D.S.A Chapter 16

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Chapter 16
I opened my eyes. I saw ferret Streak curled up, sleeping on my chest. I smiled and stroked his little head. Today’s a Saturday. I thought, Chael’s going to teach me how to fight. I smiled at the thought. I slowly sat up, careful not to wake up Streak and peeked out of the curtain of my window. Snow covered the ground.
“Meh, I don’t like snow that much.” I mumbled. I patted the back of my head. I forgot I was wearing a bandage wrap around my head yesterday. I took it off. I gently moved Streak off my lap and placed him on my pillow. I saw my normal pair of jeans, black shirt and sweater hanging on a chair. I decided to get changed. A few minutes later a knock was heard at my door. I walked over and opened the door. Chael was standing in a dark blue jacket and jeans. He gave me a hug.
“Morning.” He mumbled into my hair. I hugged him back. His jacket smelled of peppermint and something else nice. I heard squeaking and Streak hopped off the bed and trotted to me.
“Hey Streak.” He squeaked in response. “You wanna watch Chael teach me how to fight?” he nodded and squeaked something else. I looked at him blankly.
“Uh, he wants you to turn him into a human.” Chael said.
“Oh! Yeah sorry.” I cast the same spell. Streak was human and kneeling on the floor. In one quick movement, he jumped up and hugged me. I flailed my arms in alarm. He ignored Chael’s dark look.
“I almost thought you’d forget to change me back.”
“Eh, I almost did. Sorry.” He grinned.
“You’re so cute being all embarrassed.” My face turned red. Chael coughed.
“Liz, wanna head out now? We’ll stop by Mr. Silus’s office to ask if we can borrow the indoor combat room.” Before I could respond, Chael takes my hand and leads me out of the room quickly. Streak followed behind looking annoyed.
After getting an okay with Mr. Silus, we head to a different building behind the school. I shuffled my feet through the 4 inches of snow on the school ground.
“We should invite our friends outside and have a major snowball fight.” I said and giggled. Chael smiled.
“That sounds fun. When were done I’ll ask my roommates to join then.” I jumped excitedly. We reached the building entrance. Chael opened the door for me and I walked in, Streak and Chael followed in.
“Oh wow!” I look around. There were mats covering the floor. It looked like an average fitness gym except there was only a lot of punching bags. There were two guys in the far side of the room. They were fighting with incredible speed. I started getting nervous in learning how to fight. A guy with black hair yelled and did a high jump kick. I stared open mouthed. He brought the other guy down in one kick. They both laughed. The guy turned around. It was Jared. I applauded insanely. He blushed and walked over.
“What are you guys doing here?” he wiped sweat from his face with the sleeve of his shirt. I ran up and gave Jared a tackle hug. He stiffened and gave Chael a weird look. He shrugged.
“I haven’t see you in ever!” I smiled. He arched his eyebrows. I laughed. “Anyway, we’re here because Chael I gonna teach me how to fist fight.” He nodded and saw Streak.
“Who’s that?” He nodded his head in Streak’s direction. He saluted.
“Hey Jared, I’ve only seen you like once when you walked in on Liz and Chael trying to make a smooch.” Jared’s eyes flared along with Chael’s. Obviously they didn’t like the memory. I frowned and smacked Streak in the arm. He looked at me.
“Okay, who the hell is that guy and how does he know about that?!” Jared took a step towards Streak, his fists balled up tight. Streak crosses his arms and acts cool.
“I so happen to be Liz’s pet ferret.” Jared laughed sarcastically,
“Yeah and I’m her guardian angel.” I stifled a laugh that was bubbling up my throat. Chael stepped in.
“Okay long story short cause Liz and I need to get some stuff done. Liz cast a spell on Streak which turned him human. Streak turns out to be an ass and enjoys flirting with Liz.” He glares at Streak. Streak smirks.
“Hey, I’m new with this stuff, being human and all. I’ve watched guys here at your school who act like this.” Jared rolled his eyes.
“At least have some manners will ya? You’re obviously not making any friends this way.” Trying to avoid the little quarrel between the guys, I wander around the giant room and stop in front of a punching bag. I looked around quickly and took a punch. My fist struck something metal. I winced and with the extra rage, I kicked the bag. I yelp and hopped around on one foot. I fell on my butt and held my hand. I felt the presence of three boys standing over me. Each held a “what are you doing?” look. I laughed nervously.
“I was seeing if I could punch it.” Jared rolled his eyes.
“Wow Chael, you have a lot of work cut out for you unless you want help from me.” He offered. I was about to say yes when Streak cut in,
“Actually, how about I help Liz? I think my way is a lot harmless and she won’t hurt herself so easily.” Again I was about to say something then Chael adds,
“How about we see who can teach Liz the best at fighting?” My eyes got big. The other two nodded.
“You and Jared work together, I’ll be my own side.” Streak said. I looked around. I felt sparks emitting from the guy’s eyes. I slowly scooted away.
“Uh, actually I kinda wanted Chael to…” my voice faded off. The contest began. I just realized for the next 2 hours I’m going to be in a world of serious pain.
Chael taught me the stance on how I should position myself when it comes to fist fighting. I felt very weird standing so still in a position I never was in. Jared showed me how to punch and kick. I tried a high kick but ended up falling over. My face turned red and I heard Streak cracking up. Chael helped me up.
“It’s okay, you just started this.” I nodded and stood in my position. A couple of random guys walked in, probably to train as well and saw Chael and Jared helping me. They stopped to watch. When it was Streak’s turn, I was somewhat out of energy, but I kept my face serious. He taught me on flexibility and agility. I cussed a little when he mentioned flexible.
“Uh…we aren’t going to do kicks that have to used splits are we? I can’t do one to save my life.” He smiled.
“As I said, I’ll help you out so you wouldn’t hurt yourself.” I nodded. He decided to do a 3 lap race from one side of the gym to the other. My mouth sorta fell open. It looked like it stretched out forever. I grinned. Anyway, speed was definitely my thing. He got out a timer. When he said go he ran with inhuman speed. I was still running when he reached his 2nd lap. On my third lap coming back I was so exhausted that I fell over on my face on the mats on the floor. The guys rushed to me. I was panting so hard it was kinda hard to talk. Chael helped me sit up. He had a worried look on his face.
“I’m sorry Liz, we’re pushing you past your limit aren’t we? This was supposed to be a steady training…” I sucked in a breath.
“Nope…” I gasped “I’m good…bring on…the challenge…” My voice cracked as I spoke. Streak had a guilty look on his face.
“Liz, I’ll go get you some water, I'm not kidding when I say this but you look really drained. Sorry.” He quickly ran to get a bottle water. I sighed. Jared kneeled to my side and handed me a dry towel.
“Here, you’re sweating like crazy.” I give a dry laugh. Chad suddenly walks into the gym. He arches an eyebrow at our direction.
“Hey, what are you all doing here?” He saw me and grinned. “Need some pointers at fist fighting?” I moaned and slouched into Chael’s arms. Chad blinked and stared at Chael. “What did I do?” Streak came running in holding a water bottle. Chad stared wide eyed as Streak also kneeled by me.
“Here Liz. I shouldn’t have made you tired! I’m really sorry!” His face shone with guilt and he looked like his innocent ferret self. I patted his shoulder and took a sip of water. Chad was still confused.
“Hey, whose this bloke here?” He eyed me. “Liz, are you going steady with him too?” I spat out a mouthful of water. A flash of embarrassment and anger overcame me, I flipped up and did a spin kick at Chad’s head.
“Whoa, crap!” He caught my foot in mid-kick and flipped me over. I hit my back on the mat with a thud. I instantly saw stars. I heard faint yelling coming from Chael at Chad. Streak was bent down next to me.
“That was sudden Liz. You okay?” I nod slightly. He slowly lifted me up. I rubbed the back of my head.
“Ow, uh what did I do?” The four stared at me.
“Uh, you tried to kick me in the face?” Chad pointed to himself. I my mouth dropped.
“All I remember is getting mad cause you said something uncomfortable and then me hitting the floor.” Jared looked at Chael then at me.
“I think you do know how to fight Liz. You obviously did that on an impulse. I wanna see how you fight.” He motioned the other guys to stand back. Chael was about to object but Jared gave him a warning look. A crowd of guys gathered to see what was happening. Jared stood a couple of feet away and got into his fighting position, so did I. With his eye he signaled me to attack. I hesitated, not sure what was going to happen. Jared looked like he was going to regret saying it but he mumbled,
“You want to date Chael don’t you?” My mouth fell open. I growled and ran with inhuman speed at Jared. Right when I was going to take a swing, he disappeared. I stopped immediately. I heard guys yelling, cheering on the fight. I looked around. I felt a presence behind. Jared used a high kick and I flew across the room. I smacked against the wall and fell. Chael shouted my name and started to run to me. Jared yelled for him to stop. All the boys turned their heads to watch me. I struggled to get up. I spat and wiped my mouth. Ow, that hurt. I cracked my knuckles. I charged at him again. The fight became a blur that no one could keep track of our speed. I swung twenty punches every five seconds. Jared blocked a couple. What made me surprised that he was smiling. I stopped for a millisecond and swung my foot low, tripping him. He fell over on his end. He stared at me, fascinated. I stood there panting, All the guys were shouting and cheering. I felt sweat pouring down my face. I blinked and straightened myself.
“Well that was fun, thanks for the help Jared.” I beamed and helped him up. His eyes widened and he poked me on the cheek.
“Sorry, I punched you a little to hard.” I smile.
“Pfft, it’s okay. It doesn’t hurt that bad.” Chael came running over.
“You okay? That kick was pretty hard-core.” I look at him blankly. He points to the wall where I got kicked into. There was a small but noticeable dent in the wall. I laughed.
“Oh my god, I didn’t feel it that much!” Jared thought for a second.
“Maybe your strength increases through your anger?” I raised both eyebrows.
“How convenient.” I gasp and looked at Chael. He looks at me.
“Hee, since now I figured out I can fight, can we have a snowball fight outside?” I smiled like a 5 year old and bounced in my spot. He laughed.
“Sure, go and ask your friends if they want to join.” He looked at Chad.
“Hey, go tell the guy’s to dress up warmly, we’re gonna have a snowball war.” Chad grinned.
“Nice! I’ll be quick, gotta change as well.” He saluted and ran out. I looked at Jared.
“Wanna join us? I’d like it a lot if you joined my team.” He gives an uncomfortable look. He shrugs.
“Sure, why not.” I squeaked. Streak leaned on my shoulder.
“I’m on your team too right?” He raises a grin. I opened my mouth to say something,
“We’ll be having thirteen people, so it’s a little uneven but that’s okay. Why don’t you join the other team, you know, just to know the other people.” It seemed Chael did not want Streak in our team. He shrugs.
“Whatever, you’ll see when I kick your butt.” He grins. I roll my eyes. I told Chael that I was going to tell the girls about the snowball fight and went to my dorm.

“Hee hee, I call staying with Streak.” Kana giggles. Solaries rolls her eyes.
“That’s Liz’s ferret, stop falling head over heels with him.” I shrug.
“Anyone else?”
“I don’t care, can I at least go with Kana, to make sure she doesn’t like do anything funky with him.” Rae asked me. I laughed an nodded.
“We’ll see how it’s gonna be on the field.” The girls nodded. Rosalie stood by me.
“Can I stay with you?” She asks softly. I smile.
“Sure, Rosalie.” We got our winter coats and head outside.

“Okay, this is how it’s going to go.” Chael started. We got permission from Mr. Silus to borrow a giant snow covered soccer field by the Ripped Demon woods. Why the heck do we have a soccer field? I do not know.
“Troy drew out the teams. It’ll be uneven by one person but I hope it won’t be a problem to anyone.” We shook our heads. I watched him in admiration, he was really good at taking orders, even for a simple snowball fight. “Team one will be Liz, Jared, Chad, Rosalie, Solaries, and I. Team two is Streak, Tracy, Raylin, Mitchell, Josh, Kana, and Troy. We all have at least a half an hour to set up. Also, we can use our powers but make sure you don’t overdo it. Let’s play.” We all ran to opposite sides of the field. Chael stood beside me.
“The way you explain the game sounds like it could be something for PDT.” I giggled.
“That would be interesting if everyone wasn’t so competitive.” I had to nod in agreement. I saw Chad building up the snow wall. He had a very competitive look in his eyes. Rosalie sat next to him making snowballs. I sat down and started making a wall. Chael sat by me and helped make the wall bigger.
“Here, I’ll get that, you can start on the snowballs.” I grinned and started getting handfuls of snow.
“Ha ha ha! We beat them for sure!” Chad whooped. I laughed.
“Just don’t kill anyone.” I looked and saw Jared and Solaries filling in the wall between Chael and Chad.. She was secretly using her powers to make the snow pile up, Jared patted the snow in. I gave her a funny look. She shrugged and continued to work. Chael looked at his wrist watch.
“Five minutes remaining,” he called out “Finish up whatever you’re doing.” I quickly hustle and made the snowballs faster. When time was up, everyone got into position. I looked around, I look at my snowball. I concentrated my fire power to surround the snowball not melting it. Chael watched me. The snowball instantly started bursts into flames, and it didn’t melt.
“Whoot! I can make fire snowballs!” My other teammates stared at it, shocked.
“Damn, that’ll totally put a hole into their wall.” Jared said. I grinned mischievously. Chael, using his telekinesis slowly lifted the snowball. He looked at me and grin.
“Let’s play.” He shot the fire snowball and it shot into the wall of our opponents.
“Holy crap!!!” I could hear Streak jump up. I looked over and saw a giant melted hole in their wall, steam coming from the wall. Kana and the other stared wide eyed at me.
“That was a snowball, I promise!!” I yelled to them. Their mouths dropped open. They all took two snowballs and launched fourteen snowballs at once. Chad and Rosalie started shooting snowballs with unbelievable speed hitting all the snowballs coming at us. Some rained down and hits the people. I hear screaming and shouting. My team laughed.
“We’re winning!” Solaries exclaim. I make three more fire snowballs and throw them into the air. Chael “throws” them at the other team. They created more holes into their wall. I laughed so hard I didn’t notice a normal snowball smack my face. I sat there spitting snow from my face.
“Yum, tastes like raspberry snow cones.” I looked and saw Raylin smiling at me as she poured a potion to make the snowballs have flavor. An idea sprung into my mind.
“Solaries!” She quickly looks at me “Make the snowballs have a spell that will change the teams hair color!” I grinned. She claps her hands excitedly. She takes a couple snowballs and mumbles a few spells.
“Jared, can you toss it at them please?” He nods and gathers them. He chucks them with some force. I hear squeals.
“Oh my god my hair is pink and orange! What the heck!” Trae squeaks in surprise.
“Oh god my hair is green and yellow!” Mitchell jumps up trying shake it off. I laughed.
“It’s gonna be a while before the spell wears off.” He acted like he was going to cry and then laughed. The miniature war lasted for 2 hours before I melted their entire wall with my snowballs. I laid in the snow exhausted and out of energy. I look up at Chael and smile, embarrassed,
“I can’t move.” He laughs and helps me up. I brush off the snow on my pants. I see Chael’s hand shoot up and catch a snowball. He glared at Streak and crushes it in his fist. A rock was also inside the snowball and Chael crushed it as well. Streak’s face was smug.
“The game’s over Streak, we won.” Chael said in a low dangerous voice. Streak shrugs and whistles off. Chael’s face darkened. “I really liked it better when he was a ferret.” He mumbled. I look at him with worry.
“…I can change him back if he is bothering you…he won’t like it but you two seem to be on bad terms.” Chael looks at me, he forces a slight smile.
“You don’t have to do that. I can tell you want to see if things will get better between Streak and I.” I looked down guilty and nodded. He smoothed my hair. “I’ll try, if he doesn’t do the same can I kick his butt?” I tried to look serious but end up laughing. We all walked back to the school. It was about lunch so we head to the dining hall.
We were going to sit in our usual spot when I saw Melanie sitting there. Her friends taking up all the room. I frowned and asked Chael if we could sit at their table. He said yes. We sat at the other table behind Melanie’s. Streak and Chael sat by me. I suddenly felt a little squished between but I didn’t say anything. My roommates also sat with us, they obviously know about Melanie. As I was eating a forkful of spaghetti, Melanie comes up behind Chael and hugs him. He jolts and stiffens. My friends stop eating and stare. Melanie smirks at us.
“I saw you playing outside in the snow. You should have invited me. You would have had a great victory.” Chael pulled her arms away from him, his face full of disgust.
“Melanie, I doubt you want to join us, we just got hair dyed from Solaries.” Trae and Rae pointed to their hair. Melanie glares at them, they look down at their food.
“I could give a crap, I could just switch my hair color back. It’s not that hard to cast a simple spell.” She looks at Solaries and smirks. Solaries looked hurt. I wanted to reach out and tell her it was okay. I flicked my head and frowned at Melanie.
“What do you want?” She smiled cruelly.
“I just need to ask Chael to be my partner for the Winter Dance that’s all.” She looks at Streak for the first time. She looks back at me an sneers,
“So typical of you to be a player Liz.” My eyes blazed with fury. Chael touched my arm.
“I’m not going to be your partner. I’m brining Liz. Go find some other guy to annoy.” He scowled at her. Her smile was smug,
“That’s why I was going to ask this hottie here if he would love to be my partner.” Streak was frowning at Melanie as well.
“Uh…I’m not exactly g--.”
“Sure you can have him for that night.” My mouth dropped and I looked at Chael in horror. His face was emotionless. She smiled flirtatiously at Streak.
“Great. See you later hottie.” She blew a kiss at Streak who was bewildered. I frowned and realized something,
“I thought you weren’t allowed to go to the dance?!” She shrugged.
“The headmistress gave me a chance. Thank god she’s a major softie.” When she walked back to her seat I practically yelled at Chael.
“Okaay, I know you hate each other but you didn’t have to hand him over to that brat!” Chael silenced me with his finger before I could yell anymore.
“See, Streak can keep and eye on Melanie. I actually wasn’t thinking about him staying with Melanie to keep him away but now that you mention it…” I frowned and puffed my cheeks. He laughed. “I’m kidding.” I looked at Streak.
“You okay with this idea?” Streak looked serious.
“I really don’t like how that girl treats you. When I was a ferret, watching things she has done to you really pisses me off.” He looked at me. “As long as I can keep her hands off you, I’m cool with you and Chael. I just have a bad feeling something bad is going to happen on that day.” Chael was serious as well.
“So you don’t mind sticking with that girl?” Streak shrugged.
“Yeah I mind, she’s annoying and all but it might help if I watch every mover she makes there.” I hugged Streak. He looked down and smiled and patted my head. I looked up at him.
“Stop it, I’m not a ferret.” He laughs. I look at my friends who were picking at their food. I cough to catch their attention. They look at me,
“I’m sorry she’s treating you guys like that. I would do anything just to kick her but you know? Don’t let what she says get to you.” They smile. I smile back.
“Oh, so next week is the dance right? What day is it?” The looked at me uneasy.
“Uh, on the 23rd.” My mouth dropped.
“That’s four days from now!!” Rae waved at me.
“Hey, you’re fine! Remember the “stuff” we showed you?” I nodded. That’s not it though! Chael looked lost. I smiled at him.
“It’s a uh, surprise.” He arches an eyebrow. I look down at my lap. “I can’t dance…” I muttered taking my mind off of something else. He grinned.
“I can teach you.” My mouth drops.
“And how are you going to do that?” He grins again.
“When we’re on the dance floor I’ll show you.” I stuck my tongue out at him.
“That’s just mean.” He hugged me. From behind I could feel Melanie’s laser-like glare into the back of my head.

After lunch, I walked by myself to the school’s garden. All the flower’s either wilted from the cold or was frozen solid by extra layers of water. I heard a high tinkling sound fly next to my ear. Little fairy Chael flew next to me.
“You have no place to stay because of the snow do you?” He shrugged a little. I held my hand out and he flitted and plopped down on my hand. He was wearing a small dark blue long sleeve made of a leaf, I guess. I looked at him. “Are you a little cold in that?” He looked a little guilty but nodded. I smiled and covered my hand over the other like a kid would gently hold a firefly in. His little head popped out. He gave me a questioning look. I smiled again. “How about for the winter you can stay in my dorm for now?” He grinned and nodded excitedly. I look up and see more snow falling. “Yup, let’s head back.” I trudge to the girl’s dorm.
“What do you have there Liz?” Solaries asked. I walked over to my bed. I slowly open my hands and the fairy jumped onto the bed. My friends quickly surrounded me and the bed.
“Oh my gosh, he’s so adorable!” Kana squeals. Mini Chael takes a step back, nervous. I sit on my bed, careful not to bounce, and pick up mini Chael.
“Uh uh, don’t touch him. He’s staying here for now since winter basically killed life outside.” Rae looked closely at him.
“He looks familiar.” I blush.
“That’s because that’s a mini version of Chael.” All their mouths drop open.
“Whoa! Did you use that love flower thingy?” Trae gasps. My face turns even more red.
“Uh, I didn’t mean to and suddenly the flower pricks my finger and the rose went from white to a complete red. The girls ‘Aww’. I roll my eyes and set him back down. He walks around and jumps on the bed enjoying the cushiness. I giggle.
“Can mini Chael talk?” Solaries asks. I thought.
“Well, I can’t fully understand him because his voice is so tiny.” I look at mini Chael “no offense.” He nods in understanding. Rae perks up.
“Wait I have something that might help.” She walks away from the bed and rummages through her stuff. We watch her. She walks back holding a vial. My eyes get big.
“H-have you experimented with that yet? No offense but I don’t want my fairy blowing up.” Mini Chael’s small face paled. Rae looked a little annoyed.
“Yes I have tested it. It a potion that will project the tiniest sounds. I kinda forget why I have one of them with me.” She hands me the vial. I dip a finger into the vial. No acidy feeling tingled, so far so good. I put my finger close to mini Chael’s face.
“Here, I promise you won’t explode.” I muttered a low quick ‘I hope’. He hesitated then took a quick lap at the drip of the potion. He stood there, a confused look on his face.
“Did you feel anything?” He shook his head. Then he opened his mouth,
“It tastes like strawberries.” He said in the real Chael’s clear voice. I looked around to see if Chael was around. It was just mini Chael. Rae’s mouth dropped.
“It worked?!” We all cheered. He smiled.
“Good, now I don’t have to shout anymore.” I blinked.
“The high pitch noises were you yelling?” He nodded.
“It kinda hurts to do that but I had to in order for you to hear me which still wasn’t projected enough.”
“Sorry.” I apologized. He grins.
“It’s fine.” He looks around and sees the other girls staring at him. He looked uncomfortable. “Uh, is there something you don’t like?” They shook their heads.
“Actually, it’s quite interesting to see a mini version of Liz’s hottie.” Kana said. I blushed again. He shrugged.
“Well that’s how I was created. It’s fun to see couples reaction’s when a boy brings this flower to a girl they like and either it shows them or a another guy. I’ve seen a bunch of them around the school when the flowers were still in bloom.” I laughed a little.
“You must have like my reaction.”
“Well yes, but you looked really cute too.” I coughed to hide my embarrassment.
“You seem to act just like the real Chael.” He blushed and tried to wave it off. The girls and I laughed. “Oh, I should introduce you to my friends. Kana, Trae, Solaries, Rae, and Rosalie.” They waved. Mini Chael bowed. The girls giggled. I rolled my eyes. I stood up. Mini Chael looked at me.
“Are you going somewhere?” I suddenly realized I also didn’t have Christmas presents for my friends.
“I uh, need to take a walk. I’m okay, I kinda need to think about something for your…” I quickly closed my mouth. I got my jacket, black leather gloves, and headband- earmuff. I slipped on black boots and quickly walked out before my friend’s had anything to ask me.
I stood outside and shivered a little.
“Craaap, what am I going to get everyone?” I thought out loud. I squeaked and looked around, hoping no one heard me. I sat under the tree which was now leafless. I leaned back. I counted silently in my mind how many presents I had to get. My face paled.
“Oh Geez, that’s way too much…do they even let student’s out to go shopping?” I clenched my eyes together. “Ugh! I have no money. Plus, I cant drive!” Someone pokes the top of my head. I make a high pierced scream and jumped forward, face hitting the snow. I heard a thud behind me. I sat up and spat out mouthfuls of snow. I slowly turn around. Chael sat there, slightly dazed. He shook his head and blinked at me.
“Was that a new power? The high pitched scream? I think you can break windows with that.” I puffed my cheeks annoyed.
“Noo, that’s how I scream when someone sneaks up on me. What were you doing?” he chuckles. I waited with an impatient look.
“Okay, I saw you walking outside from my window and wanted to see what’s up. You looked mad.” I shrugged.
“I'm not actually.” I hesitated and looked at him. “You read my mind didn’t you?” He raised his eyebrows.
“Actually no. It’d be better if you told what’s up.” I sighed.
“So Christmas is coming and I have no presents nor money to buy for all my friends. Do we even celebrate it here?” He laughed as if that question made his day.
“Actually it did make my day. And yes we do.”
“So how do we get the presents?” He grinned.
“Well of course this isn’t like a prison so the students are allowed to leaved D.S.A just to go Christmas shopping. The headmistress would disable all powers so you know, no student causes trouble.” I nod.
“So when can we go?”
“It’s actually tomorrow.” I started to get excited then slouched back on the tree. He looks at me.
“That’s great but…I uh have no money what so ever.” Chael felt a little embarrassed.
“Uh, I can um, help you out. I--.” I didn’t want to hear it.
“I can’t” I said quickly. “Then it wouldn’t be brought by me. Plus I don’t think I can pay you back.” He sighed.
“Then it comes from both of us. I'm helping you whether you like it or not.” I opened my mouth to protest, he gently closed my mouth. He smiled. “Plus, I need to know what you want.” I was going to say something but he gave me a look that I'm not going to win the argument. My face went red.
“I don’t want anything girly.” I mumbled. He laughed.
“I’m fine with whatever you give me.” I grinned mischievously at him. He gives me a weird look. “No you may not get me a My Little Pony set. Dear god, that’s scary.” I snorted with laughter. He dropped some snow into the back of my jacket. I squealed and jumped up.
“Kyaa! That’s cold you meannie!” I took off my jacket. I shivered violently and flapped my jacket, taking out the excess snow. I was too cold to zipper my jacket back up even though I was wearing gloves. He laughed and helped me zipper the jacket closed. I sighed in relief as the heat rushed back through my body.
“So I need to get a present for you, Solaries, Kana, Trae, Rae, Rosalie, Troy, Mitchell, Josh, Chad, and Streak.” He blinked.
“That’s a lot of presents.” I shrug.
“I’ll try to be cheap so I won’t have to spend much.” He chuckles.
“It’s fine. You can get something that you’re friends want.” I shrug.
“I kinda don’t know what to get them.” He grins.
“That’s the easy thing when it comes to times like this.” He points at his head. I grin.
“Can you do that for me please? Oh, it would make life sooo much easier.” He smiles and nods.
“I’ll also read the minds of the guys as well.” I stood up and brushed the snow off my pants. Chael also stood up.
“I can’t wait until tomorrow.” I jumped in excitement. Chael had a half smile. I looked at him worried.
“I don’t exactly want to tell you this because you’re really looking forward to it tomorrow.” I hugged his arm.
“Sure, go ahead. If it’s about Melanie then I might not wanna know.” He chuckles a little.
“No it’s not.” I smile.
“Okay, go ahead and tell me.” He paused.
“Well a lot of people recognize the D.S.A and some people think it’s a school for the crazy people because of our talents. A lot of students get hurt just to go out. That’s why we’re only allowed out on Christmas. Too many people won’t notice us as much.” My smile fades.
“Wow, that’s kinda scary.” I shuddered a little. He looks at me upset.
“You don’t want to go out do you?” I bit my lip.
“Well, no. But since you said they won’t notice us as much, I think we’ll be fine.” I smiled. He pulled me into a hug.
“I’ll protect you when we’re there if you don’t mind.” I hugged him back.
“Nope. That’s okay by me.” I said ‘bye’ to Chael and we both walked off to our dorms.

I explained to my friends about Christmas shopping in the “real world”. It was funny saying that.
“I wish I could come but, mythical creatures aren’t supposed to be seen by human eyes. You’ve seen what people do when they think they spotted a new species.” I nodded sadly. He smiled and patted my hand with his tiny hand.
“I can’t wait to get all of your presents!” Kana jumps excitedly. “I don’t care what I get! As long as its from you guys.” We all smiled.
“I already have your presents.” Rae smiled. Trae rolled her eyes.
“Bleh, well I don’t so stop bragging you-!” she puffed her cheeks. I giggled. I really couldn’t wait until tomorrow.
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