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Posted 12/21/09 , edited 12/22/09
I kind of want high- level players to comment more but meh... i'll answer any questions about DDR:HP, mostly HP2 :P...
I also want to vent out about certain songs in the game COUGHsilverdreamCOUGH

so yea here are some ground rules:
post your average level, basically how good you are- if you play ITG (in the groove), you can go past 10 for obvious reasons...
no flaming- people who can't beat that 9-footer or even that 6-footer most likely don't play as abusively as me, which makes me sound a little crazy (for ddr) :)
other than that just have fun enjoying a decent dance game and an awesome rhythim game

I'll start... i'm a solid 9-footer, entering 10-footerness

this song IS doable... if there weren't those abusively odd crossovers... this song should be an 11-footer or at least comparable to one... i like the song too, it's just those confusing steps that seem like you're supposed to play backwards or something... i'm even ok with the 16ths, and i don't usualy like 16ths...
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