Things that Cannot be Unseen

Posted 12/17/09 , edited 12/17/09
the rules of the game:

comment on the above persons sighting and state your own worst sight

wow... that sucks....



eww gross

2 girls 1 cup)

my worst sight ever is 2 girls 1 cup
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Floating through...
Posted 12/17/09 , edited 12/19/09
Ugh. Yes, that was digusting.

I think my worst sight ever would have to be a cross between the time I found some kid's diarrhea on the leg of my pants (I HATE public restrooms), and this video:
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Posted 12/19/09 , edited 12/19/09
I already seen that , Nothing out of the ordinary >_>

I wish I can never seen this thread o.o... jk .. hm lets see the worst :[ , hmm I guess this video the American guy.. LOL was the worst thing i saw.
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Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/27/10
Lack of content

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