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By Koko*


Being a normal human was so boring. It was the same thing every day. Wake up, go to school, go home, do homework. Sleep, then the whole process starts over again. Yawn.

I leaned against the window ledge and peered into the night and moon. In deep thought about my usual ways of thinking. Maybe there’s a completely different world than this… maybe this life isn’t as boring as I thought. Or maybe I was just over-thinking it again. Like everything else.

Walking away from the window, I climbed into bed and tried to get a good nights sleep for tomorrow. First day of Freshmeat year. What joy.

I’d forgotten I left the window open, I was too tired or just lazy to get back up and close it, there was a draft, and on occasion the cold wind would reach my body and I would shiver and pull the covers over my head. I was so lazy, really.

When I woke up, my dream was so awesome. I remembered every detail. A New World. With endless blue skies, stretches of land, talking animals! Chickens-

I rolled out of bed with a thump to the floor. And laughed to myself. What a dream, Rhea. What a dream... I spreaded my legs and arms across my carpet and just stared up at the white ceiling. I didn’t even feel like getting ready for school. But then I heard the knock that disrupted my state of doing nothing and turned my head toward the door.

“First day of school, Rhea! Better not be late!” That was Mother. Strict but fair. I turned my head toward the ceiling again, sighing. “Guess I can’t lazy my way outta the first day of school.” In a sluggish un-wanting way, I got up from the floor and dressed into our unruly school uniform. White short-sleeve blouse and skirt. Preferably pink. The rule hasn’t changed, all the girls were to wear “girl-ish” colors and all the boys were to wear “boy-ish” colors. What if a girl liked the color blue? What then!?

I yawned loudly and long, which people would say it was "un-lady like" of me. I descended down the stairs and was still in a sleep-dream state, all I could really think about was the New World I dreamed of.

And the Chickens!

Chapter 1- Ocean

When I opened the door to the boring outside world, the weak sun had no warmth. Like the Sun, I wasn’t even up yet. My parents stood on the front porch and waved bye to me. The only reason they got up early in the morning was to make sure I went to school.

I walked along the sidewalk, crossed a few streets recklessly almost getting run over, and finally saw the high school in the distance. I ran, for I knew I was probably going to be late already. I looked around but didn’t stop running when I saw no one in front of the school. Aw, man.

If I remembered my schedule right, my homeroom class was on the first floor. The school was so big compared to my middle school, I would get lost like a rat in a maze for sure. When I found my room, I popped my head in and my eyes wondered around the room. There was like, 15 people in the whole classroom. No teacher. Everyone was either sitting on their desks chit chatting about how their Summer went, I distinctly heard bits and parts of the conversations in my head.

I saw one of my good friends from Middle school, Kinna- and when she spotted me her eyes excited wide and she ran and hugged me. Almost making me fall over.

“RHEA! I missed you so much over the Summer! How you been!?” I flailed my arms around, and she laughed and pulled away. Rubbing the back of her head and laughing.

“Hehe, I been good, Kinna…” Lifting my gaze off of her, I absently looked around the homeroom again to see if I recognized anyone else. This boy who had his fists on his chin looked up at me, deep and hard. That was Ocean. Don’t ask about his name… he gets annoyed. People make fun of it so much, it’s funny though. He thinks we’re going out or something…

“Rhea-!” Kinna slapped me in the shoulder. “W-what!?” I shouted, startled. Kinna leaned closer to me, and whispered, “You see that boy over there? With the blue hair and amazing ocean blue eyes?” She planted quick glances over her shoulder and to him. I nodded absently and made a goofy face. “Yeah. Unfortunately. I know him. He thinks we’re going out.” I gave a bitter laugh, and I heard the chair from his desk slide back, he got up.

Kinna was staring at me sharply. “Yeah right..! You wish Rhea-” And suddenly I knew she would bite her tongue.

He had wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and rested his chin on my shoulder. Kinna squealed. And so did the rest of the girls in the classroom. The guys just sighed.

“Hi, girlfriend.” Ocean said, with a smile and seductively low eyes. Although I only thought of him as a friend, he was rather the cool-quite type with the amazingly strange blue spiked hair and eyes if you look at for too long you’d swear you looked into an Ocean. All the guys wanted to be like him. He was like an Idol in class.

“O-Ocean! Let go!” I tried to wiggle out of his hold, despite the blush in my cheeks he didn’t let go and just smiled more and more when he saw me blush.

Kinna’s jaw dropped to the floor and she kicked her foot in the air. Aw…! She was right! No fair!

Ocean reluctantly let go when the Teacher walked in. “Class! Don’t stand around! Get in you’re seats!” She looked mean, and scowled with a vein as she looked at everyone of us. I had my back turned on Ocean when the Teacher stepped in, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into his chest. He was so tall, I felt so short compared to him. “I’m looking very forward to this school year with you my little Rhea.” He never stopped smiling, he patted the back of my head and drifted away back to his seat in the back of the room.

I blinked, not knowing what just happened. But then found myself the only one standing, in front of the classroom.

The Teacher glared at me and fired her voice like a cannon. “SIT DOWN!” I whimpered and the class tried to stifle their laughter, I stumbled my way to where Kinna was sitting, when I passed Ocean’s seat he pulled up a chair that was in front of him, insisting I sit there.

I stuck my tongue out at him and went to sit by Kinna only 4 desks away from Ocean. Good enough.

Now that I was a good space away from him, I couldn’t quite lift my gaze off of him. Because when I looked at him, I remembered another big part of my dream included Ocean in it.

Chapter 2- The Marking

I looked around the classroom with my palm to my cheek. Every one looked so bored and didn’t even look as if they were paying attention to the teachers’ rules of the classroom. Some kid next to me fell asleep and started lightly snoring, drool coming out of his mouth and onto his desk. Ew. What could he be dreaming about?

I shivered at the thought and stared up at the clock for a while. Come on! Next class, next class! I got bored of the waiting and decided to pass notes with Kinna.

She mostly giggled at them because they consisted of the Teacher. Hopefully she wouldn’t snatch it and read it to the class or something embarrassing like that.

The crumbled note flew on my desk again, and I opened it and read:

“Sooo! That boyfriend of yours-! He’s so good-looking! I can’t believe you two are going out! Why won’t you sit by him? I won’t mind! When did you guys start going out? Was it over the Summer? ;]” She even added the little winking face.

I sighed and looked over at her looking at me giddily. Then I peeked up at the teacher, she wasn’t paying attention to us. Good. And then the bell rang, I stuffed the note in my backpack and both me and Kinna got up. Kinna frowned not being able to find out her answers.

Ocean just sat in his seat, probably waiting for me. I rolled my eyes. I walked in front of Kinna, past Ocean. Before I could make it out the door he grabbed my elbow, slowly coming down to hold my hand. Kinna flushed. Ocean looked at me innocently, and said, “Can’t I walk you to you’re next class, my little Rhea?” My pink eyes narrowed to our hands in lock, and I noticed something.

This was the first time I’d seen it, when I took a good look at his hand, I noticed a mysterious marking on his hand. The shape of a blue star. It glowed, right when he touched my hand. What the...?

All of a sudden Ocean let go, he looked away and stood up. She bears the U marking...and then it faded out... we’re... destined to be enemies?

I looked at Ocean, concern showing on my face for the very first time. “Ocean-?” Before I could say any more, he walked past me and Kinna with a sad look in his ocean blue eyes.
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AAAHHH Chickens =w=
I want MOREEEE >:D

Ahahaha, Rhea's so lethargic =w=
She's funny XD
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thanxs LOL >w<
it gets interesting-er-er and teh plot deepens later on >]

And lol xD i already wuff meh main chara >w<
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There's too much for me to read right now XD
Will read after dindins XD
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Yea its alot on chap 2 O_O
I think i was on crack~
lol but teh stories goin by preettty fast~ >3
actionness soon! <3
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lol mine has a pretty long-winded opening before the action starts =w=
Mostly building the image of Oaks and what's going on.
The action will come fairly soon hopefully =w=
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Lol yea XD~
teh REAL actiony will start on chap......umm.. 4 or 5? xD
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