Posted 12/20/09 , edited 12/21/09
[Breaking News] Han Kyung of Super Junior wants to leave SM
OMO gosh.....

DBSK has been making news with their pending lawsuit all this year but Super Junior have just followed suit - read on for the details.

Like Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu of DBSK, Chinese member Han Kyung has apparently filed to terminate his contract with SME. News source Sina writes:

"Han Kyung formally submitted papers to Seoul’s Central Court requesting termination of his exclusive contract with SM company."

They also added that "The details behind the request for provisional disposistion has not been released, but it is assumed that the cause behind it might be due to HanKyung's personal advancement and SME's disadvantageous conditions."

Accompanying the article was a poll that asked "Do you support Han Kyung Leaving Super Junior?" and the results of the poll were tallied. 59% support him, 25% want him to stay in Super Junior and SME, 8% didn't have an opinion yet and 7% didn’t care.

Posted 12/20/09 , edited 12/21/09
MBLAQ's Mir almost got married?!

On the 19th broadcast of SBS' "Saebaqwi", MBLAQ's Mir revealed that he almost got married to a fan.

The topic was, "When guys feel most pressured when dating." He revealed, "There was this fan who wanted to marry me," Jokingly, Mir had agreed to make the fan happy. He continued his story by adding on, "One day she even brought a marriage registration form, her official seal and her parents’ official seal to see me."

On the other hand, Mir also revealed in the show that he had secretly sold one of his family's cows without his parents' knowledge or permission in order to cover costs of dates with his ex-girlfriend.
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