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Chapter 14

I was sitting back in the infirmary’s bed. This is probably the 4th time I’ve been here. The nurses chuckle and help treated my injuries.
“You must be very careful, Miss Liz.”
“This place will end up being you room if this keeps up.” I laughed.
“Sorry for all the trouble, I’m still not accustomed to fighting.” One of them nods.
“You should get private fighting lessons.” She quipped. I thought about it.
“Maybe I should, I’m still an amateur at this, but who could help me.” The nurse helped wrapped a bandage around my head. I pictured Chad helping me.
“Okay Liz, were going to practice how to flip an enemy over.” I nodded and got into a fighting position. He grinned.
“Try to attack me.” I growl and rushed at him. The next thing I see is Chad standing over me.
“D-did I do it?” He looked a little uncomfortable.
“Uh, not exactly…” I shook my head and the nurse looked at me funny.
“Uh sorry, I was just thinking.” She nodded and continued fixing my other wounds. Then I pictured Jared trying to help me out.
“Let’s practice on fist fighting. If you lose your weapon, the best thing is to fight with your hands.” I felt nervous. I never exactly had the strength to actually punch someone. Let alone give them a bruise. Again I charged at Jared and swung my fist. He grabbed my wrist and spun me and punched me right in the gut. I quickly snap out of the picture and shuddered. I could almost feel the pain and force in my stomach and I grimaced.
“Are you okay?” The nurse asked me worried. I laughed.
“Sorry, I’m trying to see which of my friend’s could help me. So far nothing came up.” I was then thinking Chael wouldn’t agree to such a thing when it came to stuff like that.
“Actually I don’t mind helping you out. It might save you from taking trips to the infirmary all the time.” I look over the nurse’s shoulder and blushed. Of course, he read my mind.
“You don’t have to you know.” I said quickly. He smiled and walked over. He placed a hand on my forehead.
“Your cold is going away quite fast.” He smiled at the nurse with a perfect smile. She flushed a unattractive red and quickly left the room to gives us time alone. I was blushing as well.
“Mehh, stop doin’ that!” He grinned.
“You have to let me help you learn how to fight and I’ll stop.” I grumbled ‘fudge biscuits’ and nodded. He chuckled.
“Since tomorrow is a Saturday I could help you then.” I nod. He then lifted a couple of textbooks and a semi-big pile of papers.
“Until then, I expect you to do your homework here since you keep missing a lot of your classes.” My eyes got big. I threw a pillow at him.
“What are you, my mom?” I puffed my cheeks. He laughed.
“Nope, just someone who cares about you very much and wants you to be careful of the new world you live in.” He sat on my bed and kissed my cheek. I blushed again and grabbed a pencil from my bag and started my work, Chael watching me happily.
“By the way, where is Streak? I would think my friends would bring him in here.” Chael smiled sheepishly.
“Well, I took the liberty to take care of your ferret and he doesn’t mind.”
“Oh, okay then. Just wanted to know who would be taking care of him.” I continued to work. I looked at the time.
“Uh, you can go eat lunch if you want to. I think the nurses will bring in a meal for me.” As I said that my stomached growled. Chael grinned and stood up.
“That’s my cue to get you something to eat.”
“N-no it’s okay, just go and eat something.” Chael gave a cocky grin.
“Are you trying to get rid of me?” My eyes widened.
“N-n-no! You’re already doing a lot for me. There’s no reason for you to!” I started stumbling over my words. He laughed out loud.
“Well, I want to okay? So stop worrying about it.” He patted my shoulder and walked out of the room. I let out a big sigh.
“Cheese nibblets!” and I kept working on the missed work from my classes.

Chael came in later and brought a tray of food for himself and me. I smiled and my stomach growled in protest.
“Cool, right on time too.” He placed the try on my lap. I put the books aside. I had on my plate, a bowl of some really yummy soup with a small thing of parsley on top. On the side two croissants and a warm mug of tea. I smiled and started eating. I looked at my assignment sheet and looked at my Spell Caster book. I was supposed to cast some spell on a plant. I arched an eyebrow. I looked around and saw a rose in a vase sitting on a empty desk in front of my bed. Chael looked at me.
“Uhh, so I have to cast this spell on a plant over there.” He looked in the direction of where I was pointing at the plant.
“So what do you have to do?” I shrugged. I read the spell off the book. I closed the book and concentrated.
“…uh, recarno?” Sparks showered over the plant. We blinked and looked at each other. “Maybe I didn’t do I right--?” The rose comes to life and flings its thorns directly at me. “Oh god!” Chael drops his food and pulls me off the bed and we fall over. I threw a fireball at the flower before falling over, it bursts into flames. I opened my eyes. I was staring down at Chael. I so happen to fall on top of Chael’s chest. Our faces turned a shade of dark red.
“Ahh--Uhh sorry!” I quickly moved off. I scooted far away from him. It was a very awkward silence. We sat there on the floor. Chael finally made a move and walked to the burnt plant. He frowned.
“Melanie was messing with your assignment.” My eyes moved to the book. I read the bookmark. It read ‘page 30’ when it was on a completely different page. I opened to that page. ‘How to remove rivals’. My eyes got big and I quickly closed the book. Man, she is really wanting to get rid of me. I looked back at Chael. He had a pained look on his face. He looked back at me and gave me a sad smile.
“Guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” I nodded, unsure what to say. He helped me back to the bed. I watched him leave.
“Something is bothering him…” I mumbled.

I have to end this now! I thought and walked to the girls dorm room. There was about 20 minutes left of lunch break before I had to continue my classes. I walked to Melanie’s door. I knocked on it. Her friend answers. Her eyes go wide. I forced a smile.
“Is Melanie there?” She nodded quickly and moved away to get her. A second later Melanie shows up. She gives me a flirtatious smile.
“What a surprise that you would show up here, Chael.” I grabbed her wrist.
“Get a coat on, were going outside to talk.” Her eyes went wide with fear. She quickly went in her room and came back with a vanilla overcoat. She planted a smile and held onto my arm. I shrugged her off. She narrowed her eyes and she followed me.
Once we were outside I led her to the side of the building so no one could eavesdrop. I pushed her to a wall. She gasped. I slam both hands on the wall as if to block her escape. I glared at her.
“Stop trying to hurt Liz. You’re making a lot of trouble and don’t you even know you’re already in it?” She smiled, ignoring my demand. She leaned close to my face.
“I could consider stopping all my actions but on one thing.” My eyes narrowed. “You have to forget all about her and go out with me.” She lifted her head to kiss me. I tightened my lips and back away. She glared at me.
“Stop trying. Go ahead and try to hurt her. I’ll be there to protect her every chance I get.” I had to hold in everything to not punch her in the face. She let out a shriek of madness and I walked away, hands in my pocket.
“I swear Chael Farrow, she will not gonna claim your heart!! You’re mine!” I tuned out what see was saying. Well, that turned out well. I thought sarcastically and walked to my next class. I didn’t pay attention to the snow falling and putting about an inch of snow on the ground.

I cleaned up the food mess that Chael dropped when he saved me from getting shot at by a demonic flower. I threw the trash away and sat on my bed.
“Heh, Melanie really hates me…” I looked at my reflection on the window. I saw a tan girl staring back. I scoff.
“What does he really see in me?” I look down at the snow covered school ground. I see a couple walking to their class, holding hands. I look away and see another couple making out. I scrunched my nose and look at the wall of my room. I pull up my knees to my chest and sigh. The image of Chael staring back at me when we fell popped into my mind. I flushed and waved the image out of my face. A knock sounded at my door. I pulled a serious face.
“Uh, come in.” Solaries head peeked in.
“Hey, we were going to wait and show you until the dance but we couldn’t sit still so we were going to bring it to you anyway.” She walked in along with my other friends. Streak was sitting on her shoulder. Solaries held a big box. My eyes went wide.
“No way! You actually made a dress for me?!” Kana nodded excitedly.
“We’ll do your makeup at the dance but the choices we picked are perfect for your dress.” The girls nodded. Solaries placed the box on my lap. Streak ran down her arm and jumped onto the box. I laugh and lift Streak off. I slowly lift the cover. I was speechless. The dress looked exactly like the one I wore in my dream. The navy blue dress glimmered in the afternoon sunlight. A pair of silver silk elbow high gloves folded neatly over the dress. I looked at my friends and smiled. Trae spoke,
“Before you start your waterworks, Rosalie has the finishing touch.” Rosalie stepped up and gave me a box. Inside was a black velvet mask. Glitter danced around the sides of the mask.
“It’s going to be a masquerade.” She said softly. And of course I started to cry. I cried for two things, I was happy for the outfit my friends got me, second, I cried because I hoped the nightmare that I had won’t come true.
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