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Put here your fiction (do not forget to invent a title!)

Warning: texts with less than 18 lines and more than 40 lines = won't be accepted / only with Permission = (talk with the creator of the group about that)
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The break up, and Confession

By: Yuki-chan

Amu was sitting in the park alone after breaking up with the one and only Tadase. How could he do this to me? I thought we were closer. She thought to herself. She was sitting alone, while her charas flew around playing hide and seek.
"Amu?" she heard a husky voice. She looked up to see sapphire eyes.
"Oh, hey Ikuto," she said looking back down. He sat down next to her, and gave a worried expression.
"What's up with you?" he asked trying to sound bored. Amu suddenly started to feel tears go down her cheeks. Then she felt arms around her.
"Ikuto? What are you doing?" she asked confused and obviously blushing. Ikuto had his blue bangs covering his eyes, as he held her closer.
"Amu whatever it is, please don't beat yourself up like's not like you." he said. Amu was thinking of how much he was right. She usually is chipper and full of life and laughter. Ikuto didn't know what he was doing, it was so out of character for him, but he felt...right holding her. Her strawberry scent was roaming in his nose, and it was so addicting to him. Maybe I should tell her now, before it's too late he thought to himself. He pulled away, and gave her a serious expression.
"Amu, I want to tell you something." he said with the same expression. Amu gave him a wide-eyed expression, wondering what was going on. He couldn't think of words to express his feelings, so he did the first thing that came to mind. He kissed her. Not on the cheek or the forehead, but dead on the lips. Amu was too shocked to even move, let alone kiss back. She was wondering why she wasn't angry, and why she felt a warm feeling in her stomach. He unwillingly pulled away, and looked at the dazed Amu.
"Amu?" he asked.
"uh, Amu." he said. In Amus mind, they were still kissing. But she quickly snapped out of it.
"Ikuto..." she whispered. She looked at him, and...smiled?
"I love you too." she said, responding to the kiss. Ikutos face went into complete shock. He didn't expect her to say that so bluntly. But his shocked face softened, as he hugged her. Amu hugged him back thinking Tadase who?
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Shugo Chara: Weird (Shounen :P)

By: Eiko (animesukidesuP)

Morning. At school in the hall...

"Hey Tadase-kun, Amu told me... you were waiting for me yesterday after school." Ikuto says arching a brow at Tadase.

"Well... yes, I was." Tadase replies trying not to make eye contact with Ikuto.

"And... did you want to say something?" Ikuto asks feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Yes... I mean, no. Um... just..." Tadase pauses for a short while...

"Just say it, ok?" Ikuto just wants to leave to play he's violin and starts to get impatient.

"Um... it's nothing really." Tadase says as a rather lame excuse.

"You made me lose my time here?" Ikuto asks now frowning.

"No, we can talk another time, you can go now." Tadase answers looking at Amu approaching from the school's bar.

"Bye." Ikuto says and leaves not so happy.

Amu get's near Tadase, "Tadase-kun, do you have an umbrella, it's raining and I forgot mine." She says blushing a little and holding her school bag a little tighter.

"Yes, I'll take you home if you want." Tadase says tilting his head to the side a little to see Ikuto leaving holding his school bag on his shoulder like he usually does.

"Oh, ok." Amu says blushing a little more.

"Amu-chan!" Nadeshiko calls for Amu coming from a classroom near by.

"Hi." Amu greets her smiling.

"Hi. I knew you would forget to bring your umbrella so I brought tow. " Nadeshiko says smiling widely and holds a pink umbrella to Amu.

"That's great, since you don't need me now, I have to leave, I have... a thing to do." Tadase says and excuses himself. Amu and Nadeshiko stare at him leaving in a hurry and almost frown.

"Weren't we going to the same place?" Nadeshiko says arching an eyebrow.

"I... I think we were... but maybe he has something important to do. Shall we go now?" Amu says not so happy because she wanted to go with Tadase to the usual place, the garden.

"I hope there's nothing wrong with Tadase-san." Ran says worried while getting out of Amu's school bag.

"Maybe he just had to use the bathroom." Miki says while panting Su... that's making a weird pose.

"Let's get moving." Ran says all happy like she was going on a journey.

At the Guardians usual place...

"Hey." Kukai greets Amu and Nadeshiko that are closing their umbrellas before they come in.

"Hi." Amu and Nadeshiko greet Kukai in unison, place their school bags on the floor and sit next him... he's playing with Daichi.

"Let's play!" Daichi says and throws a small little ball at Ran.

"Let's go!" Ran replies and they fly away.

"We should solve this problem now or it can get worse." Nadeshiko says and sips her tea.

"Yes, I think Easter is preparing something." Amu says with a thinking look.

"We have to be careful now. We should search for any anomalies at school grounds, specially in class where everyone is together." Kukai suggests.

"Hi, sorry we're late, we had a... thing to take care of." Tadase says arriving with Yaya, Rima and Kairi.

Temari, Pepe, Kusukusu and Musashi go play with the rest of the Charas while the guardians talk about the possible trouble Easter might bring...

After they talked about that each one got back to their house...

At Amu's house...

After Amu showered she get's back to her room...

"That was so relaxing." She says and lays down on her bed.

Amu hears a knock at her bedroom window...

She get's up and opens it... no one is here...

Suddenly Ikuto shows up in her face making her jump away, "What are you doing here?" She asks trying to cover herself with the towel.

"I want to talk to you about Tadase." Ikuto jumps inside and sits on Amu's bed. She just arches a brow.

"What? did he do something?" Amu asks.

"Well, he said he wanted to talk to me... but then he didn't, I think it's a little weird." Ikuto says making a thinking look.

"And...?" Amu asks. Ran, Miki and Su are trying to hide in their doll house... from Ikuto.

"Just... wanted to know what you think?" Ikuto asks rather than say.

"Well..." Amu pauses and thinks for a short while... "...go talk to him." She says curtly and Ikuto stares at her.

"Um... ok." Ikuto says getting up and heading for the window.

"Um... you came here just for that?"Amu asks as she sees Ikuto passing by her.

"Well... yes." Ikuto says and leaves.

"Weird." Amu says closing the window.

At Tadase's house...

Tadase opens the window of his room to Ikuto, "Um... what are you doing here?"

"Amu said I should talk to you." Ikuto says and get's inside with Tadase's permission.

Ikuto sits on Tadase's bed, "So... what did you want to talk about?"

Tadase sits next to him, "I wanted to tell you that..." Tadase says and pauses for a short while, "...I need help with math, I'm going to have an exam soon and I don't know how to solve an exercise." Tadase simply says.

Ikuto sighs and get's up, "That's only what you wanted to say?"

"Um... yeah." Tadase answers.

"Ok, meet me at the school's rooftop tomorrow after school." Ikuto says and leaves.

The next day at the school's rooftop...

"You're late." Ikuto says on the ground with his hands behind his head.

"Sorry, I had to... use the bathroom." Tadase says as an excuse and sits next to Ikuto.

Ikuto sits up, "Let me see it."

"See what?" Tadase asks leaning back a little.

"Your notebook? Isn't that what you're here for?" Ikuto asks arching an eyebrow.

"Oh, yes, here." Tadase says and shows Ikuto his unsolved exercise.

"This is easy." Ikuto says, holds Tadase's pencil, notebook and starts the exercise. Tadase just stares at Ikuto.

"Don't look at me like that." Ikuto says to Tadase but looking at the notebook.

"Sorry." Tadase blushes a little and turns his attention to the exercise.

"Here, finish it." Ikuto says and gives the notebook to Tadase.

He tries to solve it...

"Wrong." Ikuto says and Tadase makes an -I'm sorry- look, erases it and starts doing it again.

Ikuto sighs, "Did you listen to my explanation? It's wrong again."

"Sorry." Tadase says and erases it again.

"I'll explain it again." Ikuto says and holds the notebook.

After Ikuto's explanation Tadase manages to solve the problem...

"You did it." Ikuto says slightly smiling.

"Thanks." Tadase says smiling and leaves.

"He's weird." Yoru says after Tadase left.

Ikuto lays down again, "Who isn't?"

This fiction was made in a hurry, so it's not very good I have my own writing to do. I'm used to write... a LOT when I start and resume it's a little hard, I'll write better next time :P
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Title:A new Guardian Apprentice?!

Amu was taking a walk in the school garden when she saw a girl was walking around."Amu,maybe you should ask her if shes lost."said Ran."Yeah."said Miki.Amu went to talk to her."Are you lost?"said Amu."Umm,yeah,can you tell me wheres Star class 5?"ask the girl."Sure,follow me."said Amu.On the way,Amu ask:"Whats your name?".The girl answer:"My name is Hitzuki Ash.You?".Amu said:"My name is Hinamori Amu."."Eh,what cute fairies you got there."said Ash.Ran said:"Oh,she can see us?"."Do you have an egg or something like these?" said Amu."She called us "things"." said Miki."Oh,I think I have eggs."said Ash while taking out 2 eggs."Wow,cool,2 guardian charas."said Miki."Well,we're here."said Amu.Suddenly the bell ring."Well,lets go and have the school meeting."said Amu."We have a new guardian apprentice,her name is Hitzuki Ash."said Tadase.Ash was shock and look at Amu.Amu was smiling and wink at her.Ash knew that it was the cause of Amu."Amu-chan!Why did you tell.....uh.....him?!"said Ash angryly."Do you want these capes?"said Amu and showed Ash the cape.Ash nod with sparkly eyes."Then if you want one then you must be a guardian."said Amu with a smile."Okay....."said Ash.Suddenly,an egg from Ash's pocket came out and hatch Fia.
I'm not finish yet 0_o
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Ikuto or Tadase!? Romance

By: Sakura Hinamori

One morning in the hall...
"Amu-chan! Look! Its Ikuto and Tadase Walking and talking together!" Ran yelled pointing.
"Huh?" Amu yells in shock.
"Um...Amu-chan." Tadase says blushing. "We-"
"We need to talk to you..." Ikuto says blushing also. Amu walks with them. They walk into a big dark room. Right when the lights flick on.
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!~" Everyone yells.
"Wow! Merry Christmas everyone!~" Amu yells. Later during the party Yaya walks around the room by herself.
"Huh? A mistltoe? Hmmmmm........ah! Amu-chi!
"What is it?" Amu asks.
"Wait here!" Yaya orders.
"Um.....ok?" Amu questions. As Yaya runs away, she stops in frount of Tadase and starts to talk to him. "What is she doing?!" Amu whispers.
"Hello Amu-chan!~" Tadase greets.
"Um....hi......" Amu greets back. "What did she tell him?" She thinks in shock.
"Amu-chan..." Tadase says.
"Yes? .///////////." Amu asks.
" Theres a mistltoe. ./////////////." Tadase mudders pointing.
" O////////////////////////O "
"You know what that means right?" Tadase asks.
*takes a deep breath* "Yep! .///." Amu says. When Tadase kisses Amu Ikuto watches very jelously. Ikuto was very angrey. He was embarest to go over there and stop it but he couldn't move. He saw Yaya all happy just watching it. She was very proud of her self.
"Just go over there! Chara Change!" Yoru yells. POP! Ikuto starts walking over to the couple.
"Hey! You better stop flirtting with my girl!" Ikuto yelled at Tadase angrily.
"Ikuto! Whats wrong with- oh...your Chara Changed..." Amu says.
"Hey! Lets Chara Change too! CHARA CHANGE!!!" Ran yells.
"Hey! Lets stop fighting and have a great Christmas! *wink*" Amu yells. Everyone stares at them.
Amu changes back. "RAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Wehe!" Ran flys off.
"Amu-chan.....?" Tadase says in shock.
"Ha! CHARA CHANGE!!!!!!!!!! PEASENTS!!!!" Kiseki yells.
"MWAHAHAHAHAHA! The king it tired of thing nonsense. Stop at once or you will be punished!" Tadase yells. He changes back. "Oh...sorry!"
"........ MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yaya yells.
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