♥Peinture's Wonderland♥
Posted 12/15/09 , edited 12/20/09

Welcome to Peinture's Wonderland!
This is a mini shoppe created by your one and only Sakura. (:
Peinture stands for painting in french!
You can buy any graphics here, but make sure to read the rules!

Necessary Rules!

1. Please only buy up to 3 graphics each day.
2. Please be patient! You may PM me only TWICE about 1 graphic each.
3. Remember to fill out the form!
4. I reccomend you don't criticize by work, because then I will wonder why your even here.
5. You have to upload 1 photo to buy a graphic.


1. I will delete and skip your post.
2. LOL. Uhm... If you PM me more than twice, I will get annoyed and I won't do any requests asked by you. (Im sorry, but this has happened to me and I am really not a person to let things go easily. xD)


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