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Chapter 18
As Tuesday went by, the day of the Winter Dance came. The whole school had the day off because everyone was getting ready to board the buses to the headmistress castle. My friends got their dresses in black garment bags. I helped Rosalie out with her dress. The only people who couldn’t go were 10 and younger. I couldn’t stand leaving Rosalie by herself so I asked the headmistress if I could take Rosalie. She said it was okay. Suddenly I heard my friends fretting about my stuff.
“Solaries! Do you have Liz’s makeup?” Trae asked.
“Yes! Kana, did you have her shoes?”
“Yup! Rae do you have the stuff you made ready?” Stuff? What stuff?
“Yeah!” Rae called from the bathroom and walked out. I looked at my friends then at Rosalie.
“Do you uh know what they’re doing to me?” She shrugged.
“I wish I did and I would tell you.” I sighed and Rosalie and I walked out of the room while our other roommates checked their stuff. For once it wasn’t continuously snowing. Chael was by the entrance by the girls dorm holding a garment bag. I smiled.
“Ready for the dance?” I blushed.
“Uh not really. Again, I. Can’t. Dance.” Chael laughed and say Rosalie.
“So I’m guessing the headmistress allowed you to come?” She nodded. “You should go with Chad. He’ll be so glad that you can go.” She looked at me. I grin.
“It’s okay, I’ll hold your dress.” She nodded and walked to Chad. Chael and I watched as she tugged on his sleeve. At first he looked upset then when he saw Rosalie he beamed like a little kid and gave her a giant hug. We both laughed.
“That is soo creepy that Chad is in love with a 5 year old.” Chael and I turned around. Melanie was standing there with Streak behind her. He looked like he wanted to smack her.
“How is that creepy? They both like each other, what’s wrong with that?” I said and frowned. She flicked her hair back.
“Because it is.” She reasoned. She held Streak’s arm. He pulled it back. She giggled flirtatiously. She looked at me and Chael.
“I hope you don’t mind if I steal your second boyfriend Liz. He is quiet a hottie.” She looks at Chael “No like I haven’t given up on you yet Chael.” She blew a kiss at him and he acted like he dodged the air kiss and Melanie and Streak walked off. Streak looked behind his shoulder. Chael looks at me and sees a fireball forming in my hand. His eyes went wide and he hugged me to cool me down.
“Calm down Liz. Remember, don’t let her get to you.” I exhaled loudly.
“Okay, I’m good. Lets head to the buses.” Instead of the school buses, we got 10 giant charter buses, since the way to the headmistress’s castle would be a while. Chael checked his watch.
“It’s around 5pm, it’ll take an hour and a half to get there.” Students started boarding the buses. All my friends and I sat in the back.
After an hour, the castle started to come in view. Everyone stared and gasped in awe. The castle was surrounded by forests of pine trees. A lot if it was covered in snow. I started to get excited and the rest of my friends started chattering excitedly along with other people in the bus. When everyone stepped out of the buses, the headmistress was waiting in the front gate. She smiled at us welcomingly.
“Welcome to my castle. This is where we’ll be holding the Winter Dance at. There is 2 rooms that the girls will change for the event and the same with the boys. I hope you enjoy this time to spend with each other.” Everyone got their bags with clothes and walked inside. The inside was so fancy, I don’t even know how to describe it. Maid and butlers helped the girls and the guys to each changing room. The rooms looked like another building attached to the castle. The room was big but all the girls had to dress in the open. A lot of girls were chattering and giggling of who their dancing with. I brought out my dress from the bag. The dressed sparkled as the light danced off my dress. …oh god…it’s strapless…crap
“Kana!!” She glided over.
“Yes Liz?” I glared at her.
“It’s…strapless…” She laughed. I blinked.
“Of course it’s strapless you silly! Haven’t you worn one before?” I gave her a look that said hell, no. She pursed her lips. “Hmm, try it on first, it should fit you. After all, I made the dress.” She smiled at me and I gave her a smile that looked like a grimace. I changed out of my uniform and carefully slipped on the dress. It flowed neatly to the floor.
“Hmm, it does fit.” I mumbled. My friends looked at me and they squealed and said I looked cute. I started blushing. Solaries, already changed, she was wearing a green layered dress and she looked pretty in it, walked over to me holding a makeup bag. I backed away.
“No…nooooo way are you gonna make me wear makeup!” Suddenly my whole body stiffened. Melanie was holding up a finger. She was the one who froze my body in place. She rolled her eyes.
“I’ll be nice just this once. All girls have to wear makeup to a dance.” I gritted my teeth. Solaries laughed.
“I’m not going to hurt you or am I going to overdo it Liz.” She took the advantage and got out the eye shadow. Fortunately it was a dark blue. After taking care of that she got out the mascara. My eyes widened.
“Heck no are you gonna--!” my mouth suddenly closed by itself. Melanie was smirking at me.
“Just shut up and stay still. I’m actually enjoying you suffer like this, Miss I-hate-makeup.” I realized most of the girls in the room were watching this weird scene. My face went red. Lastly, Solaries placed a light shade of pink lipstick. I whined since I couldn’t talk. Melanie then released me of the spell. She left the room before I could tear her head off.
“You look really pretty Liz.” Trae said shyly. Trae was wearing a lavender silk dress. I blushed slightly and smiled.
“Uh thanks, you look really cute too.” I slipped on the silver gloves and placed on my mask.
“Oh forgot one more thing.” I smiled and placed my fingers on my head and stroked down. My hair started turning silver. Rosalie stood by me. She had a pink bow tied to the back of her hair and she wore a red dress.
“You look like a girl version of Chael, no offense.” She looked at me with her dry humor. I laughed.
“You look very adorable in that dress.” She blushed.
“Chad got it for me.” I grinned. I kneeled down and talked softly to her ear.
“Do you like him?” She blushed again. She looks at me and slightly nods. I smile and hugged her.
“Let’s have fun shall we?” And everyone walked out. I heard thumping of the bass from the music below. As us girls started walking down the stairs, whistling from boys on the lower level filled the air. I covered my face even though I was wearing a mask. The party felt like my 8th grade dance. And like all dances, I started to walk to a corner. I looked up and saw a really giant pretty chandelier. The dream pops back into my mind and I shuddered. Someone touched my shoulder. I squeaked and jumped. The guy was wearing a black tux and his mask was a black velvet with silver swirls around the sides. I smiled embarrassed.
“Uh sorry…Um, who are you?” He grinned and pointed to his hair. His hair was silver.
“Oh Chael! Hi! You look good.” He grinned. I frowned slightly. “Uh, are you okay? You’re not saying anything.” His form changed. I squeaked again.
“Ahh Mitchell! Don’t do that!” I held my hand to my chest, taking small breaths. He laughed.
“Sorry Liz, you look really pretty. The guy you’re looking for is on the other side of you.” Mitchell smiled and walked away. I turned and held in another upcoming squeak. Chael picked up my hand and kissed it. I blushed under my mask. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. He grinned.
“You turned your hair silver like you said you would.” He picked up a lock. I smiled and hugged him.
“Yes I did. Do I look okay?” He smiled.
“Of course you do. I uh read when you were in the changing room, you did not want to have makeup. You look prettier even without it.” I beamed. He stood up straight and bowed.
“Miss Elizabeth, would you care to dance?” He looked at me and wagged his eyebrows. I giggled. I suddenly felt like a girly girl.
“As long as we steer clear of the giant chandelier, Yes.” I slipped my hand into his and we walked onto the dance floor. We walked to part of the dance floor away from the chandelier. I just stood there and watched everyone dance. Chael looked at me.
“Aren’t you going to dance?” I suddenly didn’t feel like dancing.
“Uh maybe not, I’m going back to my corner--.” I turned, Chael took my hand.
“Stay here, I ask the D.J. something.” I stayed at my spot watching people dance to some jumpy pop song. I felt really awkward. The music suddenly changed to a slow dance.
“This is your D.J. Billy here, I got a request from a student, Chael. This song is for Liz.” My head turned to the direction of the D.J. My throat felt dry. Dear god! Slow dances I even suck at the most! All the couples started dancing together. Chael started walking over to me. He smiled.
“This is probably an easier song to dance to.” I was slightly shaking, he took my hand and placed it on his shoulder and placed his hand on my side. He took my other hand and held it. I looked at him.
“Relax, just have fun.” I smiled and nodded and we started to dance.
“Go Liz.” Kana whispered and cheered to me. She was dancing with some cute guy, Chael’s roommate Josh. Before I knew it we were dancing perfectly around the dance floor. Chael would look up every couple of seconds and slightly danced us away from under the chandelier. Some students would stop dancing and watch the magnificent couple, Chael and I. Eventually the entire student body circled around us, leaving dance space. I felt all my friends watching me and mentally cheering me on. I didn’t even pay attention to Melanie who was giving me death stares. Luckily Streak was watching her. A spot light came on and followed us around. I had to let out a small giggle. He arched his eyebrows.
“It’s like being in a fantasy world.” I said softly. He smiled. We started slowing down. I looked at Chael. He looked amazing with his mask on. I squeezed his hand and smiled at him.
“I really like you Chael.” I said. Everyone gasps in excitement. He smiles.
“I know. I love you, Liz.” He bent down to kiss me. This time I was perfectly okay with it. I tilted my head up.
“NO!!! I WON’T LET YOU STEAL CHAEL’S FIRST KISS!!!” Melanie shrieks. She summons a gigantic shadow ball and launches it at the chandelier. We pulled away, we didn’t kiss again. I realized Chael and I were standing right under the chandelier. The chandelier chain breaks and it starts falling down. Everything was in slow motion. Everyone was running. I felt someone push me. I flew backwards away from the falling chandelier, hitting my head and I blanked out for a few seconds. My first thought was Chael. I blinked my eyes open.
“Chael…” I mumbled. I felt someone stroking my hair. Chael was kneeling next to me, his face full of concern. Tears filled my eyes as I saw Chael’s face, I sat up and hugged him around his neck. He hugged me back tightly comforting me. I looked up to the broken chandelier and saw someone else under the chandelier, blood spilt everywhere. The person under the shattered chandelier was Streak.
“Streak!!!” I ran, or tried to in a dress, to his side. Blood was pooling around his body. His breathing was slowing down. I sat next to him and brushed the hair that fell to his face. He coughed blood and weakly looked at me.
“….L…iz…” He tried smiling at me. I was sobbing freely.
“Streak, you’re okay! You’re not going to die okay?!” He pulled out his free hand under the chandelier. I held his hand
“…knew…it…was good…to…watch…her…”
“Streak, thank you so much for doing this even though you really didn’t want to.” He grinned slightly.
“…its okay…stop…crying.” He brought his hand to my cheek. I sniffed and tears still streamed down my face.
“I’ll turn you back, you’ll be okay right?” He slowly shook his head.
“It was fun…. hanging around…with you.” I felt a new river of tears fall down my face again.
“Streak…don’t. go.” He grinned.
“Love ya.” He stared to closes his eyes. I let out another sob.
“Streak!!” I shook his shoulders. Chael kneeled beside me and pulled me into his arms as I sobbed. Students, standing on the sides of the room had upset looks. Melanie stood in place. Her face dark and full of evil. She sneered.
“Wow, what a moron. Such a shame to waste a hottie like him.” I slowly pulled away from Chael.
“Liz…” I ignored him. My hair draped over my face. Streak’s dead…he’s gone… The headmistress walked in her face serious.
“What in the world!” She stared at Chael, Melanie, and I. She saw Streak’s body crushed under the broken chandelier. She glared at Melanie.
“Fl--…” before the headmistress could summon a spell Melanie screamed a spell right back at her.
“Escracus!!!” A giant shadow ball flew from Melanie’s hand and smacked into the headmistress. She flew into the wall and fell to the ground and didn’t move. Some students ran to her.
“Chael…” My voice sounded deadly “Get everyone out now…” I said very slowly. My body started to cover in flames. He stared wide eyed in concern.
“Liz…please don’t.” my body exploded into flames.
“NOW!” I yelled he nodded and lead everyone out. Me, Melanie and Streak’s dead body were the only ones in the dance room. My mouth started to twitch into a murder smile.
“You killed Streak…” I said softly still grinning insanely. Melanie glared.
“What the hell are you smiling for torch freak?!” She gathered another shadow ball and threw it at me. I held my hand up and crushed the ball. I started to giggle. Melanie looked scared. I looked at her with rage and bloodlust. Two fireballs exploded in my hands.
“YOU KILLED STREAK!!!!!!” I placed all my rage and sadness into the fire and the flames expanded. I blasted them at Melanie. She screamed and was engulfed in flames. I laugh. When the fire cleared, Melanie was still standing there. My eyes widened. She cackled.
“It’s gonna take more than a little flame to kill me little girl!” She disappeared into thin air. I looked around frantically.
“You afraid to fight me?!” I screamed and my voice echoed. I felt a dark presence behind me.
“Nope.” She made a shadow fist and punched me. I flew backwards and broke into 3 pillars. I coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood.
“This is for stealing Chael away! Now you know how I feel!” She screamed. I stood up and cracked my neck. Jared’s voice appeared in my head. Maybe your strength increases through your anger? I charge at Melanie and disappeared. She also looked around. From behind, I high kicked her and she flew upward. I jumped up, making a small crater from the force and drop kicked Melanie back to the ground. Her face smashed into the floor. She turned around. He nose was bleeding and she had a bloody gash on her forehead. I stood over her.
“I’m going to make sure you die. And I will show no sympathy.” My body started bursting into flames. She sneered.
“You wouldn’t…suicidal chick.” I sneered back.
“Hell yeah I would.” I stared to glow a dark red. I didn’t notice Chael running in trying to stop me. My eyes burned with wrath.
“Die…bitch.” And the room exploded.
As the fire died down, I slowly looked around. There was no pile of ashes from Melanie. Everything was burned. I felt a sharp pain. A dagger was struck in my chest and a note attached on it, So close…not. Then I saw a movement. Chael somehow made a type of psychic shield which prevented him from bursting into flames. I smiled weakly at him.
“ Crap…I didn’t kill her.” I collapsed to the floor in my own blood. I didn’t feel Chael carrying me. I heard the dying voice of Streak, his voice, becoming farther away…
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