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Posted 12/27/09 , edited 12/28/09
(The reasons for everything in the ratings are explained in the review section at the end of the article)

Visuals: Really impresive
Music: Intense in a good way
plot: Nyahhh... Some good ideas but not really excuted well. Can get confusing and the conclusion is rushed.
Overall Rating: 6/10 (Worth watching)

* Genre: Action, fantasy, Romance

* Company: Dogakobo

* Format: 12 episodes

* Dates: October 7, 2009 - December 22, 2009

* Synopsis: Satsuki Kakeru lived an ordinary life, until one day - with childhood friend Minase Yuka - they are transported to a different world where an enormous, fiery black moon ebbs and flows in the blood-red colored sky. Taken aback by this "Red Night" world as well as the bizarre monsters that exist there, Kakeru and Yuka must either learn to fight to survive, or perish...


In my opinion, "11eyes" is the typical descent anime that didn't deliver to its' full potential.

The visuals and the action scenes are outstanding. Some of the fights offer unforgetable appeal to the visual senses. Not to mention the intense music fits in extremely well. The characters are (for the most part,) interesting and developed in an original way throughout the anime. Yuka's changing character and Kakeru's constant inner struggle are very well delivered. The romance between these two characters however, does not feel natural or at all pleasing a some points.

The delivery of the story is where this anime loses itself. The story is descent with some originality, but it is delivered quite poorly. The timing is absolutely terrible. So bad, that it (at times,) makes the anime confusing. You'll get to a few points in this anime where you just pause and ask yourself... "What the heck is going on?" As for the ending, it is extremely rushed and doesn't make full sense.

There really isn't alot I can say about this anime. It's worth the watch but it doesn't fall in the "hall of fame" category. If the creators had extended this anime a few more episodes to avoid rushing, and delivered the story in a way that events are explained a bit better, then this anime would definately be in the "hall of fame." But "11eyes" is what it is. A good anime with some costly faults.

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