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Hello New Members! :3
Im the Guild Master, Domo~ If you would like to get welcomed here in the guild,
you could introduce yourself to us first!
This would help us become a guild and one family...

Hope You'll enjoy it Here in The Fairy Tail Guild!

Name: Domo
Nickname: Domo? xD
Likes: smiling and stars
Dislikes: nuthing :3
Message: I welcome everyone here! Hope to get along well ^w^
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Name: kona
Nickname: kona-chan, chii or anything u would like to add at the end xDD
Likes: anime, manga, laughing, friends, giving, and sweets <3
Dislikes: Awkward silence o__o
Message: This group looks interesting~! lol i had nothing to say
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name:MIchiyo or snow
nickname:Michi-chan or snow chan
likes:sweets and other things
dislikes:something <_<
message: i hope we can be friends and get along with each other :3
Fairy Tail
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Name: Kimmie
Nickname: Kimmie-chan
Likes: Anime, manga, the color yellow, sweets, spicy food
Dislikes: Heights, dark places
Message: Hellos~ I hope we get along ^^
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name:ever mirror nickname:eve,eva,mira with or without a chan likes:sweets,reading,manga,watching movies and purple dislikes:bullies,noisy people+baka's message:hi,take my stuff without permission I'll kill you
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