Who's Your Favorite Ani-Hero?
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Posted 12/19/09 , edited 12/19/09
Opps i got the title spelled wrong! sorry

Anyways recently I've been watching Dexter and ever since then I've been really into anti-heroes and i really wish there was more anit-heroes in asian dramas but there isn't. so here's my list of favorite anti-heroes

For those of you who don't know what an anti-hero is: someone with some of the qualities of a villain, up to and including brutality, cynicism, and ruthlessness, but with the soul or motivations of a more conventional Hero. -(Gallery of Antiheroes and Villains)

Dexter Morgan of "Dexter"
-Probably my favorite anti-hero of all time. He's a sociopath serial killer who kills other serial killers. how can you not love that?

Scarlett O'hara of "Gone with the Wind"
-Sure she's bitchy and selfish but she has a lot of spunk and is a very strong woman who is capable of killing to protect herself.

Ok on to characters from asian dramas/movies

Gamagori Futaro of "Zeni Geba"
-This sexy money crazy guy was a joy to watch. He's selfish and greedy who lusts for money so much so that he kills anyone who get's in his way.

Light Yagami of "Death Note"
-A genius who uses a book to kill people because he's 'bored'

Kirihara Ryoji of "Byakuyakou"
-A man willing to manipulate, lie, and murder all for the person he loves has got my heart.

Oh Dae-su of "Oldboy"
-Two words: Bad Ass! I'm a sucker for vengeful men.

Lee Geum-ja of "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance"
-Pretty and vengeful

Jung Jae-min of "What Happened in Bali"
- Yeah he's a jerk but he's a hot jerk even if he does mess up big time in the end.

So who are your favorite antiheroes?
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Posted 12/19/09 , edited 12/20/09
ramon lecumberie - tayong dalawa

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Posted 3/14/11 , edited 3/15/11

Nemuri Kyoshirō of The Sleepy Eyes of Death series.
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