Devil Beside You
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Posted 1/2/08 , edited 1/2/08
this is my only fav taiwanese series! the leading characters are Mike He as Jiang Meng, Rainie Yang as Xiao Yue and Kingone as Yuan Yi! here's the summary of it!! ^^

Devil Beside You:


Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) is a college student in her second year. Having a crush on the captain of the school's basketball team, Shang Yuan Yi (Kingone Wang), she writes a love letter to him and prepares to pass it to him. Qi Yue, being clumsy, accidentally hands the love letter to Jiang Meng (Mike He). Jiang Meng, called Ahmon or Ah Meng by his friends is a freshman and the school's bully, smiles devilishly at Qi Yue as she gapes in shock, dropping the love letter carelessly and running away. Qi Yue soon hears from her best friends that Ahmon is the school president's son. Being rich and powerful, Ahmon and his gang go around bullying other people to amuse themselves. While walking around school, Yue runs into Ahmon. He shows her the letter and reads the front of the envelope out to her. Qi Yue then realizes that Ahmon picked up the letter that she dropped. Ahmon blackmails Qi Yue and threatens to print 1000 copies of the love letter and scatter it around the whole school if she doesn't become his slave. Unwillingly, Qi Yue is forced to cater to Ahmon's every desire.

Qi Yue hates Ahmon at first but as she gets to know him, Qi Yue realises that he is simply "hard on the outside, soft on the inside" and is actually a nice person and just does things differently. In turn, Ahmon finds that Qi Yue is an unreasonably cute and innocent girl who is compassionate towards everyone and melts his heart. Very soon, Qi Yue finds herself flirting with her favorite devil and vice versa. As they start to fall for each other, Qi Yue is shocked to know that her widowed mother is about to marry Ahmon's father, which links them (Ahmon & Qi Yue) into a stepbrother-stepsister relationship. Various other complications ensue over the course of the series and the ending is to be found out by you.

this is Mike He and Rainie Yang.. this picture is taken with the other scene..!!

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