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Posted 1/7/10 , edited 1/8/10
they didnt have that much money so they one got one room but it had a door so it was like 2 little rooms.
they were all sleeping..except for kamui cause he doesnt likes to sleep.. when suddenly...

'FHFRHG IFJEIRH IERHIR IHFIEWHF IEFHWOD JFVJEVD JDWOHD!!!!!' akira was shouting ..well akira's body was because real akira was lost dreaming (because of wat she drank) also the voice sounded diferent.. of course every1 was awake now. Poor eri all scared n freaked out (cause the voice was deep n scary) turned on the lights at the same time watanuki n kamui opened the door n they all saw some weird gross red n yellowish-like shape coming out from akira's mouth

'out of the way!' shouted kamui n ran towards akira, with his long vampire nails he kinda hit the thing, there was a weird loud sound n the lights were off...
eri n watanuki heard moving sounds n when finally watanuki found a candle they both saw akira sleeping as if nothing happened and kamui on the floor, beaten.
'kamui!!' eri yelled
'i tripped, thats all' he said n standed up. he looked at the girl and sighd 'oh girl, wat a burden, yuuko would be enjoing this'
eri shivered n watanuki grabbed her hand
'the man, monster.. whatever is inside her now that its blinded it wants to come out.. i cant let it happen, yuuko chose me cus im only one that fight this.. thing'
'wat will u do? did u killed him already?' eri asked
'no, he cant be killed just like that, for ur safety u better not sleep in the same room as akira, there's something u have that atracts this thing'
'but then,,,'
'share a room with ur bf, i'll have to be with this sleepy burden, its okay, shes going to help me after all'
eri n watanuki looked at each other
'Ahh we r not boy-' eri began but watanuki said 'okay' n blushed n smiled
after changing rooms n falling asleep eri n watanuki again, not much happened
akira didnt had more attacts she was just peacefully sleeping
no one knows wat she was viewing on her dream but she smiled, kamui hadnt seen her smile, the candle (for security) stayed the whole night on, so thats how kamui saw the smile
he had nothing else to do.. he stared with an angry mood the whole time at the poor unconcious girl
but when he saw her smiled he looked away n stare at the moon the rest of the night
the next day...
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Eri and Watanuki woke up to Kamui still watching over Akira. Eri asked if she could do anything to help, but Kamui told them to go out and have fun. Watanuki and Eri just looked at each other, then he said, "but we dont have any money." Then Eri told them that she could use magic, and that she could easily find a way for them to get money. Kamui said that was a great idea, then Eri and Watanuki left the room.
Doumeki and Himawari were asking around wondering were Eri and Watanuki where. Then they heard Haruko, Natani, and Sakura talking about were they went. "Ya, I heard they went to another world for something." Doumeki had a serious questioning look on his face when he heard this. ...
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Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/8/10
"U know...i heard tat he made a deal or something like tat...the last time i looked at him, his face was sort of...well..evilish...maybe he's obssed by a demon or somethin"Haruko said "What wold did he go to"Doumeki questioned."doumeki-kun...well im not sure...i (LOL JUST MAKIN A RANDOM WORLD U GUYS!!!DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!!)i think they went to Hensin Country..." Natani answered. Doumeki ran away to asked yuuko if he could go to Hensin County."i see...well then ur price..have been granted...."Yuuko said"What do u mean..." "you could say two people paid ur price...they wanted to save watanuki...but, rhey want u to save him..."Yuuko answered."If u would like to take them, here they come" Doumeki looked behind him and those people were...
Posted 1/10/10 , edited 1/10/10
Syaoran and Sakura!!! (lol, idk... . ) Doumeki looked at them, and noticed that Sakura was "sleeping." Yuuko said "That girl has lost something very precious to her. That is why they must travel dimentions, in search of that important thing." Right when Yuuko had finished talking, Fai and Kurogane appeared out of nowhere. "So, you've arrived." Yuuko said grinning. Doumeki was about to say something, but as he started, Yuuko got the mokonas and told the white mokona to go with them.
"Wait what is th~?!!!!" Doumeki began, but was swept away in the paths of space and time.(the others were unfazed) "Well Mokona, I think they'll be fine now. I just hope that when they find Eri and the others it'll be a pleasant meeting... What do you think should we have Maru and Moro heat up some sake?" "Ya, and some sour plums on the side." "Great idea Mokona!" ...
Posted 1/12/10 , edited 1/12/10
(I'm goin again )
The group landed in a world called Hanshin. They met Sorata and Arashi there and discovered they had kudan. Mokona automatically senced a feather then Syaoran went out to find it. And, of course, Doumeki was still confused by all of this.
~~meanwhile~~ (again, i know)
Eri and Watanuki went out for a walk. While 'exploring' Eri was fascinated. Watanuki said, "Wow, you really seem to like this area alot, huh Eri?" Then Eri stopped at a store window and smiled. When Watanuki looked in he saw that she was staring into a candy store that also sold sake. "Watanuki!! We have to go in, can we? Please?" Then when Watanuki sighed, Eri grabbed his hand and pulled him inside.
Syaoran got the feather back using his kudan of fire. Back at the house, Syaoran gave Sakura the feather and she woke up. She had no memory of anything let alone Syaoran. Then they all introduced themselves. ~The next day, it was time for them to change worlds. (i know its pretty sudden, but oh well!)
Watanuki and Eri bought a ton of candy and sake. But when they walked out of the shop, they noticed something was wrong. Eri looked up at the sky, and saw a bulge coming out of it. Before she knew it, Doumeki, Fai, Kurogane, Syaoran, Sakura, and mokona were standing in front of them! "WHAT THE HE~?!" Watanuki started, but Eri interupted him saying, "ugh, Doumeki! What are you doing here? And who are these people?" ....
Posted 1/16/10 , edited 1/17/10
'hyyuuuu~ wat a cute girl! im fai d flourite hehe, hes syaoran and thats sakura ...ooh and the confused guy back there is do-kunkun and the angry one is kuro-tan' fai said
'hes so cute' eri thought and said 'im eri and this is watanuki'
'hyuu hyuu ur boyfriend??'
'n-noo! >//////<' eri said blushing
watanuki's mouth formed a big 'O' and then said 'DOOOOMEEEKII??!?!? WAAAAT R U DOING HEREE?!!' watanuki was confused n surprised
'mm' was all domeki said
they all talked for a while and soon eri and watanuki realized that kurogane was always angry, sakura was good n innocent and that fai was just too happy all the time
syaoran told them wat he was looking for. watanuki just couldnt stay calmed wth that boy.. he was feeling something.. he didnt know what, he wasnt sure..
anyways, he invited them to go where they were staying
back in the house they met kamui and akira
'ore? another cute girl! nee is a good day isnt it? hehe ooh! but dont touch him ladies.. te-hee hes is t-a-k-e-n' fai sang and kurogane shouted 'TEME! wat r u saying?!'
kamui made a face .. he disaproved them and when fai reached out for akiras hand to shake them, he (kamui) pulled akira back and frowned.
'who do u think u are? fake smiles piss me off' kamui said coldly
'heeey kamui, c'mon hes good!' said eri smiling but when she turned around she saw fai was not smiling anymore.. he was staring at the floor.
akira was still very weak so after kamui pulling her she kinda fall slowly to th floor, but she looked up she saw sakura was as weak as her and making an effort she standed up and shaked happily sakuras hand
'you and i, we will become vry vry good friends' akira told her
'akira? did u walked towards her without falling? kamui asked 'i thought u were blind.. '
'i am, but i can see pure souls.. shes the only one i see' akira said
'huh?! so we r not pure?!' kurogane said angrily
'no.. its more like she has a mind full of nothing but love.. just like a kid'
syaoran grabbed akiras shoulder and said 'thanks' the end akira went to sleep again n kamui to watch over her, eri ..after laughing a lot with fai n mokonas n kurogane, went to sleep, watanuki stayed talking with syaoran and both of them watched over sakura, fai and kurogane went outside

eri was feeling weird, she had dreamt w watanuki but this time she dreamd w the new guy ' i dont get it' eri thought n remembered fai was staring (lonely) at the floor.. 'its like.. hes soul is abandond' she thought

eri spent the whole next day with kurogane fai and mokona laughing n playing around. she was having the time of her life

akira spent thewhole day talking with sakura (both in bed due to weakness) they had lots of things in common, the mosti mportant similarity was that they both were missing something vry imp(akira her twin,eyesight n something more..., sakura her memories ,specially one..)
syaoran was also there smiling, akira noticed right away (thx to his voice) that he loved sakura
kamui spent his day looking through the window, watching carefully fais acts, he didnt trust him
watanuki and domeki went to get some food, watanuki told domeki he was feeling he was loosing eri to that new blonde man
watanuki was so stressed out about that that domeki hugged him (>.<)
and so the end of the day came.. also.. the time when watanuki,eri,kamui and akira needed to change worlds
but akira couldnt say goodbye to good-sakura-chan but she told her 'dont worry, we'll definitely meet again.. we both have something imp to get back' and smiled, akira nodded n kamui carried her (she was falling)

eri couldnt say goodbye to fai.. ' i just met him ... i dont know why he is travling.. but.. but.. i need to know more, like i need to know about that lonely look of him' she thought
she turned around n saw watanuki , her face said 'sorry'
sakura looked at her: ' its hard to choose right?'
eri nodded, it was all too soon.. a few tears came out of his eyes, she was staring at the floor and fai noticing it, pop in the floor (he was like backwards looking up to eri and eri down to him, surprised
'no good! girls shouldnt cry, dont be sad hehe smileee'
domeki touched watanuki's shoulder n watanuki said ' u want to go with them dont u?, its okay.. as long as this SILLY BLONDE MAN takes care of u its okay'
eri was surprised, she blinked twice
kamui couldnt stand all this drama he made akira open the gate to the new world n said 'we r leaving now' watanuki and domeki entered, watanuki waved goodbye (hes so strong to let go like that)
then kamui, w akira n the gate was closed
'WHY THAT GUY??! WHYY?!!?' watanuki cried fallijng in the new world

'i cant blame her, he .. fai was.. was,,,,' akira began to said when she n kamui were alone
'hes a fool smily man.. i wonder if he was raised like a girl' kamui said
'heeey! u jelous too?? dont tell me u liked eri too'
'not her'
'just go to sleep' kamui said n poked her 4head, she fall asleep instantly

meanwhile.. with sakura,syaoran,kurogane,mokona,fai and eri......

Posted 1/17/10 , edited 1/17/10
where discussing the feathers and Eri. Fai and Kurogane kept asking questions as to why Eri was traveling between worlds, and Mokona kept answering for her. Eri barely talked that night to anyone.
~Later that night while everyone was sleeping, Eri got up and went out onto the balcony. Fai heard her get up and followed. When he got out there, he put a blanket over Eri and said, "Its chilly tonight. You shouldn't be out here in shorts and a tanktop." Eri just looked at him, then went back to thinking. She was thinking about Watanuki and how their relationship might be ruined because of the guy standing next to her. Fai just looked at her, then sat down next to Eri. He put his arm around her and said, "I don't know why you're so sad but..." He pulled Eri closer and she put her head on his shoulder and began to cry. Then, before Eri could react, Fai pulled her head up and kissed her on the lips...
Posted 1/17/10 , edited 1/18/10
'TEMEE!!!' shouted kurogane 'WHAT DO U THINK U R DOING?!?'
fai's look was calm while kissing but when kurogane appeared he smiled like a clown
'hehehe awww kuro-wanwan is jealous!!!!'
'who the hell is?!?!'
kurogane yelling n fai laughing leaved the balcony little by little
eri was shocked
she touched her lips carefully
she couldnt blink
her head was a mess, she looked up at the skies and heard someone sat nexto to her
it was mokona
'eri... u know.. fai is a good a man, he is lonely i can feel it but when he kissed u i stopped feeling his loneliness' mokona said 'umm.. pleae if u could only give him a chance! hes a goo-' mokona was interrupted
'i know' eri said n smiled.. 'mokona, dont cry'

domeki,watanuki,black mokona kamui and akira falled into the new world
everything there was weird.. the streets were full of human pictures, but not a single living human
'i guess its just us' kamui said
watanuki was still kinda crying so he n domeki went to search some food
kamui that was carrying akira let her off and after 3 secs he fainted
'kamui!!' akira tried to yell
when kamui fall he hit his head, it was bleeding. akira, on her knees, touched kamui's forehead gently n then his neck, to check his pulse
she was freaking out
she got closer to kamui's face 'he looks like a cute little boy when he's not frowning' she thought as she pulled his head up to place it on her lap
her skirt was full of blood now but she didnt care, kamui was not answering, not moving
'he is too pale now' she said n kinda sat him, akira's hands were holding his back ,she moved her face a little closer to feel his breath, just to be sure he was still okay
he opened his eyes, they were so close, akira got scare, the eyes were big n too close
his mouth reached out for her neck
soon kamui was sucking her blood, akira was too weak now the one fainting was her
thx to akira strange blood kamui recovered instantly but he didnt stopped sucking her blood
'ka-kamui' akira murmured using all the strenght she had left
kamui noticing wat he was doing, grabbed her shoulders n kissed her lips
akira didnt notice that.. she was .. sleeping.. u could say

kamui heard a sound of falling apples n turned around
watanuki n domeki were shoked
'dont tell her' was all that kamui said
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Eri was still shocked by what had happened. She left Kurogane and Fai to argue about it, and went inside. When they heard her get up, they stopped and watched. Then Fai said, "Well Kuro-Poo, I think you scared her off." He stretched then got up to go in after her. "Ya, the hell I did! You're the one who came out of nowhere and kissed the girl on the friggin lips!" Kurogane yelled, then Fai said "Well, I don't know what just happened between us, but when I kissed her I felt something. And I think she did to."
...Eri was inside trying to run all of this through her head. I mean a few hours ago, she was with Watanuki and kissing him. Then these people showed up, makin the others leave, and right after Watanuki leaving she finds herself kissing another guy. "What am I going to do?," Eri asked herself when she heard a door open. She turned around thinking it was Fai, but she saw Syaoran standing there looking out onto the balcony where Fai and Kurogane still were. Syaoran turned to look back at Eri and said....
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im goin again (im tired of waitin for you guys)
"Um, Eri?" She hesitated then said, " Yes, what is it?" "Well ugh, I saw when you kissed fai and i also overheard Mokona talking to you about it." "Uh! You saw that?!" Eri yelled blushing. "Well, ya and its okay im not judging you. But Mokona was right, Fai seemed happier after kissing you. You should try talking to him more and try getting closer to him." Syaoran said as Kurogane walked in. "Ya, you're right." Eri said to Syaoran then looked at Kurogane. She began to say something, but Kurogane interupted. "Eri, could you go talk with Fai? Hes not listening to me, and I think he'll listen to you." "Okay, but what am I supposed to talk to him abo-?" But Kurogane cut her off with "Just talk to him. Maybe even about you two. Ask him how he really feels about you, then...then, ugh! then kiss him. Alright?" Eri blushed then nodded slowly. When the other two went into the other room were Sakura was, Eri stepped outside. Fai turned around as she was coming out, and said "Ah, Eri. I'm sorry about earlier. Its just that I really couldnt help myself." Eri just looked at him then smiled, sitting down. "No, its okay. Im glad you did." She layed back and looked up at the stars then continued, "I dont know, its just I felt something when you kissed me, and I liked it. But I just dont know what that feeling was, or even why it happened." Fai stared at her then said while laughing, "ya. It sure as hell's got me." Eri looked up at him and thought about what Kurogane had said. Eri choose her words very carefully, then said, "Fai? Will you do me a favor?" He looked at her then said, "what is it?" "kiss me." ....
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again im goin
Fai hesitated for a second, then he looked at Eri. She was just stared at him waiting for him to make a move. Then Fai leaned down to kiss her. Eri then wrapped her arms around Fai's neck and pulled him in closer. They stayed like that for a few minutes, then Fai pulled away. "Thank you." Eri said to Fai as he sat up. "Eri I-" Fai began, but Kurogane threw the door open and came outside. "Hey. He said to them and sat down between them. 'He must have seen us kiss again' Eri thought as Kurogane kept talking...
Posted 3/12/10 , edited 3/12/10
"So, what shall the three of us do tonight?" Kurogane said anxiously. "Ummm, i dont kn-" She was cut off by the loud sound of her stomach growling. "Haha, well I guess we could go get something to eat...?" Fai started then looked back and fourth between Eri and Kurogane. "But its almost midnight!! We cant just go out!!! Besides we dont have any money!!" Kurogane screamed. "Um I do...but if you guys dont wanna its fine, i'll wait til morning." Eri hesitated then Fai said getting up "Well Kuro-poo, if you dont wanna come then stay here. But im taking Eri to get something to eat." He turned and walked to help Eri up. "Lets go..."
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/22/10
Fai took her hand and led her into the house. Eri looked back at Kurogane and felt sorry for him. She was really upset that she took Fai away from Kurogane, but she liked him and he seemed to like her as well. Fai and Eri walked out of the apartment, "So, do you have an idea of were you wanna go?" Fai asked pulling Eri towards him. "Ummm, anywhere is fine with me as long as I can eat. I'll eat whatever you want." Fai thought for a second then said, "Let's try something from this world. After all, it's probably a lot different then what I'm used to." They started walking, then Fai quickly dragged Eri into a small little resturaunt. Eri looked up and read the sign. "Italian huh? Okay, lets try it!" She said, then Fai got them a table. When they sat down, he asked, "So you're able to read this world's language? Thats intriuging and I think it will be very useful." Eri blushed then said, "Yeah, I can read a lot of different languages...I've been studying them since I was little." They ordered (pizza) then sat in silence for a few moments. Eri finally said while blushing, "Um, Fai? Can I ask you somethi-?" She was cut off by the waitor bringin them the pizza.......
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