Feature for Tracking Watched Videos?
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Posted 12/26/09 , edited 12/27/09

I was wondering if there is such a feature that keeps track of what episodes you have watched for a certain show. I find that when I am watching certain shows with many episodes, I tend to forget which one I left off at. So I have to click and watch a couple episodes to find out if I have seen them or not, which is kind of a pain. Is there a feature like this? If not, I would like to submit this as a feature request.


Edit: I would also like to suggest that the feature be like a playlist that contains all the episodes you want to watch (and auto,plays them one by one). Also, each show should have an option such as "Add all episodes to my playlist" which would in essence be like the feature I described above if each video you watch is removed from the playlist (or marking them as watched perhaps),
Posted 12/26/09 , edited 12/27/09
It's called the watchlist.

When you add shows to your watchlist on CR, it automatically tracks the last episode you've previously watched.
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