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Chapter 19
I wake up the next morning. Of course I was back in the infirmary. I looked around and slowly sat up. A sharp pain shot through my chest. I looked down. I was in my own pj’s. I checked under and saw a white cloth wrapped around it. I blinked, what happened? I noticed Chael was sitting in a chair, sleeping. Something in my chest felt like lead but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I tried to slip out of bed.
“Oh no you’re not.” His eyes opened. I smiled embarrassed.
“Um, about last night. I…” I fell silent. Chael’s face was full of concern as he hugged me.
“I’m really sorry Liz.” I didn’t want to set the mood to my depression so I acted like I was fine.
“So, today is the 24th right?” He shook his head.
“No, today is the 25th.” My mouth dropped.
“Oh my gosh! What did I do yesterday?!”
“You were out cold the whole day. I was worried you weren’t going to wake up.” He smiled and leaned to kiss my forehead. I smiled.
“Can we go to my dorm? That’s were all my presents are.” He blushed and held up a big bag full of boxes. My eyes bugged out “How did you know?!” He shrugged innocently.
“Are you feeling better to go?” I raised a victory fist.
“Heck yeah! I can’t wait to give everyone their presents!” He helped me up. I slipped on a jacket.
“We can head to my dorm. That’s were we are actually opening our gifts.” I grinned and we walked to the dorm. When Chael opened the door, he told me to wait outside for a second and he went in. A minute later he brings me in. Everyone didn’t open anything. I was surprised. Solaries smiled.
“We were all waiting for you.” Everyone nodded. I smiled.
“I’m okay everyone. Thanks. Oh, here’s you’re presents, girls.” I passed out my wrapped boxes. Everyone else gave mine. I got knee-high combat boots, a lot of clothes (they were awesome), and some drawing books. All my friends, but Rosalie, squealed and tackled hugged me when they got theirs. I watched Rosalie open the gift I got her. She looked at me, her mouth slightly open. I looked back at her hoping she liked it. For the first time in her life, Rosalie smiled. I smiled back and she hugged me. Chad whooped and hugged Rosalie before spotting a box next to his bed. He picked it up. Chad stood up slowly, his smile gone.
“Uh Liz…this is for you.” I was slightly confused. He gave me the box. I opened it, inside laid a necklace with 2 steel quills. I looked around the box. The present was from Streak. I smiled and looked at everyone.
“How cool! I thought he was serious about spending money! Heh, I even forgot he was a ferret.” I laughed. Everyone was silent. I suddenly felt funny. Tears started spilling down my face.
“Uh, excuse me.” My voice cracked and I jumped up and ran out of the room. I heard Chael running after me, calling my name. I didn’t even care about the cold. I was heading to the Ripped Demon woods again. Chael was faster as he grabbed my hand and pinned me to a thick tree.
“Let me go damn it!” I screamed and tried to fight back. Chael looked at me, his eyes full of anguish.
“Liz. It’s me!”
“Go away! I’m going to slaughter her!!” That’s when Chael snapped. He pressed his lips against mine. I tried to pull away, I was definitely not in the kissing mood. He held my head and pulled me closer. I gave in and kissed him back. I’m not expert at kissing but Chael was one hella of a good kisser. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Eventually he slowly pulled away and the sound of our breathing was only made. Chael looked at me, his face serious.
“I’m really sorry Liz. Streak meant a lot to you. I promise we’ll get back at Melanie.” He wiped the tears from my face. I smiled slightly. He pulled me into a hug. He leaned my head on his chest. I then realized I had no coat and a shirt and thin pants. I didn’t even wear shoes. I shivered. He smiled.
“I think we had enough time outside don’t you think?” I nodded. He grinned and bent down to give me a quick kiss. My face turned red. Suddenly he pulled a box out of his pocket. I tilt my head to one side. He smiled and gave it to me.
“Merry Christmas Liz.” I opened it. Inside laid a circular platinum necklace picture lock. My mouth dropped. He smiled and took it out of it’s box and placed it around my neck. I was so speechless.
“It’s so cute! I love you Chael!” I threw my arms around his neck. He laughed and hugged me back. I heard cheering and squealing coming from behind us. We turned around and found our friends clapping. I covered my face with my hands from being embarrassed. He smiled and took my hands down and held them. My roommates were squealing and giggling. The guys were whistling. Jared was in the back, grinning. I grinned.
“Um can we please go inside? I’m freezing my feet off.” I jumped to keep the blood going. Chael scooped my up and we all walked back to the guy’s dorm to finish up unwrapping presents, unless they continued without us. I felt bad giving Chael his present because compared to his, mine looked like something I picked in a $1 section. Chad had to “tackle” me to get it. I hid behind Solaries. Chael looked at me and grinned as he pulled out the two anime necklaces.
“Nice choice.” I shook my head.
“Noo way! I feel incredibly cheap!” He walked over.
“How can it be cheap if this was from you?” I shrugged. He hugged me.
“I like it.” I blushed. Mitchell stood up and stretched.
“Well now that everyone got their presents, shall we all head over to the dining hall?” Everyone nodded.
When we arrived into the dining hall, everyone was quiet. We all sat down quietly on a bench. The headmistress’s adviser stood in front.
“The night of the Winter Dance, there was a traitor among us. The traitor attempted to kill one of our students.” I felt some eyes turn to me. “The student wasn’t successful but took another life.” I swallowed back the upcoming tears that started forming. Chael placed an arm around me. “At the attempt to stop it, the headmistress took on the student…but was beaten.” Students started talking anxiously. The head advisor continued.
“The headmistress is under a fatal condition…so until she’s well, there won’t be any school.” The advisor exited the front and everyone continued to eat. I stared at my plate.
“I can’t believe Melanie actually beaten the headmistress.” I started to worry. I remembered the dagger she stabbed into me and the note that was on it. I gritted my teeth.
“Uh Liz?” Chad was staring at me. I blinked.
“What?” He points to my food. I look down. It suddenly bursts into flames. I looked around quickly.
“Ahh!” I reach for my drink. Chael quickly dumps his glass of water on my food.
“Eww, what happened to your food Liz?” Kana looked over. I grinned guiltily.
“Uh, anger accident?” She takes a glance at my food and cracks up. I covered my soaked burnt food with a napkin.
“Wanna walk outside?” I asked Chael. He grinned and took my hand and we walked out of the dining hall. We sat under our favorite spot, under a tree. I leaned close to Chael.
“Too bad we can’t go anywhere for Christmas. I kinda want to do something outside of the school.” I felt him nod.
“The good thing is Melanie’s gone so she wont bother us anymore and we can enjoy more time here.” I was silent.
“Melanie’s coming back to get me.” He stiffened.
“How do you know?” I sat up.
“She kinda left a “painful note” at the dance that she’ll get me soon enough…I don’t think that’s Melanie anymore…” I clenched my fists. I looked sadly at him.
“…I think it’s best if I left…you know…” Chael face fell into agony he grabbed my arm and pulled me close.
“What are you talking about?! I said I’ll protect you. Plus, Streak told me something.” He was silent for a moment as if to remember the exact words.
“I might not always be there for Liz. If one of those times I leave, you have to protect Liz whatever it takes. If you let her die I’m gonna send my ghost and kick your human ass.” I blinked.
“He…said that?” Chael grinned, slightly uncomfortable.
“Yeah, I at least have to keep that promise to him. I'm kinda freaked out if he’ll launch his steel quills at me as a ghost.” I giggled.
“I won’t let him. And I’ll just keep an eye out for Melanie.” Chael smiled and tilted my head and kissed my gently.
“I like that idea better.”

A few hours later I felt like visiting the headmistress, if the head advisor would allow me to. Chael followed. I knocked on the door. I haven’t been in the headmistress study at all. The advisor opened the door. He smiled kindly.
“What brings you here Ms. Elizabeth, Mr. Chael?” We looked at each other.
“I would like to see the headmistress, just to see how she’s doing.” He smiled again.
“She would like that. Truthfully, the headmistress is perfectly okay. She just had…minor changes that’s all. It’s fine to see her but she might be a little moody.” I thanked the head advisor as he let us step inside. The study looked like a miniature version of a royal library. I looked around and saw the headmistress’s desk. The chair was turned around. The advisor walked to his own room. Chael and I stood near the desk. The silence was awkward. The chair slowly turned around. My mouth practically dropped to the floor. Chael seemed to blink in surprise. There sat the most beautiful woman in the universe. Her hair was bright red and flowed past her back. Her eyes were narrow and sharp. Her lips were blood red from the lipstick she probably wore. Her pale skin made up the rest of her beauty. She looked somewhat intimidating to look at. I swallowed nervously. She looked at me.
“May I help you?” I tried so hard not to jump.
“I…I uh, would like to see the headmistress. I’d like to see how she’s doing.” She sighed, slightly annoyed. I paled.
“I am the headmistress.” I bit my tongue to cover a squeak. Chael grinned awkwardly.
“May I ask what happened to your…other form?” She sighed again.
“It has been destroyed after the attack. This is my true form.” I couldn’t hold the words back.
“You’re really beautiful!” She smiled.
“Thank you Liz. I could read on your face, you felt scared of this form am I right?” I admitted with a nod. She smiled sadly. “This is why I do not like how I look. People have no need to fear me but it happens.”
“Can I ask what your talent is?” I asked. She nodded.
“I’m an immortal. So instead of staying in this intimidating form, I can move my soul into any type of body, I prefer young girls.” I frowned.
“… was the girl’s body…alive?” Again she smiled sadly.
“No…it was a body of a dead student that once went to D.S.A. There is another girl in this school who is also an immortal. You should know her by now.” I thought.
“Solaries? She’s has a strange aura about her.” The headmistress grinned.
“Nope. You seemed to be close to her very much.” It took me a while to think.
“…Rosalie?…Rosalie is an immortal?!” Chael was stunned as well. I frowned again.
“So…how old is she?” The headmistress thought for a moment.
“Why don’t you ask her? I’m sure she wasn’t to tell herself.” Chael nodded and smiled at me.
“…no offense to you or the dead…but that means, I hugged a dead body?” I felt slightly queasy. What made me surprised is that the headmistress laughed out loud. Chael and I looked at each other.
“Liz, you have absolutely made my day. I apologize, I have kept you both standing, have a sit.” She flicked her hand and two chairs appeared behind us. We took a seat.
“So, you two have something to discuss with me?” I fidgeted.
“…It’s about Melanie…I think she’s coming to kill me.” The headmistress nodded seriously allowing me to continue. “I-I don’t know what’s happening to her anymore. I get the rivalry in the beginning but suddenly she’s gotten to the point where I doubt Chael is her main priority. I think there is another reason she wants to kill me.” The headmistress was silent. She closed her eyes.
“I think it’s time to tell you. You know what being possessed is right?” I nodded.
“I’m predicting Melanie has been ‘possessed’ by something. I would have defeated Melanie with ease if I wasn’t in my other form. Then as I think, Melanie has been given greater power. However, I believe Melanie has been possessed by a demon.” Chael gritted his teeth.
“Do you know what she’s planning?” She sadly shook her head.
“The last Demon Slayer has been lost for a thousand years…” I suddenly flashed back to the first day, in the dining hall. I blinked.
“The demon said I was some prophecy.” I blurted. The headmistress and Chael looked at me. I blushed. “When it charged at me, the demon said something about me not stopping the demons. It must have mistaken me for someone else.” She had a straight face.
“The demon wouldn’t have attacked you if it didn’t tell you directly.” I blinked.
“Are you saying…I'm the next Demon Slayer??” She looked at me.
“I-I can battle demons when, they’re…slightly…weaken…in Physical Demon Training class. I have never fought an actual demon in full strength!” Chael spoke up.
“Is there a way she can avoid this?” The headmistress shook her head.
“You are the next Demon Slayer Liz.” I tried to lift the mood a bit.
“Heh, that’s a pretty good title. Makes me feel kinda special.” Chael slipped his hand in mine.
“The last Demon Slayer died trying to destroy the demon entrance, along with the other Demon Slayers.” I blink and look at the headmistress.
“Has there been any record of any Demon Slayers failing but came back alive?”
“No Liz…” She said. I swallowed.
“S-so when do I fight?” Chael looked at me.
“I don’t want you worrying so much about this. I’m not sure when the portal will fully open. I know this is a lot for you to handle but I won’t force you to learn everything about Demon Slayers.” I nodded, slightly grateful I didn’t have to know so soon. She placed a smile.
“Both of you are excused, enjoy the couple days of your break.” We thanked her and walked out.
As we walked outside, I let a small whine and covered my face.
“Can I die now?” Chael tickled my side. I squeaked and jumped. He wrapped his arms around my waist.
“No. You won’t be alone to face them, I’ll help you fight. You’ll be the first Demon Slayer girl to win and not die…and have your boyfriend fight beside her.” I smiled and looked up at him.
“You’re awesome you know that?” He grinned.
“I wouldn’t say the best…” We walked to his dorm room the spend the rest of the day.

Chael and I were standing in front of his door.
“Chael, does Chad really have X-ray vision?” Chael nodded, a curious look on his face. I grin. “Can I catch the can that he’s gonna chuck once we enter?” He arches his eyebrows.
“Uh sure? He’s pretty strong so…well you can try.” I jumped excitedly. I turned the doorknob. A can flies at my face. I shout in surprise and grabbed the can. It exploded and soda flew all over me. I looked at Chael, slightly teary-eyed.
“Gross, I’m all sticky…” Chael laughed.
“Great catch Liz!” I saw Chad across the room, laughing. Troy came over holding a towel.
“Here, you okay?” I dropped the can in the nearest trash can by the door. I nodded and took the towel and wiped my face.
“Yuck…now my clothes are all wet.” I saw Rosalie next to Chad, she hit him on the arm.
“Don’t be mean to Liz.” She said. Chad looked embarrassed and he smiled a little.
“Sorry Liz.” I nod. Chael brought me over to his bed. He opened a dresser and got out a slightly large blue shirt and black jeans.
“Uh, is this okay to change in for now while your clothes dry?” I smiled.
“Yeah, I’ll be right back.” I went to the bathroom to change. After cleaning up myself, I walked out of the bathroom. The shirt was a little big, the short sleeves going to my elbows. The pants was a little to big as well and I had to keep pulling them up. Mitchell cracked up.
“You look the boys back home when they do that.” My cheeks went red.
“Anyone have a belt?” Josh tossed me one. It had silver studs on it. Then I tucked in my shirt.
“Okay, how do I look?” Chael hugged me.
“You look cute, especially in my clothes.” I laughed and sat on his bed. I lifted the necklace Chael gave me. He sat next to me and I laid back on the bed. He stroked my hair.
Before leaving to the dining hall for lunch, I spoke privately to Rosalie.
“Um, have I ever asked you what you talent is?” She shook her head
“Would you like to know?” I nodded politely. She looked around.
“I’m an immortal.” I nodded.
“How did you get your immortality?” She bit her lip, finding the right words. Her wording changed.
“I’ve received the power when I was five. Basically, this is the form I'm in. My body is slowly growing but actually I’m 18.” My mouth dropped. She smiled kindly and held my hand.
“I don’t mind you watching out for me. You’re not mad that I didn’t tell you?” I shook my head.
“No it’s okay. I’m just…shocked. To think that you’d be 18, that’s, amazing.” She beamed.
“I kinda like to think myself little, you make a really good older sister.” I blushed.
“Are you going to tell Chad?” She thought about it.
“Maybe…I really like Chad. If I tell him, he’ll think I'm a freak…” she paused. We both started giggling.
“Uh, isn’t this the places for ‘freaks?’” I laughed. She giggled.
“I’ll tell him…I just hope he doesn’t hate me for being an immortal.” I patted her head.
“Hey it’s all good. Tell him when you feel like it.” She nodded and we both walked to the dining hall together.
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