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Chapter 17
The next day came and I got up quickly. It was the first time in a while since I was back in my old world. Everyone in the dining hall at breakfast was talking excitedly about Christmas shopping. Even Melanie had better things to do today than to piss me off. The headmistress calls for attention.
“As you students new here have heard, today is the day where we shall be going back to the real world to do some Christmas shopping, as most of you are excited of. There are some things I must tell you. As you get onto the bus, all powers will be disabled through the day until we arrive back here to D.S.A. You may enjoy your time and head back to the buses at 8:30pm. Be safe and have fun today.” That signaled everyone to get up and go quickly to the buses. Chael had to hold my hand so I wouldn’t get lost in the fast river of people. My friends, and Chael and I sat in the same bus along with other people. I was so excited that it was hard not to act like a 5-year old. An hour later, outlines of a city started showing up. Back at my dorm I actually found a couple of tens in my back pocket. I took it with me on the ride. As we got off the bus, the ordinary people started to whisper and stare at the students. A couple of people turned and walked a different direction. We were wearing our uniforms so it made us stand out a lot. I felt slightly hurt. I was once a normal person. Chael wrapped an arm around me. I looked at him and smiled. My friends and I split up, well it was Chael and me and the Solaries, Kana. Trae and Rae went in a group together. Chad and Jared and Rosalie went as a threesome. Streak unfortunately was dragged by Melanie and her friends. He looked at me with a bit of fear. I shrugged and mouthed ‘good luck’. He sighed and followed Melanie. I looked around. Lots of car horns were heard. People busy also with their own shopping.
“Shall we go?” Chael asks me. I smile and nod. We walked to a mall with giant glass doors. Again people stared at me and Chael. I tried to ignore them. A little later I was getting a drink from the soda machine when I dropped a coin. I bent down to pick it up. Then some teenage girl with high heels walked purposely over my hand, the heel stabbing into my hand. I cry in pain and pulled back. My hand was dripping with blood. Chael quickly walked over. He glared back at the teenage girl who was smirking at me. His glare was deadly and violent. Her face paled and she quickly turned a corner. I laughed slightly but wince in pain. Chael gets a napkin and puts it over my bloody hand.
“Wow, we haven’t even been here for an hour.” He had a worried look on his face,
“I’m sorry that happened.” I shrugged.
“It’s okay. It’s not your fault.”
“You okay to continue?” he asked still worried. I smiled.
“Yeah, my mission still needs to be done.” As we walked around I did find some great presents for my friends. I got Kana a really pretty dream catcher, Solaries a cute orange long sleeved top and black jeans with chains (she wears that witch like dress too much). Trae’s present is a charm bracelet, Rae’s present is a thick book about all types of inventors out there, Rosalie’s present is a new dark brown stuffed bear with a plaid bow around its neck. I also got Jared some boxing gloves (got some for myself as well), and Streak…well I got him this really awesome looking shark fang necklace. Chael covered for his friends so that was good. Now I needed to get Chael a present. We walked close to a coffee shop. To keep him distracted for the mean time, I asked him if he could buy a drink for both of us. While he was waiting in line I took my chance of heading to a bookstore. I then realized I had to go to the bathroom. It was pretty close to the store, so I don’t think it would take me that long. I walked into the hall leading to the bathroom. On the way out of the men’s bathroom, 5 teenage boys walk out. They instantly notice me. One of them whispers to the others. They had a roguish smile and walked towards me.
“Uh hi…” I said as politely, hoping they wouldn’t yell at me for getting in their way.
“Hey there,” one said. His brown hair was spike up. He wore some Goth-band shirt which I didn’t understand what it said. His other friends wore something like his. He grinned.
“So, you go to D.S.A huh?” I didn’t know how to respond but they did sound nice to ask.
“Yeah I do.” I place a smile. He placed an arm around me. I stiffen. Something did not feel right. I tried to pull away.
“Um, I have to use the bathroom. May I go please?” The guy grins.
“Don’t you want to hang out with us? Maybe you can show us your “powers”.” He grinned seductively. I frowned.
“Uh, that’s not a good idea…please let me go.” My heart was beating in a fast rate. I turned to leave but the guys surrounded me, placing me against a corner. Fear suddenly washed over me.
“Come on babe, you can ditch your school. I kinda like girls with some special power.” He traced a finger along my jaw line down to my neck. I shuddered. Oh my god, someone help me!! I tried to push away but he was way too strong. I felt like crying.
“Show us what type of power you have.” He whispered and almost planted his lips on mine.
“GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER!!!” Chael yelled from behind. I was already crying when the guys turned around.
“Who the hell are you supposed to be? Her bodyguard?” another Goth-guy demanded. Chael’s eyes were blazing with rage. He ran and socked one in the face. He dropped on the floor holding his broken bloody nose. Three other guys surrounded him. Two grabbed his arms and the third punched him in the face.
“Chael!!” I screamed and tried to run to him. The Goth-guy pinned me to the wall.
“You aren’t going anywhere, freak.” I struggled under his grip. I watched in horror as they kept kicking and punching Chael. Tears were streaming down my face. When they finally stopped, Chael was completely beaten up. Blood was dripping from the side of his mouth and he had a couple of cuts on his face.
“What the hell is up with his hair? He looks like a old freak.” Another Goth-guy said. If I had my powers I would have kicked these guys asses by now. Chael coughed and spat out blood.
“Are you done now?” He said calmly. The boys looked at him. The other two were still holding his arms. The main Goth-guy who was still pinning me down to the wall looks at him.
“And what are you supposed to do looking like crap already.” I took my chance and kneed the guy in the……um I’d rather not say, and he doubled over. I tried to run but he grabbed my hair. I yelled in pain as he pulled me back, slamming me into a wall. Chael quickly grabbed the two guys holding him back and hit their heads together. They two boys fell. The rest came at him and Chael quickly took them on. When he was finished he towered over the last Goth-guy, who was shaking in fear and rage. Chael’s eyes narrowed and he grabbed the Goth-guys neck,
“Don’t you dare touch her again.” His voice low and very dangerous. And he tossed him to another wall.
I felt my knees weaken and I almost collapsed. Chael quickly caught me. His face went to surprise when he saw I was crying.
“I’m really sorry you got hurt like this!…I was going to get your present secretly but then it turned for the worst.” I was sobbing insanely, I sounded like a 12 year old. Chael, even with a beat up look, brought my head to his chest and he wrapped his arms around me.
“As long as you’re okay. Remember outside, I said I would protect you.” I looked at him. He was smiling. I took my long sleeve and wiped the blood from the side of his mouth.
“You got beaten up really bad. Are you okay?” He smiled kindheartedly.
“Well, I had worse.” I hugged him again.
“Thank you for saving me.” I said softly. He took my hand.
“Do you want to leave now?” I shook my head.
“I gotta find your present still.” He grinned.
“Then I’ll follow you, I promise not to look at it.” I nodded. We walked into the store together. I spotted my favorite anime section and started looking around. I noticed something like a friendship bracelet but it was two necklaces with a familiar anime couple. I quickly chose it and bought it. I smiled at the bag which held Chael’s present. I walked back to him, he was reading some book. I also then realized he wasn’t holing the bags with the presents.
“Uh…where are the bags Chael?” He grinned.
“It’s in the bus.” I was confused but didn’t bother to ask what he meant.
“We can go now. Unless you didn’t get uh, my present yet.” He smiled.
“I already got yours.” I look at him with surprise. We left the bookstore. It was around 6pm, we had two more hours until we had to meet back at the buses. Chael and I spent the next couple of hours looking around. People stared at us, especially at Chael, having to get punched in the face by the Goth freaks. Finally we head back to meet our friends back at the buses. Chad was the first to make a comment.
“Crap, Chael! What happened to you?! Did you pick a fight or something?” Chael shrugged.
“Something like that.” I looked at Rosalie. She had some food in her hair.
“Rosalie, are you okay?” She looked at me.
“People threw food at me.” I walked to her side and started taking bits of food out of her hair. “People called Chad an’ Jared creepers.” She mumbled. I wiped her face which had a bit of ketchup on her cheek.
“Yeah, of course Jared got pissed off almost beat-ed the crap out of this one couple for doing that.” I stared at Jared. He shrugged. Rosalie touched my hand. I looked at her.
“You got hurt too.” I glanced at my hand. The heel left a print and had a little bit of blood. Jared frowned.
“Uh yeah, a girl stepped on my hand when I was trying to pick up something I dropped.” I said and rubbed my hand.
“I hate how these people think were freaks when were still human.” Chad said in a low voice. I looked down sadly.
“Well thank god that’s all over. Let’s get in the bus, it’s freezing our here.” They nodded and we all head into the bus. When we stepped inside, there were bags sitting neatly on each chair.
“I organized them myself.” A familiar voice spoke up. I turned around. It was the same bus driver who took me to D.S.A. My mouth dropped. He smiled and let everyone enter the bus.
On the ride back, car rides normally made me incredible tired. I started dozing every couple of minutes. Chael poked me on the arm, I jumped.
“If you’re tired, you can take a nap you know.” I shook my head drowsily.
“I’m...not…tired.” I tried to act awake. He rolled his eyes and leaned me against his shoulder.
“Its fine, I’ll wake you when we get back.” I sighed and closed my eyes.
Chael woke me up with a gentle shake of my shoulder. I felt so tired I don’t think I heard what anyone was saying. Luckily I had the strength to carry all the stuff to my dorm room. When I reached my room, I shoved all the bags under the bed and slipped into my bed.

Monday came and the Winter Dance is in the next two days. After changing into my uniform, I checked my presents. They were how I left them. Mini fairy Chael watched us leave. My roommates and I went down to the dining hall for breakfast. The first person to hug me as I sat down was… Streak? I flailed my arms. Chael sat by me and gave Streak a glare.
“It sucked I couldn’t stay with you yesterday.” I smiled.
“That’s fine. I got you an awesome present.” He beamed like a little kid.
“So did I. I bet you’re gonna love my present.” He whispered in my ear. “I used a lot of Melanie’s money. She thinks it’s for her.” My eyes got big.
“It’s expensive!?” I squeaked. Streak’s smiled faded.
“Oh…you don’t really like getting that type of stuff do you?” I panicked and put on a big smile.
“No, no, no! Sorry, I'm like the cheerleader of negatives! I bet I’ll like cause if was from you.” His smile came back. I turned to Chael and gave him a hug. He smiled slightly and hugged me back.
“Ready to have the first class with Streak today?” I looked at him. He grinned.
“…I guess. I’m not gonna let him be partners with you though.” I covered my mouth, trying not to laugh.

As I sat in my PDT desk, Streak sits over where Troy sat at. I blink.
“Uh…Streak, Troy sits there.” He grinned.
“Sure, I’ll sit behind you then.” As he stood up, Chael walks quickly and sits behind me.
“Sorry, I moved to this seat a while ago.” He crosses his arms and grins slyly at Streak. I fought the urge not to roll my eyes. Streak looks around and sits in Chael’s old seat. Mr. Silus introduces Streak to our class. I heard the girls giggle and whisper. This time I did roll my eyes. I looked at Troy and whispered,
“How’s Streak in your dorm? Is he making any trouble?” He smiled.
“None the least. He’s pretty cool.” I sigh in relief. Of course since we had another new student we got to take another trip to the Ripped Demon woods. Not to create any trouble in my first class I asked Rosalie to be my partner. She said it was okay. Chael partnered up with Chad. Jared didn’t exactly want to partner with Streak but he was fine.
Stepping outside, my black boot stepped in 6 in. snow. I blinked dully.
“I don’t like snow that much.” Said Rosalie. I looked at her and smile.
“Yeah, neither do I.” She shrugged.
“You think were going to do good today?” I nodded.
“You're a very good fighter…ninja.” She turned slightly pink at the cheeks. I laugh. Chael stood beside us.
“Are you two going to be okay?” I gave him an bothered look.
“You saying we’re weak?” He blushed.
“N-n-no! I…uh…” he turned around quickly. Rosalie stared at him as he walked away.
“He worries about you too much.” I look at her.
“Well, I kinda figured that out.” She nodded her head to the side as if to ponder about something. Mr. Silus let us go. I crouched down for Rosalie.
“Would you like a ride?” She thought about it then nodded politely and climbed on my back. I ran in with Rosalie on my back holding my whip and her shurikens. When we were far into the woods I let her down.
“I got your present at the mall.” Rosalie said softly. I turned an smiled.
“I did too. I hope you’ll like it.”
“I’ve never gotten presents…” I stared at her.
“Don’t your parents treat you?” She looks away and looked back at me.
“They hate me.” I instantly forgot Rosalie and I were in PDT. I dropped my whip and hugged her. Her eyes went wide. I was really crappy when it came to cheering people up. I usually end up crying along with the other person but then they turn up happy again.
“…They discovered Guardian and they called me a freak…I was supposed to go to an asylum.” She said quietly.
“Well your parent are assholes! Since you’re here, we’ll take care of you. This may sound weird but ever since you got here I noticed you never smiled. Your parents aren’t here so you don’t have think about them.” She was silent. Oh my god, I suck at making people happy!! I felt small hands hug me back.
“…Thank you.” She whispered. I grinned.
“No problem.” I heard rustling. I picked up my whip. “Shall we fight these demons off now?” She looked like she was about to smile but she just nodded. The demons rushed at us. We charged and took down every one of them.
Rosalie and I walked back, and we had no injuries. I did feel a little drained but it was because I used some of my fire powers. Chael and Chad ran to see us. I smiled at them.
“So how did you girls do?” I shrugged. Chad and Rosalie were talking.
“We did pretty good.” My stomach growled. “Uh crap, lunch won’t be for another couple of hours…I used up a lot of my energy…” Streak ran over with a bag of chips. He grinned at me.
“Here you go, I figured you’d use your powers so I thought it was best to be prepared.” I thanked Streak and took the bag. I looked at Chael and showed him the bag.
“You want some?” He smiled and took some. We all headed back to the school.

“Pigging out on chips even though it’s only a couple hours ‘til lunch, Liz?” Melanie sneered in Spell Caster class. I glared at her.
“Well I was in PDT class, I used up a lot of energy. At least I have a fit body, unlike a fat assed girl like yourself.” Solaries stared at me in horror. Melanie clenched her teeth and was about to strike me when the headmistress came in.
“Before coming to this prison camp, I was in over 30 modeling businesses.” She flicker her hair and walked to her seat. Solaries poked me in the shoulder.
“Are you okay? You know you just dissed Melanie right?” I looked at her and blinked.
“Crap are you for real?? I’m just a little moody cause I haven’t eaten much.” Solaries smiled.
“That’s okay, it was kinda funny to call a skinny girl fat.” I had to bite my lip from cracking up.

After eating lunch I took a walk around the school. It was snowing again.
“Oh my gosh, we have enough snow…Geez.” I sat on a bench. I looked around to check that no one was watching. I giggle and flop on the snow on my back. I started making snow angels for no reason. Someone clears their voice. I quickly turn around. Streak was standing behind me. My face turns red.
“Uh, how long have you been watching me?” He chuckles.
“Long enough to see you giggling like a 5 year old sprawled out in the snow.” I brushed snow off my hair and clothes.
“So how was your last class?” He shrugged.
“Potions are not my thing. I kinda kept blow stuff one after another. Your friend Raylin couldn’t stop laughing at my failures.” We both laughed. He sat by me in the snow. I made a snowball but didn’t throw it. I looked back at Streak and he looked embarrassed.
“What?” I asked. He fidgeted.
“Uh, you know the one dance thing coming up right?” I nodded slowly.
“I was uh wondering…well I know you’re obviously goin’ with Chael and all, but when we get there…” He couldn’t find the words. I looked around. “Can I dance with you in one of the songs?” he said quickly. I look at him.
“That’s it?” His face was bright red. He nodded tightly. I smiled and playfully punched him in the arm.
“You’re such a wimp, sure I’ll dance with you, but I have to warn you, I really suck at it.” He laughed then he pulled me into a hug. I frowned.
“Uh…Streak what are you doing?”
“You smell nice.” He mumbled into my hair. My mouth dropped and I turned dark red. I jumped up.
“Uh, classes are starting…uh gotta go Streak, see ya!” I quickly ran off before he could say another word.

The next classes went by fast and school ended. I quickly walked into my dorm. Mini Chael greeted me as he landed on my shoulder.
“Interesting scene with your ferret friend there Liz.” I scowled at him. I took a breath and blew him off my shoulder.
“Hey! I’m just saying.” I took out my presents for all my friends. Thankfully none of my roommates were in. A while ago I asked the headmistress if there was a spell on how to gift wrap. Not that I was lazy, I honestly can’t wrap gifts. She offered me a quick spell to warp them in. I smiled. Mini Chael flew next to me and observed my gifts.
“Great gifts you chose.” I smiled at him. I looked at the presents and concentrated on the spell. I heard the crinkling of paper and opened my eyes. I didn’t even bring wrapping paper with me. There sat the presents neatly wrapped. I smiled proudly and scooted the presents back under my bed. Suddenly I thought of how Streak started acting towards me a while ago. I blushed. Streak knew I like Chael but he’s still acting weird around me. I pulled my knees to my chest and placed my head in my arms.
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