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Posted 12/24/09 , edited 5/7/10
The Lion Age

Book One

The Grid


“And that’s the story of Kale Lockey.”

“Wow, Gregie! That was incwedible!” The little girl stared up at the massive lion that she was curled up against.

Her eyes were bright blue and had the strongest look of wonder imaginable.

“Now, I think it’s time for you to get to bed.” The lion grumbled in reply.

Only her.

Only this little girl could ever use that pet name on him. He wouldn’t stand for it from anyone else.

Her eyes filled with disappointment.

Almost enough for the lion to tell her another story just so she’d be happy.

But the spell was broken when her eyes clouded with sleep.

The lion stood and picked her up by her collar in one motion.

He set her by the door and called out, “Sid, it’s time for her bed.”

A guard opened the door and smiled down at the girl.

Who could resist.

She passed him, rubbing her eyes. She could walk the path to her room blind-folded.

She had been listening to stories of the lion’s favorite history book character every night for months.

“G’night, Gregie.” She mumbled over her shoulder.

“Good night, Cassandra.” The lion rumbled gently, but looking off into the distance.

The man looked back the lion. “Gregor? Is something the matter?”

Gregor didn’t answer for a moment.

“I want to talk to Matthew. I suddenly have a bad feeling.”


Jeffery Lockey, along with the rest of his unit, boarded the transport ship, The Galleyway.

More specifically, a Transport Class S285.

Jeffery could’ve taken it apart, put it back together and it would work better than ever.


His parents, rather high-up officials in the Macross System Coalition, insisted that the military would be his ticket to the top.

Not the life of a mechanic.

Heck, he already had the discipline because of his study of mechanics.

‘Maybe I’m not interested in getting to the top.’ He thought bitterly.

Once all the men had entered and taken their seats, the bay doors closed and Jeff’s ears popped as the hull was pressurized.

Not a smooth pressurization at all. That only reminded Jeff’s inner paranoia of exactly how old the S285 Model was.

How old?

Older than he’d care to remember came to mind.


Just above the planet, Selternam, Maxwell Lockey was holding his ship in orbit.

It was a small one-man vessel.

He was attempting to hold it very still at the moment.

He was also trying to stay in connection with an encrypted signal.

From very far away.

“Max….Max…do you…..Max….you.. copy?” came the static ridden transition.

“This is Max. Do you copy, Matthew?” He replied through his headset.

“Max… you……. realize ….how many resources are being burned to maintain…secure network?”

“I’d say you need to burn a few more, you’re all static-y,” Was Max’s response.

There was a sigh from the other end. “You’re sure this is it?”

“It has to be. Even Law’s here!” he replied, glancing out the viewport at the menacing figure of the ship as it loomed closer.

“Then go for it.”

“Roger that.” Max cut the transmission, one hand pushing the throttle and the other sharply pulling the controls, careening his ship towards the planet.


“Max is on the move, sir,” Futago announced from his radar screen.

“I can see that. Mira, do you pick up any signals?” Lawrence asked his other minion.

“Yes, sir. He’s engaged scanners.

“Okay, launch a plant-wide scan, check for anomalies. We have stronger scanners up here than he does on that little rust-bucket. Futago, make sure my ship is prepared for launch within the minute.”

“Aye, sir!”

Lawrence Lockey shifted his gaze to the small ship as it disappeared into Selternam’s cloudy atmosphere.

“The race is on.”


The Galleyway took off from the spaceport.

Jeff was relieved to know that the ride was only to a nearby Cruiser.

Two days earlier, before he had boarded The Galleyway, he had taken three different shuttles to get to this port.

All cramped, uncomfortable and loud.

This time, the flight wasn’t even 15 minutes before they arrived on the Cruiser.

He never got a look at it so he didn’t know what kind it was.

Just a Cruiser Class ship.

He and the men disembarked the transport and stepped into the ship’s dock.

Two officers led them to an auditorium.

Jeff would’ve known what the officers’ ranks were, but he never bothered to learn the system.

As the auditorium was crowded, Jeff’s unit must’ve been the last to arrive.

There was a speaker in the front of the crowd.

If he had to make a guess, Jeff would’ve assumed it was a general.

Jeff couldn’t make out most of it, but he heard something about going to Earth.

“Earth.” He muttered.

He wasn’t a huge fan of history, but from what he remembered, that’s where his last name originated.

Yeah, that was right.

In a country called…. Called… Grazaston.

Then, the crowd began shuffling to the sides of the room.

‘Oops,’ Jeff thought ‘must’ve missed something.’

Not long after he assumed a position, officers began naming off men and partnering them together.

“What is this…?” Jeff groaned.

It reminded him too much of in class projects in school.

He jumped when his name was called.

He stumbled out of the line and next to an equally disgruntled looking soldier.

“Is it just me or does it feel like we’re back in school again?” The man said with a prominent brogue accent.

Jeff couldn’t help but grin. He shook his head and held out his hand. “I know how you feel, man. Do you have any idea what’s going on? I spaced. By the way, I’m Jeffery”

The man chuckled. “Name’s Keith. Well, what’s going down is…”

He stopped when the crowd began moving out.

“Hey, I’ll tell you ‘bout it later, ‘kay?”


Gregor slowed his pace as he neared the door.

He hunched down slightly and closed his eyes.

His claws shrunk drastically and the fur covering his arms dissipated.

His tail was lost in the motion of him standing up and never reappeared. From the fur of his legs, thick jeans sprung into place. Heavy combat boots covered his feet.

A trench coat dropped from his mane, a bare torso underneath.

His main never went away though, it only decreased in size.

He shook it out of his eyes as he pushed open the door.

“Ah! Gregor! I heard that you wanted to speak with me.”

Matthew Rastor turned from a row of computers and signaled for Gregor to step forward.
Gregor stared down upon Matt.

His eye level was about the same in his human form too. Tall.

“So just what was it that you wanted to discuss?”

“A problem.” Gregor stated plainly.

“In the foreseeable future?”

Gregor nodded silently.

Matthew pulled out a chair for Gregor and himself and motioned his guest to sit down. “Well, let’s hear it.”

Gregor paused in thought. “Our plan is about to get us stuck in a rock and a hard place.”

Matthew glanced to a row of computers. One of the screens displayed a sphere labeled ‘Earth’ surrounded by dots in a pattern that took up much of the space around the planet.

Matthew was about to ask a question when an intercom buzzed in.

“Matthew, a fleet of ships just dropped out of hyper-space near the moon.” Someone on the other end reported.

“Are they MSC?” Matthew inquired.

“Negative. They’re… Wait, The Grid has opened fire on them… Incoming assault craft!”

The intercom was switched to play through the whole base.

“Attention. Incoming assault craft; all pilots, get to your ships and defend the airspace. All infantry-men, prepare to defend civilians and vital points throughout the city. I repeat…”

The intercom repeated the orders and sirens were sounding around the base as Matthew and Gregor stood up.

“So, Gregor, are these guys the rock, or are they the hard place?”


A dozen laser blasts screamed dangerously close to Max’s ship.

“A million dollar targeting system, and your aim still sucks, Lawl!” Shouted max over the communicator.

His unruly hair was contained within his Super-G Suit, which protected his body from the extremely high G forces that can occur during an aerial dogfight.

Lawrence’s slicked-backed long hair would’ve fallen out of place from his frustration if it weren’t held in place by his own, top of the line G Suit’s helmet.

His face filled up Max’s communicator screen. “I told you not to call me that!” He roared, very much out of character.

He fired half of his missile supply, whopping 15, straight at Max’s red and gray ship.



Thermal warheads.

“Ha ha! What a great example of brotherly love!” Max cackled.

He shut off his engines, opened all air-intake hatches and popped flares in a deft and expert movement.

The engines cooled in seconds and the ship was buffeted off course by the air pressure now exerting itself.

The force of the change in speed blurred and dimmed Max’s vision to a dark pinpoint as the blood rushed from his head.

He wrestled with the controls, bringing the ship out of a spinning nose-dive just as he nearly passed out.

His vision came to just as the missiles struck the flares.

The blast was strong enough even from that distance to send Max careening away.

As he plummeted through the clouds, Max’s sensors picked up a signal.

A massive power source.

‘Could that be it?’ He wondered.

His scanners were still pulling in information.

He realized that in his lapse of thought, he hadn’t been shot down.

“And there he goes…” Max muttered as Lawrence’s darker ship sped past him. Lawrence’s huge ship in orbit must've finished it's scan.

The computer rendered a model representing an underground cavern with the target power source directly in the middle.

There were two passages to get there.

The first was a somewhat long but mostly straight tunnel; Lawrence was heading to that one.

The second was much shorter, but nearly caved in at some points and with many obstacles.

Neither was large enough to fit a ship through, but…

Under his G Suit’s helmet, Max broke into a huge grin as he realized what Lawrence was planning.

He sped towards the shorter passage and pulled two levers on either side of the cockpit, prompting a mechanical chain reaction.


The twins, Futago and Mira watched the conflict between their boss and his antagonistic brother.

“How long do you think this will last?” Mira asked her brother, her gray hair swishing as she looked away from the viewing screen.

“I give it maybe 15 minutes.” Futago replied, swiping a strand of hair from his eye.

Between the two, Mira and Futago only had two eyes in total.

Futago’s was on his right and Mira’s was her left.

In place of their other eye, they wore matching eye patches.

On their home planet, they graduated from college as better engineers than the professors who taught there.

Not only that, but they could hack into almost any system and were experts at just about anything mechanical.

But nothing suited their interests.

Nothing was challenging enough.

That was until they Lawrence discovered them.

Actually, they discovered Lawrence and caused his attention to fall to their skills purposefully, but they simply let him believe that he found them.

Lawrence had big plans. Take over the galaxy big plans.

Mira and Futago aren’t really disposed to violence, but in a strange twist, Lawrence didn’t seem to be either.

During the interview, the twins weren’t quite convinced that they wanted to work for this strange character.

That was until a Lawrence-look-a-like with messier hair burst into the scene, stole their would-be employer’s laptop and jumped onto a hover bike, cackling like a madman.


Twins working for a twin whose arch-nemesis was his twin?

That sealed the deal.

They have been living quite the interesting life lately, even if most of the schemes were foiled by Lawrence’s brother.

But now they sat idle, waiting for a sure to be outraged order.

“What’s on channel 42?” Mira asked.

Obligingly, Futago turned the channel to see.


“Right.” Keith began.

Jeff and his assigned partner finally met back up and had a while to talk before they reached Earth.

“Earth is the MSC’s greatest economic center. It’s full of resources and is big enough to support large scale operations. Naturally, it needs defending. If the MSC loses Earth, it could cripple the economy. So, at great expense mind you, a system of satellites was installed around the planet. There are customs satellites and military satellites and these and those satellites. There’s enough weaponry pointed outwards to repel a fleet from landing.”

At this impressive statement, Keith leaned forward and muttered in dark tones. “There’s about an equal number of weaponry pointing inwards too!”

Jeff was taken aback. “What? Pointed at Earth?”

Keith nodded solemnly. “Aye. You see, Earth is a powerful economic machine. But you need operators for machines. No one is allowed in or out without a VIP passport. Everyone is stuck in there. The inward- pointed weaponry serves a double purpose too. If it becomes clear that Earth cannot be successfully defended from attackers, anything of use or value can be obliterated within minutes.”

“That’s screwed up…” Muttered Jeff.

“Aye. That’s why we’re heading that way.”

“Huh?” Jeff had missed the mission briefing.

“The Coran Alliance has had its eyes on Earth for a while now. MSC has received info that they might make a move. We’re going there to defend Earth.”

“You really like to talk, don’t you?” Jeff asked his new friend.

Before Keith could answer, there was an announcement.

“Report to stations. Earth is under invasion. Report to stations immediately.”

Keith grinned. “Oi, Jeffery, every fire a gun?”

Jeff was taken by surprise. “Uh, a few times…” He managed.

“Can you wiggle your finger?”


“Then you can fire a gun. C’mon, we’re in the drop infantry!”


Many high-end individual exploratory-class ships are equipped with a secondary transport for rural areas or exploration.
This includes Lawrence’s and Max’s ships.

When Max pulled those levers, the ship pulled mechanics into place, assembling a hover bike underneath him.

His forearms were encased in a gauntlet that wouldn’t release the grips unless they sensed the specific muscle movements from Max.

The cockpit was depressurized and the release hatch at the bottom began its preliminary opening sequence.

Max, still in control, gave a verbal command to the ship’s computer as he raced towards the entrance to the tunnel. “Activate autopilot once I leave. Hang around for me and avoid any opposing fire if need be. This won’t be long, so be prepared to pick me back up.”

Satisfied with his distance from the entrance, he pulled up sharply and released his hover bike from the ship, effectively slingshotting him forward.

“Hasta luego!” He roared at his ship as he flew into the narrow tunnel.


To be more precise, Keith and Jeff were in the secondary drop infantry.

The drop infantry are the first troops to reach a planet’s surface in a battle and so are the first to come under fire.

The troops are fired down to the planet via small pods much like those used for emergency escapes.

Only these go into danger.

Not out.

The pods have high energy inertial dampeners that lower the forces exerted on the passengers at just below those in a slow car accident.

This, along with a burst from pre-landing thrusters, effectively slows the pod right before it impacts, leaving the occupants un-pulverized and very much alive and well.

The primary drop troops are the toughest of the tough.

Their exo-suit is high durability armor combined with a G-suit.

Their main job is to clear an area for the secondary droppers and to hold off enemies until given a new task.

The secondary drop troops are sent down to support the primaries and to prepare for a transport ship’s arrival.

They are nowhere near as armored as the primaries, though.

The primary droppers had already made their trip by now and the secondary droppers were just preparing to disembark.

“No no no no.” Jeff pleaded once more. “I’m not getting on one of those! I’m an engineer! Not a soldier!”

Keith glanced back at his nervous pal. “An engineer, eh? That could come in handy! Can you hot wire a Coran Liger Tank?” He asked, referencing one of the most effective vehicles of war-making.

“I can build you one! Just get me off of here!” Jeff groaned as he was dragged into the small pod.

“Relax, Jeff! These are almost safe!” Keith laughed as he tapped the ‘all clear’ button, triggering the firing mechanism, launching the pod into a maddening free fall.

“Aw, shii-!” Jeff’s curse was cut off as his safety harness snapped him back in his seat and away from the ceiling.
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29 / M / Archangelus
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/24/09
I like this story!!
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25 / M / Nowhere in partic...
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/24/09
There's alot going on

who thinks they're ready to try and keep up?
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25 / M / Nowhere in partic...
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/24/09
thanks Angelo!

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29 / M / Archangelus
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/24/09
I'm just very angry right now at what they had done!
I worked hard on it to make my own rendition of the classic by Charles Dickens and they have destroyed it! They have gone way too far!
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29 / M / Archangelus
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/24/09

rhyck wrote:

thanks Angelo!


You are welcome Bob!!!
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26 / F / In my own little...
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/24/09
There IS a lot going on!
And it seems like the Lockey line had no trouble repopulating? XD

For some reason I was giggling at the first part, with Cassandra and "Gregie" that was adorable =w=

And chapter three, that made me think of Star Trek with the "“Yes, sir. He’s engaged scanners.
“Okay, launch a plant-wide scan, check for anomalies.""

I'm confused though =w= So are all the Lockeys like, against each other then? Or is it some kind of family tradition "race" they're doing =w=
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25 / M / Nowhere in partic...
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/24/09
Yea, alot can happen in 1000 years

that's definitely long enough for a family name to increase in number

Lawrence and Maxwell have a rivalry but that's the most i want to say right now

Hopefully, this will be a more actiony story

that's how it felt when i was writing it

By the way, look up the words Futago and Mira

they're Japanese words

got em from a dictionary i have

they're named those for a reason
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26 / F / In my own little...
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/25/09
Twin and... mirror-or-chive?
Not sure abut that second one =w=
BTW @ names :: look up the meanings of the names I used in The Wishing Well. or at least the main two and Honi XD
Just used like a baby-name-meaning site or whatevs :3

Anyways, I think you'll have no problems at ALL making htis actiony >:3
I'm guessing Lawrence is the more shady of the two? OwO
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25 / M / Nowhere in partic...
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/25/09

Twin and Mirror

once i describe them in detail it'll be more obvious

Yes, Good call on Lawrence
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26 / F / In my own little...
Posted 12/25/09 , edited 12/25/09
Hmmm, I wonder >:3
And lol, with the word Minion used with his name it's hard not to think "Hmmm, shady business!"
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26 / F / In my own little...
Posted 12/26/09 , edited 12/27/09
Aaahhh, so that's why you were asking about that other word XD
I think I'm following... I think XD
Not all too sure =w=
But I'm trying my best >:D
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Posted 12/26/09 , edited 12/27/09
It'll all start forming together into something coherent i hope.

For my stories, the planet that Grazaston was located on is called Earth.

The only real parallel to our Earth is the country Russia

But in a cruel twist of fate, it is the SMALLEST country on Earth

populated by midget dwarves

imagine the Napoleon Complex they would have


otherwise, not much is similar

the continents are different as well

only the planet name is the same
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26 / F / In my own little...
Posted 12/26/09 , edited 12/27/09
My old World History teacher would LOVE your Earth's Russia =w=
He has a weird love of dwarfs =w=
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25 / M / Nowhere in partic...
Posted 12/26/09 , edited 12/27/09
haha nice
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