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Posted 12/27/09 , edited 3/10/12

xx. Wong Sum Wai 王心慰溫情新劇 (Louise Lee, Paul Chun, Kevin Cheng, Natalie Tong)
xx. Sequel to E.U. 學警系列IV (Michael Tse, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Pierre Ngo, Tracy Ip)
xx. Autumn 秋決 (Liza Wang, Sammul Chan, Christine Ng, Shirley Yeung, Joe Ma)
xx. Eagle-Wolf Legend 鷹狼傳奇 (Kevin Cheng, Tavia Yeung)
xx. Lo Lan, Si Lam, Tsui Ka Woi 老蘭、士林、徐家匯 (Fala Chen, Maggie Siu, Natalie Tong, Steven Ma, Patrick Tang)
xx. Sorry, I Love You 對不起,我愛你 (Louise Lee, Bosco Wong, Elliot Yue, Aimee Chan)

Green Lit:
xx. March 2012 - A Chip Off the Old Block II 媽不得媽媽 (Liza Wang, Mandy Wong, Him Law)
xx. April 2012 - Love Exceeds the Coastline 情越海岸線 (Raymond Wong, Ruco Chan, Jacky Wong, Selena Li, Aimee Chan)
xx. April 2012 - Justice Attack 法網狙擊 (Michael Tse, Raymond Wong, Nancy Wu)
xx. April 2012 - Rosy Business III 巾幗梟雄III (Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang)
xx. May 2012 - Detective Columbo 神探哥倫布 (Wayne Lai, Natalie Tong)
xx. June 2012 - Triumph in the Skies II 衝上雲霄II (Julian Cheung, Raymond Lam, Fala Chen, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui)
xx. 2012 - The Other Truth II 真相II (Tavia Yeung, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Louis Yuen)


xx. Mahjong Flying Southeast 麻雀東南飛 - Yuen Wah, Kenneth Ma, Linda Chung, Kristal Tin)
xx. The Mole 鼴鼠 (Roger Kwok, Michael Tse, Sonija Kwok, Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Susan Tse, Pierre Ngo)
xx. The Legend of Empress Lu 呂后傳 (Maggie Cheung Ho-yee, Kevin Cheng, Kristal Tin)
xx. Lu for King 呂氏為王 (Tavia Yeung, Eddie Cheung, Bosco Wong, Sharon Chan)
xx. Miscellaneous Morels from Youyang 酉陽雜俎 (Bosco Wong, Ruco Chan, Aimee Chan, Natalie Tong)
xx. Counter Terrorism Response Uni t反恐特勤隊 (Alex Fong, Bowie Lam, Eddie Kwan, Edwin Siu, Matthew Ko, Mandy Wong)
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Posted 5/12/11 , edited 5/13/11
I hate that the dramas will always have someone u dont want them to be in.....

But not many dramas too anticipated to see, i think e.u sequel will be kinda interesting, too bad ron couldnt be in it as well. Bosco (L).
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