Adopt a Pet!
Posted 12/27/09 , edited 12/27/09
Adopt your Pets here!!!

Hates the Color pink so you might want to avoid
pink things and Loves to be Hugged and belongs
to the Family Hooligan This pet is lovable and trained
not to kill and loves to eat candies

This lovable Pet is Kind but hates to be
tickled it loves to be fed with Pumpkin treats
and its trained not to kill

(food is availabe at the Dreaming Streets)
(Dreaming Streets may be under consturction
but if its under construction dont worry
you pet wont be needing treats)

-Invite a Buddy 2 or 5
-Pay at the Payment Album pay 2 images
anime or not here
-Put your Contract on the Contract Post

*Note:The Contract Post will be Payed when you Recieved you Pet*

-You have to pay for every
purchase of a pet
-You can't change your pet
but you can request for another one
-You can only Adopt a Pet
when your first request is done
-You must Sign the Contract or
you cannot have a pet
-Dont fill in the Creators Sign
part of the Form because she is the one
who will sign it for you
-Once you got your pet you put your Contract
on the Contract Post

Who do you want
to Adopt?:
What things
do you want to delete on the
Creators Sign (Dont fill up!!):
Did you pay?:

*Note:To make the Creator Sign just Send her the PM and the Contract must be in there*
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