madara Wants his Revenge Back!

Chapter 19"The Blood in there Eyes"Part 4
So Madara came back to the Village to fight Nidaime all the Villagers ran and Hide some-where as he Slowly was going to the Hokages room the Anbu were surrounded everywhere and They all attacked at once! And Madara's Mangekyou awakened and he Killed all of them at Once. "How strong could Madara Be!?"

Chapter 20"Weapons of Life"
To Be Continued

This is a Fan-Fiction about the 2nd Hokage with a True Story Twist! Please Enjoy and read :)
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