{REQUEST} Danbo Pictures

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Posted 12/22/09 , edited 12/23/09
Well this is not an avii making this is a
Request in Danbo Pictures!


~What kind of Picture will
you be requesting:

~Who?(Danbo or Domo):


~What Kind of Picture will
you be requesting?:Christmas


1.If you want to make it
fast just put this
(Please make it Fast) and Quote
this topic

2.The Picture you will be requesting
can only be Danbo or Domo

3.You must request for a reason
not just because you bored

4.No complaining if its in Low Quality
read rule number 5 for more
information about rule number 4

5.And the Pictures I will be giving you
is in HQ so dont Complain if its in
Low Quality because everything I
will be giving you is in High Quality
Mode thank you^^
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Posted 12/5/12 , edited 12/5/12
Is anyone still here?
Send me shout to let me know if this group is still active.
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