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Winkup January 2010 – with a smart Christmas

Tha, thank you… But, it’s a little annoying (laughs).

Yabu: When we had a member talk about a year ago, we made commitments for 2009. Do you all remember what it was?
Arioka: Seriously?! What did I say!?
Inoo: We did! I remember it now!
Yabu: Did we ever carry out those promises… that‘s what we’re going to check right now. First up is Hikaru… he said “I’m going to make the new year concert a good one”
Inoo: Isn’t that a little too easy (laughs)? Well? Did you achieve it?
Yaotome: Wel… um… yeah. I think I did. … I really did say riskless thing~~ (laughs)!
Yabu: It’s okay! Because Hikaru is a watchful guy!
Yaotome: That’s not a compliment at all (laughs). But in reality, it really did go well!
Arioka: Yeah. The video went well too.
Takaki: I had fun too
Yaotome: It was a video I directed so I thought it was worth going through that trouble. Yeah, I achieved my goals
Inoo: Congrats Hikaru! [claps (gives standing ovation)]
Everyone: [claps (everyone gives him standing ovation)]
Yaotome: Tha, thank you… But, it’s a little annoying (laughs). What was Inoo chan’s promise? (Looks at last year’s WU) it says “celebrate member’s birthdays”
Inoo: … shit (laughs)
Arioka: actually, you don’t even remember the dates do you?
Inoo: What’re you saying? Of course I remember them!
Arioka: Then say them
Inoo: Hikaru’s is… let’s see… ummm
Yaotome: What, you’re joking right? That’s got to be a joke
Yabu: I don’t really remember either. I know that the date is one digit number…
Yaotome: You’re lying! You’re lying! You’re lying!
Takaki: I have a feeling I’ve seen this same conversation last year (laughs)
Yaotome: Inoo chan and I gave Yabu’s birthday present though! That recipe book!
Inoo: By the way, I came up with the book idea. Then, Hikaru saw me and said “I’ll give him a book too” and copied me!
Yabu: What’s with Hikaru’s careless decision? (laughs)
Inoo: I put my heart into it. I heard Yabu say “all I eat are snacks at night so I wish I could cook up something easy” all the time. So I thought maybe tamago kake gohan will be easy to make… and bought him a book with different types of tamago kake gohan recipe!
[tamago kake gohan = “egg sauce over rice” raw egg with usually soy sauce or other sauces over boiled rice]
Takaki: That’s a really good idea!
Yaotome: I thought of the same exact thing. Wow, I guess there is such thing as coincidence!
Yabu: Stop looking so shameless (laughs)!

Is there anyone complimented by Yabu recently?

Takaki: My birthday is…
Yabu: (immediately) March 26th!
Takaki: Ooh, wow! What about Hikaru kun’s?
Yabu: the 2nd or 3rd or 4th!
Yaotome: … that’s totally a lie! I’m not going to believe that!
Inoo: well, let’s just say I gave Yabu a present so I finished 20% (of my promise) in BEST. When is Hikaru’s birthday anyway?
Yaotome: …. December 2nd!
Yabu: what, it’s the 3rd right?
Yaotome: .. It’s the 2nd!
Arioka: It’s the same date as his audition day
Yabu: Your birthday have to be the 3rd for sure!
Yaotome: Like I said, it’s the 2nd! Gosh, what’s the hell is going on (laughs)?! The fans reading this will get confused!
Inoo: Eh, December 2nd is just around the corner! (Interview taken in early November) I can complete 40% then! Finishing almost half is pretty big thing… I get a pat on my back (laughs). What was Yabu’s promise? Umm “compliment the members once a day and stop trying to get involve out of boredom”!
Everyone: Not kept at all (laughs)
Yaotome: He hasn’t achieved it at all
Inoo: I bet he forgot about it right after he said (laughs). Is there anyone complimented by Yabu recently?
Arioka: Ah, Yabu kun tells me my butt is soft a lot (laughs)
Yabu: Stop! It sounds like I’m a pervert when you say that (laughs)!
Arioka: Ahahaha (laughs). Yabu kun slaps butts a lot. He told me my butt has pleasant feeling when you slap it (laughs)
Yabu: It’s “worth slapping” to put it correctly (laughs)
Inoo: Yabu said “your butt has good firmness” one time (laughs)
Yaotome: Me too! He said “Hikaru’s butt is small like easy to slap hand size” (laughs)
Takaki: He said “good shape” to me (laughs)
Everyone: Ahahahaha (laughs)
Yaotome: I guess we were all complimented. Everyone about butts (laughs)
Yabu: You know how senpai punches your shoulder whenever you meet them? My way is to slap butts... That’s how I do mine. It’s one way of expressing love!

Sounds like I’m a really strange person if you read this (laughs)

Takaki: By the way, who’s Yabu kun’s favorite butt out of this member?
Yabu: Dai chan. He has really good sound (laughs). Instead, Hikaru doesn’t have any sound. Like it’s made out of steel, no cuteness at all (laughs)
Arioka: Mine gives a really good sound but strangely, it doesn’t hurt at all. As expected from the master, it’s like he knows how to slap skillfully (laughs)
Yabu: Shit! It’ll sound like I’m a really strange person if you read this (laughs)
Yaotome: Can’t be helped because you are actually strange (laughs)
Takaki: But his other promise “stop trying to get involved out of boredom” decreased lately, don’t you think?
Yaotome: Quite a lot. Maybe the reason is that he has no time to do that with all the lesson for the play She Loves Me
Yabu: I think you got the right idea (laughs)
Takaki: I guess it’s just a resting period until the play is over (laughs)
Arioka: Yabu kun’s victims of his getting rid of boredom is Yuto and Ryutaro
Yabu: That’s right. But there’s no use of doing that to those two
Takaki: Eh, really?
Yabu: They’re too nice. When I try to annoy them like “hey hey hey~” I want them to make really annoyed faces
Yaotome: eh, really? Is that why you try to annoy me?!
Yabu: Exactly. Whenever I go up to him like “hey~~” Hikaru says “stop it~” like he really hates it. For me, I want that kind of reaction and Hikaru to fight back!
Yaotome: What’s with that twisted way of expressing love? (laughs)
Yabu: After all, Hikaru does have a little smile on whenever I do that
Yaotome: I don’t (laughs)! For next year, sincerely compliment us for something other than our butts
Yabu: (Like spitting out) if you want to be complimented, be someone worth complimenting!
Arioka: He’s in a DoS [very sadistic] mood today (laughs)
Yabu: I can compliment people properly too. Hikaru has lots of good things about him
Everyone: Ooh~~~
Yaotome: Then say one thing about me
Yabu: … that hair styling you made use of your bed head? Very well done
Yaotome: … I feel like he made fun of me a little (laughs)
Yabu: Takaki looks good in hoodies! He’d look the best in BEST with a hoodie on
Takaki: Thanks!
Inoo: I’m jealous he complimented you! (Whispering) by the way, I’m wearing a hoodie today too
Yabu: Dai chan’s good point is that he’s always full of curiosity. (While imitating Dai chan) “What’s this! Hey Yabu kun, what is this!?”
Arioka: … do I always sound that stupid (laughs)?
Yaotome: Well, he’s not wrong (laughs)

Eh, Hikaru kun, no way you knew about it!

Inoo: Who cares. At least he complimented you... Hey, say something good about me too!
Yabu: What’s good about Inoo chan? (Like being bothered) Ehh!? Is there anything!? … then, I’ll tell you when I think of one!
Inoo: …Okay, I’ll be waiting then
Arioka: Takaki’s commitment next. It was “do my best to show my personality during concert MC”
Takaki: … I couldn’t (laughs)
Yaotome: But, you’re being joked on more now. Like “why are you trying to act so cool?” (laughs)
Takaki: Ah~, I got that a lot! I just can’t do it. I get too nervous!
Inoo: Whenever it was time to promote GOKUSEN the movie, he’s tone of voice gets lower and acts cool all the sudden (laughs)
Yabu: You were always next to me too. I heard Takaki’s “bawahaha!” laugh a lot (laughs)
Takaki: I usually end up being the one listening. On top of that, I have similar humor with Ryutaro (laughs)
Inoo: What, same with Ryutaro (laughs)!?
Yaotome: Yabu and I always toss the MC now and it’s starting to be like “let Takaki be” (laughs). We might attack you personally from next tour so don’t let your guard down (laughs)
Takaki: Eh~ Seriously!? I wish you let me be like this all the time (laughs). But I do want to talk too. I guess my accomplishment level was zero. I’m sorry (laughs)
Arioka: let’s keep doing your best! What was my promise?
Inoo: Umm… it was “to use a chopstick well”
Arioka: I don’t think I got better that much
Yabu: Then, is there any table manner Dai chan learned this year? Ah, do you know what finger bowl is?
Arioka: Eh, what is that?
Everyone: You don’t know what that is!?
Takaki: A bowl of water on the table. You’re supposed to wash your hands with it
Arioka: I didn’t know that! Eh, you all knew that?
Everyone: Of course!
Arioka: Eh, Hikaru kun, no way you knew that!
Yaotome: I totally knew it! My house has one on the table for each meal
Arioka: That’s a lie for sure (laughs)!
Yabu: (Loudly, in melody) Finger booooooooooowl!!♪
Everyone: …..
Inoo: … what was that?
Yabu: Annoyance involvement/ attacking everyone style (laughs)
Yaotome: A new version! But if you ask me, that attack was a fail. No damage done at all (laughs)
Arioka: But we were had blank faces. Instead of finger bowls, I have to be able to use the chopstick well first. Not to gobble down food even if I’m hungry… I have to learn manners like those!
Takaki: You might be tv shows involving food so it’s essential to have at least some knowledge about them
Yaotome: But it’s fun to learn things about (table manners). There are many “I didn’t know that” things too
Yabu: Definitely. Like if you drop a fork, you’re not supposed to pick it up
Arioka: I see, I didn’t know that! It’s embarrassing if you don’t know the common senses. Well, I’m going to do my best! Take me to places that uses finger bowls or with many different types of forks and knives! Oldest member Yabu kun!
Yabu: Oh.. oh sure. Let’s go to a place like that together next time!
Inoo: Sounds great. And Yabu, I think it’s time you found something good about me…
Yabu: For those who couldn’t keep their promises, let’s work hard to make at least a little progress!
Inoo: … you ended the talk (laughs)

nice and funny :D
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their talk goes on "butt" then "table manners" it's very funny
especially when Yabu-kun can't think any compliment about Inoo-chan
thanks for sharing, Happy New Year.
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