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Historical Accuracy in Movies
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Posted 12/26/10 , edited 12/26/10
Well I sincerely appreciate producers or directors that put effort into providing the most accurate and truthful movie they could make. The Social Network was accurate enough.
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Posted 12/28/10 , edited 12/28/10
Ugh, you want Historical INaccuracy in movies? Check out Mel Gibson movies: Apocalypto and Braveheart.

The Mayans were long gone when the Spanish invaded
The Mayans would not sacrifices so many people at once, this was more of an Aztecs thing.
Sacrifices were not treated bad before the sacrifices ceremony, but they were treated with honor and respect

However, Mel Gibson was quite accurate with the makeup and face paint.

Williace Wallace was NOT a commoner, but he was always a king.
In order to become a king you must be born with royalty blood or be married in royalty, in the film William Wallace did not
Posted 1/14/11 , edited 1/14/11
300 was the worse movie ever created in the history of movies
it was't even worthy to watch. it sucked . i can't believe i'm even wasting my time and energy typing about that ****** (yeah it really needed a sensor)

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