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'this is bad' sakura whisperd, 'we shouldnt sit so close'. 'haruko what r u doing!!!? eri is not going to like ur lie!!' whisperd natani
'c´mon!! we need to make them get along! =D' haruko said a little to high... eri turned around 'huuh??!wha--' something interrupted her, a crashing noise. everybody turned to see wat was it n saw a girl colliding with the traslucid door. the clumsy girl fall down n a few ppl asked her if she was okay. 'hai hai. ^^' she said n started looking for something in the floor. 50% of the ppl were freaked out, trying to avoid her , a little boy pointed her h laugh. 'poor girl, lets go help her' eri said n she walked towards the girl but the girl suddenly stand up n shouted all exited 'found you!!!'. she took the weird glasses she wasreferng to n put them on. 'anoo...'eri began to say 'hiiiyaa~ hehe sorry im late byebyee!!' n she ran out disapearing into the crowd.
'what was all that about?' eri thought n went back with watanuki, she sat down. eri was planning on ignoring that n continuing with her date but when she looked up at watanuki she saw an unexpected serious face. 'um.. watanuki??' eri said
'that girl.. i sense something.. theres something wrong with her..' watanuki said
'whaa-' eri began but watanuki interrupted her, he standd up n took her hand (eri blushed). he (grabing eri) ran off to pursue tha girl...
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Eri tried protesting Watanuki but they were already on their way. They were chasing after the girl and after a few minutes, Watanuki stopped running and put Eri down. " Thank you!" She sighed. Watanuki was looking around. " Umm, Watanuki? Hello?!" He then turned around and smiled saying, "Im sorry, its just something semmed wrong with that girl." "Its fine, but ugh..." "What?" "Where could she have disappeared to?" They looked around and no one was around but them...
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they decided to go back to the house n on their way out of nowhere, they bumped into the girl. 'oh its u' eri said.
'huh? me?' she answerd,
'yeah the girl from the restaurant..',
'wat restaurant? idk wat u r talking about'
'we saw u crashing with the door like 2 hr ago..' eri said n watanuki nodded
'oooh! so that was a restaurant, i couldnt tell wat it was hehe'
'what r u talking about? u were there...'
the airhead looking girl made a face n murmured 'watanuki kimihiro, take me to yuuko's store'
eri n watanuki looked at each other .. watanuki was right, something was wrong with the girl
'aaah how do u know my namee??' watanuki yelled a little freaked out
'huuh?' the girl's clumsy weird face returned to normal 'its written, it obvius hehe'
'uuh.. where??' asked eri n the girl pointed at watanuki's neck 'i dont see anything'
''watanuki kimihiro, take me to yuuko's store' she said again
----meanwhile--- 'ugh we did they go??' haruko asked, tired of waiting
'maybe we should just go home' natani said , and so they went back home but in their way home they bumped into someone else.. it was not eri or watanuki as they hoped.. it was not the clumsy girl... it was a rather handsome tall vampiric looking guy...
(lol u guess who it is.. hes on trc n X.. hehe if u dont know then just pick another clamp character )
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When they looked up, the man looked down. " I apologize, my name is Kamui." THe girls stared in mezmorized, fascinated stares, then introduced themselves.
Watanuki finally agreed to take the girl to Yuuko, if she told him her name. " Ugh, names Akira." Watanuki smiled, "Nice to meet you Akira." And they walked on. Eri was just standing there, sort of pissed off. "This was supposed to be a good night, just me and Watanuki! But, but that girl came and now hes ignoring me!" As she was saying that, WAtanuki turned around, "Hey Eri, ya commin?" "Huh? Oh, um ya!" Eri ran off towards them, and when she finally caught up, she gave a questioning stare at the girl. Then she grabbed Watanukis hand. He turned,blushing to look at Eri, only to see she was looking away blushing as well. After about five minutes, they were only a block away from the shop, until...
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'watch out!!' shouted a red ,kinda pink, haired girl. she was on a bicycle racing towards them. Everything happened very fast, watanuki didnt reacted in time so the girl ..with the bicycle, thrw him to the left. Watanuki was hopelessly falling and eritrying to stop the fall made a fast move, she was trying to catch him but another thing rather than her arms, stopped watanuki. Akira helped the new girl that had crashed n after the conmotion passed she turned around.
guess what she saw?...
yeah, she saw n accidental-not planned-cute-surprising kiss. evryone blinked twice.
separating eri and watanuki blushed. well more like exploded
'how cuuute' said the girl
'aaaah im sorry i was fa-fa-faaalling i dint rlly me-me-an' watanuki was vry embarrassed
-awkward cute silence-
'so .. who r u? r u okay? akira asked the girl
'ooh hehe yeah, sorry i dont knnow how to ride bicycles, i was umm.. hehe forced ooh n im kobato '
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(lol eri hope this make up for me interrupting ur date xD.. sorry .. n vry srry if u didnt wanted that :p)
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Eri, still in a confused-like state, looked at Watanuki. She then said, " So, umm Kaboto right? Well ugh, why were you forced to ride the bike?" When Kaboto didn't answer, Eri looked at Akira then Wataunuki. Eri then helped Watanukit up. Still embaressed, he let go of Eri's hand right away. Eri then asked Akira if they should be on their way to the shop. She said, " Okay, let's go." Then the three of them started to the shop. Eri turned back to Kabato and said, " Well umm I guess we'll see you around?" SHe looked at her then smiled and said, "Ya!"....
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Finally at the store mokona jumped to greet them n jumped again to be on akira's hands
'puuu~ a new girl,, yuuko! we have a new girl!! =D'
'yaaay make her com in mokona! watanuki take out more sake ^^' yuuko said
but the moment she faced akira, the moment they ade eye contact, yuuko's face harden: 'so, whats ur wish?'
'tsk*' akira bit her lip n a weird atmosphere spread over the place
watanuki and eri were just standing wondering wat was going on. the scene looked funny, on a corner, watanuki and eri with puppy eyes, in the center akira n yuuko watching seriously at other
akira was about to say somethng but..
'tadaima!!' shouted natani, haruko n everyone
eri, watanuki, mokona, yuuko and akira turned around to greet them
yuuko, joyfully, standed up n walk towards the girls to go all out for a sake party
the girls didnt notice a thing, and eri and watanuki forget it
but wat no one knew was that when yuuko passed by akira she murmured smething '...........' akiras eyes were wide open
the sake party ended up as evryone knew.. yuuko n mokona drank all the sake n the other ate a dessert watanuki made
'sheeee is staaying with us' yuuko said, u could tell she had been drinking
they all had good dreams, speacially eri. Her dream was about that kiss with watanuki... '' she murmured asleep n hugged the pillow harder
the next day....
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hey i think u should all think like.. a fictional, supernatural, clampish past or future or problem for urserlfs hehe c'mon lets try to give the drama clamp gives!! XD
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Eri woke up and realized she was late for school, "Crap!!!!!!" She jumped out of bed, and quickly got dressed. As she was running out of the apartment, she ran into Watanuki. Not knowing it was him she jumped back and apologized. Watanuki laughed, "Wow Eri, I didnt know you had such manners" Eri went over and hit Watanuki. "Ow! What was that for?!" "Because you're an idiot! We've only got like 4 minutes to get to school! You could've gone ahead!" Eri grabbed Watanuki's hand, and started running. As they were running into school, they ran into Doumeki, "Hey," he said. Eri said hi, and started talking to him. Watanuki had one of his fits, complainin about how Eri was ignoring him and talking to Doumeki. Then the bell rang. The three ran into the classroom, and when Eri looked around, she saw Akira, Haruko, Natani, and Sakura sitting in their seats with their heads down. Eri nudged Watanuki, "Ha, looks like they all have hangovers because of last night....speaking of, I wonder how Yuko's doing." ....
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meanwhile... yuuko was a the super market with mokona
'sakeee sakeee!'
'puuu~ sakee sakee!! mokona n yuuko were having way to many fun for being in a sueprmaket.
'lets tell watanuki to make rameen!!´
'raaaaameen (8)'
....on their way back home they saw someone standing at the door of the store, it was kamui
'uuuh, what a nice visitor' yuuko said n invite him to come in
being a little more serious yuuko sat down n asked 'so, what brought u here?'
'im looking for my subaru, we were together but when we moved to another world he was not there, i tryied moving to other world but its imposible... somehow im loosing my strength, i cant travel by myself anymore so i--' yuuko interrupted
'u want to find ur brother n continue ur dream'
kamui sighed
´dont worry, its ur lucky day... theres a girl, a-kira, she is also looking for her sister.. however i cant grant her wish if its just her because she owes me..'
'i dont want to help her, if thats what u want to tell me'
ignoring the comment yuuko continued 'shes not a normal girl, something is trapped inside her, a man's eyes are her eyes, she cant see, wat the eyes she has see is wat the man see.. her first wish was to be able to see just a little.. she distinguishes good souls from bad souls, n shapes and plants..'
'yuuko i dont have time, wahts ur point?'
'ur brother has been stolen, even if u found him u r not going to recognize him'
'we r both vampires, of course i will, its on my blood'
'that girl is the only one that can tell u if he's subaru or not n u r the only one that save her twin'
'why me? i just told u im loosing my strenght'
'ur blood is still ur blood'
'what do u want?' kamui was getting a little desperate
'to grant her wish, her twin has somthing trapped on her too, but something so good n precious n sacred... she is all evil's target, and, her blood is medicine, i need it, thats wat akira owes me.. her twin's blood..'
'so u want me to kill her for u?'
'OHOHOHOHO, what r u saying? i just need a little blood, i would like to meet her.. alieve.. hohoho'
' r u sick or why do need the medicine?'
'oh, its not me.. its that friend of watanuki, she's sick, but she isnot aware of it and u r not to tell her'
'what does she has?'
'she has... IT'
mokona shivered, the 3 of them had a lot of secret information and nothing was to be known..
meanwhile at school....
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Eri, Watanuki, Himawari and Doumeki were all talking. Doumeki kept asking Watanuki if he made any progress with Eri. Finally class started. After going through algebra and reading, the group went to lunch. There, Eri saw Akira. She looked extremely sad, but Eri couldnt figure it out. Then, Watanuki put his arm around Eri's waist and lead her to where they were to be sitting. Eri looked up at Watanuki and to her surprise he wasn't blushing.
~~~later that day~~~
On their way to Yuuko's from school, Watanuki and Eri were having a peaceful conversation. They soon arrived at the shop, and when they walked in Maru and Moro greeted them. They went into the livingroom to see Yuuko, and there, with her drinking tea(or sake either or) was Kamui. He looked up directly at Eri. She smiled at him, but he just stared. Yuuko told Eri to go make some snacks, and told Watanuki to stay there. As Eri was almost finished making the cookies, she turned around and Kamui was right there. He went up to her, and before she could react, he was at her neck drinking her blood. ...
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Eri shouted and watanuki, running, pushed kamui away
'ore? kamui were are ur good manners?' yuuko asked as if it was nothing
'i needed streght' kamui simply said cleaning with his hands the blood of his face
'what will happen to me now????'
'dont worry eri, it was not enough time to become a vampire, besides iits good' yuuko told her
watanuki was having a quarrel with kamui but eri was still shocked
'why is it good?' she asked
'me-di-cine!' mokona sang
'mokona!' yuuko yelled
watanuki looked at yuuko, his mouth dropped down like an O
'watanuki' yuuko said 'kamui has something to tell u'
'eri, lets go get the girls' yuuko said, taking mokona they went out
'watanuki, yuuko told me u see bad spirits' kamui started.. his face was perfectly calmed
'HUUH???...uuh.. yes.. waaah ~but i dont want to!! why mee_??!'
'wat do u see when u see akira?'
watanuki suddenly calmed down n said 'its something i've never seen scary'
'then u are useful'
'huuh???! of course i am!'
'u r coming with us'
'to grant our wishes, we r going to search a vampire and pure soul'
'buut whyy meee?'
'because yuuko said u are a great cook'
'HUUUUHH??! thas all?!!'
'if u want, u can bring.. her'
'...... eriiiichaaan??' watanukis mind was flying
'yeah yeah, well we r leaving midnight'
'naniii??! i want to sleep!!'
'yuuko was right'
'u r a crybaby'
'HEEEEEY!! WHAT R U--' mokona interrupted jumping around anoucing thy were back
'eri-chan?' watanuki said 'where r the others?'
'umm well.. we realized they r not gonna let us go if we tell them so.. we r leaving..' eri said
'how do u know we r leaving?' kamui asked
'yuuko told me that umm.. watanuki was leaving so...' eri blushed
'hohohoo erichan dont be embarrassed' yuuko said happily 'c'mon akira, meet this guy'
akira entered n looked up at kamui. Kamui noticed her eyes were strange big n light purple.
'why do i have to go with this crazy murder?'
kamui looked at his cloths.. still having a little of eris blood n murmured to yuuko 'u told me she was blind'
'kamui, the blood can be smelled streets away' yuuko murmured back
eri was still a little afraid of kamui so she sat far from him but yuuko told her that the bite wouldnt harm n that there was not going to be another bite
ater a while it was time to leave
'akira, if u find ur sister n the man sees her, hes gonna kill her so.. eat this' yuuko said given akira a metalic violet drink, 'this will blind u n block the view to him'
without thinking twice akira drank it all on a sec, when she finished she began coughing
'oooh, my bad, forgot 2 tell u that its going to make u as fragile as a crystal.. just the 1st weeks'
akira wanted to get angry but she had no enough streght, she falled down.. she was about to hit the floor when kamui moving as fast as.. well.. vampire.. catched her, but she didnt notice, she was already asleep
'kamui, remember, i want the girl here safe, her sister n eri too, cured' yuuko said but only kamui understandd cus she used another language
' i cant give u mokona cus i dont want to be alone.. so use akiras body to change worlds, watanuki, this is not a sayonara' yuuko said 2 everyone.. mokona was crying but it was midnight to they had to leave, akiras body only works like that at midnight
and so.. watanuki grabbing eri's hand and kamui carrying sleepy akira.. their journey began,,,
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(to the one not on the trip just do something with kobato or introduce another clamp character =) u r not out of the story idk maybe yuuko realized somethng n u must warn us or soething.. i didnt brought every1 2 the trip cuss it would be better every1 making their own story.. maybe theres a clamp character like touya or little syaoran or lelouch or watever that u want to met.. hehe )
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They landed on the first world. Eri looked around and the streets were completely empty. Kamui told Watanuki and Eri that they were going to rent a hotel and sleep for the night. When they got their room, Eri realized Kamui seemed weaker than before. She asked him what was wrong, and he said, "It's nothing, traveling like this just drains my strength." Eri thought for a second, then said, "Um, Kamui if blood is what gives you strength, then..." Kamui read her mind before she finished her thought, and before anyone could blink, Kamui was on top of Eri drinking her blood. Watanuki started screaming, and Eri said, "Oh, shut up Watanuki. Its fine, hes not hurting me." Watanuki thought for a secomd then went over and changed his clothes. ...
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