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so here the things i find out Ōkamiden: Chiisaki Taiyō It is a direct sequel to the PlayStation 2 and Wii title Ōkami. It is being designed by Kuniomi Matsushita, the director of the Wii port of Ōkami, and Motohide Eshiro, producer of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny. It is slated for a Japanese release sometime in 2010. It will star Chibiterasu, a small celestial wolf who bears a resemblance to Amaterasu, protagonist of Ōkami, as well as feature much of the same gameplay as its predecessor, including the Celestial Brush which allows players to freeze the gameplay and draw shapes or patterns using the touch screen.

Development began when Matsushita expressed an interest in creating a new Ōkami game, and showed Eshiro a technical demo of such a game in December 2008. Because the demo was so well-done, development began on a sequel. The Nintendo DS was chosen due to both it being the most successful platform of this generation as well as the touch screen being ideal for controlling the Celestial Brush. and heres the pictures : will okami fans how u feel that okami getting a sequel
General Information - List:

- Full title: Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou
- New wolf: Chibiterasu
- Events take place a few months after the end of Okami
- Issun is accompanying Chibiterasu to meet up with Sakuya, as Sakuya wants to ask Chibiterasu for help
- Combat system similar to the original Okami
- Draw lines to slash enemies, circle trees to make them grow/bloom
- Partner characters for Chibiterasu to work with
- Partner will both aid and hinder you, bringing up puzzles that you have to solve in order for you and your partner to progress
- One partner revealed: Kuninushi, son of the swordsman Susano
- Learn why Susano has a son, when he didn't a few months ago
- Matsushita wanted to make a portable Okami, so he made a prototype and showed it to Eshiro. When Eshiro saw the prototype, the team decided to move forward
- Matsushita wants to go portable with Okami in the hopes of getting a bigger audience to experience what the world of Okami is all about
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kyaaa i cant w8 to have it <33333
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